Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing a Banner Stand for Your Business

Banner stands serve a wide variety of purposes: you can use them at trade shows and exhibitions, as backdrops for photo sessions, in selfie stations, and even as guides to direct traffic flow in a crowded place. But not all banner stands are made alike. Make sure you read through the do’s and don’ts below before you buy a stand for your business.


1. Select an Accurate Image Size

The image must be large enough and utilizing the right format. Images with a minimum resolution of 150+ pixels per inch are preferred. Small images get distorted, creating an awful impact on the banner. Bigger images are always better for a meticulous pull-up banner design.


2. Keep Critical Information at Eye Level

The most important information on the banner must be kept at eye level so it’s comfortable to read. We often tend to read information from top to bottom or left to right; remember this when placing any information so you don’t miss out on anything important.


3. Choose Appropriate Words

Words matter, especially in advertising. Banner content must be displayed in a big, bold headline; it must also be attention-grabbing. Always use simple sentences; think as if you’re directly speaking to your potential customers.


4. Consider Your Market

The content in your pull-up banner has to match with the audience's interests; remember that this largely depends on where you're placing the banner. For example, you cannot merely target younger audiences with images of youthful people and expect to get great results. Consider every detail while designing a pull-up banner.



1. Settling for Cheaper Options

Cheaper is not always better. With that being said, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to make good impressions. At Banner Stand Pros, we have customized banner stands that are budget-friendly and still inclusive of all the great aspects you expect a banner stand to have.


2. Using Landscape Images

The images we use on the banners have to be rectangular and tall enough to be placed correctly. Images in landscape-style are problematic for the designers as they require the images to be stretched. In short, the designers will not be able to use the whole image and cropping out of some elements will have to be done.


3. Adding Too Many Details

Do not crowd your banner with too much information—it can cause confusion and draw potential customers away from the banner.


4. Forgetting Contact Details

Always add contact details at the bottom of your banner so that potential customers can connect with you quickly. It’s best to keep contact details in a place where potential customers are likely to look for them.


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