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ZedUp Lite Literature Rack
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Our folding literature racks and brochure stands give you an attractive and convenient place to display sales literature, flyers, product brochures, and other important information for potential customers. 

We offer several styles, but they are all easy to use, collapse into a compact travel bag or case for easy transport, and allow you leave your literature in the stand while folded. This makes setup quick and easy, as all you have to do is expand the stand and lock it, and it's ready to present your information in a professional manner.

This stylish, easy to use, 6 pocket literature rack is a lightweight version of the ZedUp1. It's constructed from aluminum and plastic for reduced weight. Single width literature stand comes in silver. A hard carry case is included with ZedUp Lite literature racks.



ZedUp Lite Literature Rack

Number of Pockets: 6
Pocket Size: 12.125"x9"x1"
Height: 60.5"
Foot Print 10.875"x14.375"
Weight: 10.5 lb.
Hard Case Dim: 15.5"x13"x11"
Hard Case Weight: 6.3 lb.
Hard Case Shipping Dim: 17"x14"x13"
Hard Case Shipping Weight: 20 lb.





This product is a banner stand accessory, so there are no banner options for this product.


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