• How to Know Which Banner is Best

    Marketing today means keeping up with your competition and all of the marketing endeavors they are participating in. Trade shows and marketing events have become a cornerstone for many small business marketing strategies. Once you've entered the arena of event marketing, it doesn't take long to discover the "must-haves" in order to properly showcase your business and brand. Portable banner stands and retractable banner stands have taken a stronghold as one of the most essential pieces for success when participating in these events. While your choices may seem endless, there are definitely things to take into consideration when placing an order for your banner stands.

    Choose versatility when necessary.


    Not all banner stands are created equally and depending on the desired use, the versatility of your banner stand will make a significant difference. For example, outdoor banner stands are created in order to handle wind and other natural elements that you're sure to run into. Being prepared for your surroundings and environment will make all the difference in your show presence.

    While indoor banner stands aren’t meant for outdoor use, outdoor banner stands are perfectly well suited to indoor use. Many people like the versatility of being able to use the stands in both places, and displays like feather banners are also popular indoors because they are very tall and can be seen above competitors displays.

    Determine how often you'll be using your banner stand.

    A great rule of thumb is, the more that you're going to be using your banner, the higher quality banner you will need. Before purchasing a banner stand, think about all the different events or scenarios that you will be using it for. Having this in the back of your mind will help you determine if a more versatile banner stand is a more appropriate option or if all of your intended use will be indoors with minimal foreseen wear and tear.

    Know the size of your exhibit space.


    Having a banner, signage or exhibit that fits comfortably within the constraints of your exhibit space will be a significant traffic driver. Think of your options on a scale; the bigger your space is, the bigger your sign needs to be. This also means that if you have a relatively small space, you don't want a sign that is too large or overwhelming for the space that you are in.

    Think about your different promotions and advertising.


    Depending on the type of banner that you get, some will give you the option of being able to swap out your banners and promotions, while others will be permanent. While keeping this in mind, it is important to consider how often your promotions and advertisements will change. This will help you determine whether or not you need a banner stand that will accommodate change or not.

    Know what your budget is.

    Before you get started, make sure you understand the amount of money that you have to work with. There is a wide range of pricing when it comes to the banner material and style of stand you choose to go with. Having an understanding of how much you can spend and how many banners you're looking to get, will help you make financially smarter decisions that won't jeopardize other areas of your budget.

    Consider transportation.


    More often than not, your event will be somewhere that you need to transport your banner stand to and you'll want to make sure that it is equipped with a solution that allows for easy and safe transportation. All banner stands come with a carry bag and ship in a box, but as you ship your banner more often, you'll probably want to explore more durable shipping cases. If you are shipping your banner(s) frequently, you'll want a higher quality stand, while someone who is strictly hand carrying a stand to local events can get away with something less expensive.

    If you have several stands, a shipping case can easily pay for itself over time. Not only would it protect the stands from shipping damage, but if you have a case that holds multiple stands, it makes transportation much more convenient. The last thing you want is to find out one of your displays is broken hours before the show starts.

    Call us with any questions that you might have about your upcoming event(s) and we'll help you get the banner that will best suit your needs.

  • New Metro Table Top Banner Stand

    It's not often that we identify what we think is an obvious need in the display market, and are proven correct by having the product we develop to fill that need be immediately successful. The Executive Table Top banner stand was such a product. Before we released it, table top retractable banner stands consisted of the cheap promotional products that are meant for only one or two uses, and hold small banners up to 11x17, or full size banner stands that are used at shorter heights to make them fit on a table. There were no models with the quality of a full size retractable banner stand, but at a table top size, which is why we introduced the Executive table top model.

    Almost immediately it became a best seller, which was unusual since it often takes a while for a new product to catch on. The success of the product became a problem when the manufacturer struggled to keep with the demand while maintaining a high level of quality. Fortunately, very few problem stands made it into the hands of our customers, but it was taking too much time to do the necessary quality control to make sure that was the case. After working with the manufacturer over a long period of time to try to correct the issues, it became apparent that we needed to find a better manufacturing partner to avoid having to raise our prices to compensate for the extra work in identifying and replacing any defective stands.


    Since Space Services is our favorite manufacturer of quality banner stands, we turned to them to find a solution, and they came up with the Metro Table Top retractable banner stand. The Metro Table Top stand has the same 15" width as the Executive, but instead of a pole with a separate loose section that could be added or removed, the Metro features a multi section pole connected with an internal bungee cord, similar to many full size retractable banner stand models. This ensures that no parts of the pole can get lost, but it does restrict the adjustable height range of the pole to 28" to 36". Most table top banners would fall into that range, but it is possible to modify the pole to allow for shorter banners if necessary. It requires cutting the internal bungee, so you end up with a separate pole section, similar to the Executive, but otherwise it's a simple process and we don't charge anything for doing it.

    Aside from the quality of the Metro, one of the biggest advantages it has over the Executive is that it has a smaller footprint so it takes up less valuable table top space. This also means it packs up smaller so it's easier to transport. Currently, the Metro table top only comes in a silver finish, where the Executive table top was also available in black. Because we sell so few black models, we didn't bother to make the Metro in black, but it's an option if enough customers request it.

    At this point, we're not reordering the Executive table top, so once we sell out of our current inventory, it will no longer be available, but we do plan to keep parts on hand for warranty repairs. We are encouraging all our customers who currently purchase the Executive table top model to check out the Metro. We think it will be even more popular because long term reliability is something that tends to make any product popular.

  • Latest Retractable Banner Stand Model

    retractable banner stands

    There are a lot of retractable banner stands on the market. We should know, because we carry more models than anyone else, and even we don't carry everything available. Because there are so many models out there, it can be hard to decide what model to choose. If you shop with us, we always try to steer our customers to the right stand for their needs and budget, but unfortunately, not every company has our selection of products or desire to help the customer get what they really need. As a result, many customers have had bad experiences where they were sold junk retractable banner stands. When that happens, it makes customers distrustful of every product. In some situations, customers have given up on retractable banner stands all together, believing that none of them were any good because of their bad experiences. In other cases, the customer has found a model they like, and are reluctant to try anything different for fear of making a bad choice. They stick with the model they've used before and keep purchasing the same thing when they need a new stand. We call this banner stand inertia and it makes it hard to convince customers to try something new.

    Because we carry so many models of retractable banner stands, we are very careful about adding new models. Our selection already borders on the ridiculous, but each model we sell offers something unique or we wouldn't offer it. Models we don't offer are left out because we already have banner stands with the same features at a better price or with better quality. However, we're always on the lookout for new banner stands with unique features.

    Retractable banner stands with graphic cassettes have been on the market for years. The original models were introduced as a way to provide customers with new graphics that were easy to install. It was common then, and still is in some cases, for the customer to return the banner stand to where they purchased it to have a new banner installed in the base. By introducing a model with a graphic cassette, the idea was to eliminate the need to send the stand back since changing the cassette was so simple that no technical skill was needed. These cassettes also made it possible to keep several different graphics on hand and easily change them out as needed. Keeping a library of graphics like this means a single stand can be used at different events with a different message, where typically multiple stands would be needed.

    Carrera retractable banner standCassette retractable banner stands are a great concept, and are still popular with some customers, but they tend to be more expensive stands to begin with, and the cassettes are so expensive that it creates too much of a trade off between cost and convenience. That's why we were so excited to introduce the Carrera cassette retractable banner stand. This fits all the criteria for adding a new stand to our line up, because it's different from anything else on the market in terms of it's construction and value.

    Carrera cassette retractable banner stand

    The look of the Carrera is different from other retractable banner stands, because it has a sleek, rounded base that's white with black accent trim. The sophisticated look is subtle so as not to detract from the graphic, which is important because no one wants a stand that draws more attention than their message. What's not obvious, but ultimately more important, is how the Carrera is constructed. Most banner stands are made up of a collection of extruded parts that are combined to make up the base. This type of construction is much easier and cheaper, which is why virtually all stands are made this way. The Carrera base is a single piece of aluminum, which makes it stronger and less likely to get damaged. The plastic end caps are also the most elaborately constructed, heavy duty end caps on the market. They are not only attractive, but add to the overall durability of the stand thanks to their heavy weight and how they are integrated with the base.

    While having this durable, single piece base would be great for any high quality banner stand, the significance of it on the Carrera is that it makes it possible to offer inexpensive, lightweight graphic cassettes. With other cassette style retractable banner stands, the cassettes themselves have to be durable because the base doesn't offer much protection. That's the reason they tend to be so expensive. The Carrera has solved this and finally made a banner stand where ordering replacement graphics already installed on a cassette for easy graphic changes a cost effective option. Combined with it's other advanced features such as adjustable feet in all 4 corners of the base for maximum adjustability on uneven floors and quality lever lock style adjustable height support pole, the Carrera is a solid product that we think many of our customers would like.

    However, because of the banner stand inertia described above, we recognize that many customers are reluctant to try a new banner stand model. Obviously, there are many factors that go into a purchasing a banner stand display, and no single model is best for everyone, which is why we offer so many different models. But, we think the Carrera is an excellent fit for anyone who wants a stand that will hold up over time with easy, inexpensive graphic changes, and a modern, high-end look that won't detract from the banner itself. To help provide some incentive for customers to give this model a try, we're offering a $20 discount off the regular price of the Carrera retractable banner stand until the end of July. When ordering, simply indicate in the Special Instructions that you want the special $20 Carrera discount and we'll adjust the total before you are charged.

    This is a great opportunity to try a new banner display at a great price that could be the cure for banner stand inertia. As always, contact us with any questions about the Carrera, or any of our banner stands and accessories. We're always happy to help direct customers to the products that fit their needs best.

  • Simplify Banner Stand Advertising with Our Pre-Designed Banners


    banner design

    Banner stands are widely recognized as a great form of advertising, not just at trade shows, where they are extremely popular, but also at retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, airports, and even at outdoor venues like farmers markets, fairs and expos. Because they are so portable and inexpensive, they are also great as informational displays in schools, museums and churches. There are literally hundreds of styles and sizes of banner stands available to suit any of these needs, but they are all designed to do only one thing, and that's to display a banner.

    banner design

    While most larger companies have designers on staff, or have access to designers or agencies for all their creative needs, smaller organizations don't often have these same resources, or the budget to pay for them. These days, it seems everyone is trying to do more within the same amount of time, so even when the budget isn't a problem, the time available to have a banner design created can often make it impractical.  As a result, many businesses give up on this excellent form of advertising because it's too difficult, time consuming or expensive to come up with a design that would make it worthwhile. A good design can be worth far more than what it costs, based on the impact it can have on potential customers, or the impression of professionalism and quality it imparts. So, we wanted to simplify the process of creating a banner that is eye-catching and professional in order for more customers to be able to take advantage of the benefits.


    That's why we have introduced a selection of custom banner designs that were created by top designers with the intent of making them easily adaptable to a wide range of purposes. These designs were built so that we can easily change the color scheme, fonts, logos and text, as well as resize them to fit virtually any banner stand model.

    We are selling these designs at low prices so that every customer can have a professional design, regardless of their budget. When the design is purchased, we add the customer's logo and text, as well as photos if applicable, and can change the fonts or color schemes on request. This provides the customer with a professional banner design for as little as one tenth the cost of a custom design. Customers can even have us further customize one of these designs to make something completely original, but by basing it one of the existing designs they will save a considerable amount over starting from scratch.

    banner design

    While some companies have online tools for customizing banners on a website, we found the do-it-yourself approach didn't allow enough flexibility to actually make the finished product look as good as possible. It's unusual to find a design that fits a customer's logo, text and images without needing some type of adjustments to the layout, and those types of adjustments still need to be made by a designer for the end result to look its best. Instead, we decided on our own approach where the customer pays a small amount for the design and our designers actually customize the files themselves and send a proof for approval. This provides the best balance of low cost and a high quality finished product.

    Our range of designs includes styles without photos for those who don't need images or don't have high quality photos that would be suitable for printing. We also have styles for use with smaller photos, since larger photos are often more difficult to obtain, but we have some designs that are appropriate for large photos as well. We've used generic stock photos in each of the designs that could apply to range of industries, so that customers can choose to use these photos if they don't have their own. We've even developed some designs thinking of customers who don't have high quality versions of their own logos. We created layouts where jpeg logos can be used on white background areas in cases where vector logos or high resolution logos with transparent backgrounds aren't available, so recreating the logo in these formats becomes optional instead of required.

    banner wall design

    We have also created some designs for banner walls, since they have become very popular. Banner walls are typically made up of three individual banner stands, so our designs are also set up this way, and like our other designs, they can be adapted to any size banner wall display. We purposely made our banner wall designs so that each stand that makes up the wall could be used individually if necessary. This is a popular feature of banner walls that allows them to be used for multiple purposes at different events, so we've made sure our designs take advantage of this ability.

    We hope these new designs make is simpler for businesses, schools and others to take advantage of all that banner stand displays have to offer. They are a versatile and diverse display product that everyone could benefit from, and thanks to our new banner designs, now everyone can.

  • Exciting New Dimensional Banner Stands

    In the world of banner stand displays, new products generally come in the form of a design change to the stand, often with new convenience features. When we introduced our first banner stand design, it was because we wanted to offer a stand that didn't require any adhesives to attach the banner, and one that didn't have a plastic leader attached to the roller, because those didn't hold up well over time. We came up with a retractable stand that had a snap rail on the roller itself, which eliminated the leader completely, along with the typical adhesive.


    In this case, when we say we are introducing something new, it actually has nothing to do with the stand itself, but instead is focused on the banners. When it comes to trade show banner stands, or any display banner stands, the hardware is just a means of displaying the graphic. The stands are only there to hold up the banner, so the design should be the focus of the display, and what hopefully catches the audience's attention. A great design can often do this, but in most environments where banner stands would be used, such as trade shows, retail stores, movie theaters, shopping malls, or even grocery stores, there is tremendous visual competition for the attention of the audience. That's why we wanted to introduce something new that's different from other displays and certain to make anyone stop and pay attention. That was the concept behind our Contour line of dimensional banner stands.

    Originally, this started with the idea of using a double side banner stand as a single sided display with both banners facing forward. The banner in the front would be cut out in a shape that exposed the banner behind. The distance between the banners creates a three dimensional look that is extremely eye catching and very effective, although it's hard to see the full effect in a photo.


    Unfortunately for us, we were not the only ones to come up with the idea, and while we were trying to figure out how we could cut the front banners into perfect curves, or whatever shape the customer wanted, others released similar products. Now that we have the system to do this properly, we've introduced the Sterling 2 33 Contour stand to take advantage of this idea. The concept can be applied to any double sided stand, but we're starting with one that has adjustable height for the greatest versatility, and we'll expand to other models over time, based on the needs of our customers.

    While we were very excited to offer this new option, the concept is a bit limiting as the banner in front is restricted to some simple shapes. With the right combination of designs in front and back, it's a very striking display, but we had many ideas that just didn't work within these limitations. In looking for a way to expand the options available to really take advantage of this concept, we came up with something simple that we've never seen before in a banner stand, which is a clear banner. While it's possible that someone else has thought of this idea, after some research, we believe we're the first to introduce this concept.


    With the option of a clear banner, suddenly any shape or design is possible. Since the image is printed with white behind it, the background banner will show through any unprinted areas. This creates a dramatic display with greater possibilities as the foreground banner can be printed with shapes that couldn't be done any other way. We still recommend a design that hides the support pole as much as possible, but otherwise, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination. The most obvious use of this for us was the addition of a figure in the foreground that related to the background. Like the example of someone working out in the foreground with a fitness scene background, shown above, we had many suggestions for similar concepts. Sports figures against an appropriate background, vacationers against a beach background, product shots in front of an applicable background, even logos floating over an abstract background all look great and will definitely make people stop and look. We even created a party decoration of a child dunking a basketball with a crowd scene in the background so it looked like the dunk was happening on a full height rim in an actual arena. The fact that there are so many possibilities is what makes this concept so exciting, and all of them stand out in way that standard banners don't. It's very difficult to convey the effect in photos, but it's almost three dimensional and never fails to make people stop and look.

    Hiding the support pole with the image is the major challenge of designing for this style of stand, but it's not always necessary. Having a background design that the pole can blend into on double sided models was one way to deal with it, while one designer even incorporated the pole into the design itself. So, if hiding the pole with your design is too difficult, there are creative options that can be utilized to make the display successful.

    We also realized that a double sided stand was not really necessary to take advantage of this exciting new banner option. By offering single sided Contour models, either the shaped banner or the clear banner option could also be utilized. Instead of a background banner to make a backdrop, the environment the stand is placed in becomes the backdrop. This opens up many possibilities because the single sided stands only have one banner, and are therefore less expensive. These make a great alternative to cardboard cut outs, or standees as they are often called. Since they roll up in to the base when not in use, they will stay looking good longer than the cardboard variety. The graphics don't have to be folded up for shipping, so they don't have unsightly creases in the image that make them look cheap. Plus, new banners can be installed for different promotions, making them very cost effective over time.

    Like the double sided models, we wanted to offer this on stands with adjustable height, because so many of the ideas we came up with involved images of people, and being able to adjust the height of the stand to fit the image was much easier than trying to find a photo that would fit a specific banner height. The first two models we are offering are the Expo Pro Contour and the QuickSilver Pro 36 Contour.

    The Expo Pro is a 33.4" wide model, and the QuickSilver Pro 36 is a 35.5" wide model. We have wider models as well, which we have utilized for wider photos, or photos with more than one person. Many of the wider models have two support poles, which can be more difficult to conceal, depending on the design of the banner, but we will be adding more of these models in the near future to give our customers as much flexibility as possible. We'll even be adding a table top model.

    As was mentioned previously, a white underprint is standard on the clear banners, but it can be left off to create a transparent effect in the printed areas. It's also possible to request an optional three layer print where the image is printed twice with white in between so the image can viewed from either side. Keep in mind that the support pole will be fully visible from the back, but in situations where the back of the banner is exposed, this can be a more attractive option than looking at the white silhouette from the back.

    We're really excited to be able to offer something new and different to our customers. Not everyone can take advantage of these displays, but for those of you who can, we're interested to see what great ideas you come up with, and if you have any suggestions on how to improve on this concept, we're always open to new ideas.

  • Versatile New Versaflex Banner Stands

    Our new Versaflex banner stand is one of the most versatile portable banner stands on the market. It comes in 4 widths, 31.5", 35.5", 39.4" and 47.25", and it has an adjustable height with a range from 43" up to an incredible 120" tall. That alone makes for a wide range of sizes that can be created, but that's just the beginning.




    The graphic cross rails have 3 different channels where the graphics can be attached. This allows for the full cross rail to be visible, if the graphic is attached at the bottom, or only half of the rail to be visible if the graphic is attached in the middle, or completely hidden by attaching the graphic to the top channel. The middle position is the standard, but this flexibility is one of the things we love about this trade show banner stand.

    The bottom cross rail can move up and down the support pole as well, so the entire banner can be positioned up off the floor if desired. In many situations, exhibition banner stands or banner walls are used at the back of the display area, and the lower portion of the banner is often obscured by tables and chairs, or some other display equipment. The Versaflex allows you to purchase a smaller, less expensive banner, and position it up off the ground so the top is still at the same height as it would be for a taller banner. For example, we've made 72" tall banners an option for the Versaflex, so it can be used with the bottom of the banner at the lowest position, which is about 4" off the floor, and the top of the banner at about 76". Or, the top of the banner could be raised to 96" to be seen over top of most other displays, and the bottom of the banner would be about 26" off the ground. For a display where that bottom 26" would have been hidden anyway, that's a great option, and if you really want your banner to be visible, you can raise it to the full 120" height, which is sure to get attention.


    While these are all great features, and very few other displays have all of this capability in a single banner stand, the addition of the multi-connection hub and different attachment options for the graphic cross rails is what really makes the Versaflex unique. Each support pole has top and bottom circular hubs with connection slots every 45 degrees. This allows multiple stands to connect to each hub at multiple angles. There are end cap connectors for the graphic cross rails that allow the ends of the rails to connect to the hubs, or back side connectors that allow the support pole to sit behind the banner, like a traditional single sided banner stand. There are also joiners to connect multiple stands together into virtually seamless straight banner walls.


    What this all means is that banner stands can be created with the support pole hidden in the back, or visible on each side, and banner walls can be created in different shapes and sizes. In the case of individual banner stands or straight banner walls, the configuration with the pole behind the banner is most common. This setup makes very stable banner stands for trade shows and other similar displays, but for even greater stability, such as busy retail environments, having support poles on each side of the banner doubles the number of poles and bases for even greater stability. This setup also enables the use of double sided banners, since there is no support pole blocking the view of the back side of the banner in this configuration. The single pole configuration can also be made double sided, but it would require a second banner with it's own set of cross rails.


    The set up with support poles on either side of the banner also allows for additional configurations such as angled banner walls, square towers, or three sided boxes. As you can see, the Versaflex can be used to create exhibition banner stands in almost any shape and size. You can purchase a banner wall and break it into individual stands for use at smaller events, or purchase a single banner stand with the knowledge that you can add sections later to create a banner wall of whatever shape and size you need.

    We're really excited about all the possibilities with the Versaflex, so be sure to check it out on our website to learn more, or contact us with questions and we'd be happy to help you figure out if the Versaflex is right for your needs.

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