Innovative in-store retail displays

business dark grey suite on mannequinDo you want to boost sales this coming holiday season? Then take some time to consider the art of designing an effective retail display. Small merchants with big windows draw gawkers galore, and some of those shoppers will venture a closer inspection of a particular article, eventually turning into a sale. Here are four tips for turning window shoppers into customers.

Compelling imagery. It’s easy to forget the impact one stunning piece of art can have in drawing a shopper to inspect your wares.

We are wired to gaze at beauty. Just as a rainbow forming during a thunderstorm proves visually irresistible, the same goes for works for art. Reproductions today have the same draw for in-store shoppers as original works selling for thousands of dollars. Digital technology allows for reproduction so true to the original, it’s hard to tell the difference!

A touch of whimsey. This store window display uses the most ordinary item in a novel way and the result is predictable: The shopper will stop in mid-stride to enjoy a closer look at the artful arrangement. The longer you have their attention, the higher the odds they will make a purchase.

Unique juxtapositions. Tell a story by the way you position artwork, displays and strategic objects. For example, position an overstuffed ornate chair in such a way that it beckons a shopper to enjoy a moment of relaxation next to a high-end piece of merchandise.

Effective lighting. Aim a spotlight over a costly item and people will inevitably walk over and take a closer look. Shoppers are drawn to an in-store display bathed in a tightly focused beam of light.

Mount beautiful reproductions. Staging such artifacts in your retail store will make a visitor want to stop and enjoy the ambiance. Ensure in-store displays are securely in place so no shopper has an accidental run-in with hardware. Do make sure you are using proper mounting equipment for all your in-store marketing displays.