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  • Tips For Attracting Greater Traffic At Your Next Trade Show

    How do you turn trade show attendees into paying customers? You can easily double or triple the number of leads you collect by following these tips. These techniques can help new business owners and exhibitors create more leads and generate sales in your business.

    Understand Your Industry

    Trade show expos are the perfect place to understand an industry very quickly. You can find out who the players are in your competing list and determine a strategy to make sure your business stacks up.

    Make A Difference

    It’s essential that you approach the exhibition with the frame of mind that you’re going to make a difference. Given the number of booths guests are likely to visit; it’s easy for people to forget uninteresting businesses. Make a difference by changing the emotional state of your customers. You can bring them around to a happier frame of mind by making them smile. This can help you change their perception of who you are and what your company does.

    Reduce Barriers

    Most booths have barrier before them (like a table). This may draw an invisible line between you and your customer. Buy high-quality banner stands and push it back to the side, so that you’re not standing behind them like a reception desk. Make sure that your stand is inviting by creating an affordable, custom banner stand for your business.

    Attract Customer Attention:

    No matter how great your banner stands are, just because you set it up doesn’t necessarily mean that clients will come to your booth unless they are incredibly unique. At Banner Stand Pros, we offer a huge selection of table top banner stands, outdoor banner stands, pop up A-frame banners, banner walls and other high-end accessories to promote and sell your services at a live event. Along with these trade show banner stands, attract customer attention by proactively approaching and engaging with them in your live marketing event.

    Entertain Your Customers:

    Entertainment opens specific neurological pathways in the brain and changes the emotional and physical state of your customers. You can easily impart information to them as they will be much more open to hearing what you have to say about your services if you have already provided them with entertainment or good conversation.

    These five tips can help trade show expos stand out from the rest. If you have any secrets on attracting your target audience in a large public gathering, let us know below in the comments.

  • Trade Shows: Why They are Important & How To Impress Potential Clients

    Thanks to the digital age that we’re now living in, reaching out to potential clients is easy and affordable. But are these platforms for everyone? And what if your business requires meeting targeted clients directly? The truth is, digital technology hasn’t made trade shows and exhibitions obsolete; rather, it has helped them evolve and take on a new look and purpose.

    Why Trade Are Shows Still Relevant?

    Conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, and other business events provide an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to assess opinions from clients, understand market potential, evaluate competition, identify potential distributors, and even initiate joint ventures. In short, it offers tremendous networking opportunities. It also provides a chance for different potential buyers to gather under a single roof, allowing businesses to boost sales via product launches and live demos. You also get to know strategies that are working and those that aren’t. Most importantly, such events are an excellent opportunity to promote your brand.

    How To Impress Clients at Trade Shows?

    If you’re looking to get more ROI from your time and money spent on a trade show, it is important that you plan ahead. Spend money on high quality banner stands that not only promote your products and services but also guide visitors toward your booth. If you’re at a particularly crowded event, hang fabric banner stands above your booth for better visibility. To keep visitors in your booth, you’ll also need promotional products. Most important of all – you’ll need an excellent team to close your clients once they visit your booth!

    If you are looking for high quality banner stands and promotional displays for your next trade show, contact us to see how we can help!

  • 3 Ways Banner Stands Help With Branding

    If you are a regular participant at trade shows, I’m sure you understand the importance of perfecting your branding efforts. It not only grabs attention but also helps to connect with potential clients. There are many ways to promote your brand; banner stands are one of them. Here are three ways banner stands help branding:

    • They help get your message across:

    Banner stands can be read from a distance and are hence the perfect way to get your message across. For example, hanging fabric banner stands can be used to hang above a crowded trade show to instantly attract the visitors’ attention from a distance.  But the key to using them is to provide just enough information to generate interest and tempt people to visit your booth for further inquiry.

    • They can be used to impress potential visitors:

    You can always make an impact with creative messages and graphics on banner stands. This is especially true for small businesses trying to compete with big players. Large pull-up banner stands can help to create awareness about your brand and advertise your offering. Similarly, banner walls can be created by combining banner stands of the same height and dimension to create a huge backdrop to grab user attention.

    • They can be used to explain a product:

    Banner stands are not only used to advertise but also to explain your product or service. For example, tabletop banner stands can be set up on a table or counter beside the product to explain its features or benefits in detail.

    It’s important, though, to use high quality banner stands that are not only durable and will last for a long time but also display graphics efficiently and effectively. If you are looking for high-quality banner options at affordable prices, you’ve come to the right place!

  • 5 Powerful Retail Banner Stands To Improve Your Business

    Small and large retail businesses depend on both banner and signage advertisements to showcase their products and services for attracting potential clients. In the fiercely competitive retail industry, local business is critical for success, and different types of banner stands are ideal for use in various displays and venues.

    1. Table top banner stand – Want to see new products flying off your shelves? Bring it to the attention of customers standing at the checkout counter with the help of table top banners. Attractive graphics in rich, vibrant colors will help get your customers’ attention and attract them to your business.
    2. Portable banner stand – The retail industry witnesses the largest churn of customers in every category and retaining steady clientele despite owning a strong brand is a challenge. Constant advertising to attract new customers is the only way forward which can be done by setting up portable banner stands in places frequented by your potential customers to help drive them to your business.
    3. Outdoor banner stand – Need banners outside your store to grab the attention of foot traffic walking past your door? Use one of our outdoor banner stands available in varied sizes that withstand light rain and wind. These lightweight displays can come inside and be fitted with an LED spotlight to display contents clearly at night even after the store is closed.
    4. Pull up banner – If you require a banner that can be used multiple times like “For Sale” and “Discount”, then a pull up banner stand is the best option as it can be easily stored when not in use. As these are relatively lightweight, these banner stands can be used by doors or windows to capture the attention of people walking past.
    5. Hybrid tension banner – Want to remind your long-term customers about your special products? Why not use our latest product that helps your business stand out. The Hybrid Tension Banner Stand can be used with grommeted banners, or with a fabric pillowcase graphic that can be printed either single or double sided and placed in strategic locations to attract clients.
  • 5 Effective Uses of Banner Stands

    Well-designed banner stands are great additions to the marketing strategy of any business. Available in different sizes, materials, and styles, exhibition and trade show banner stands get displayed outside shops to create a favorable impression on potential customers. Here are five effective uses of banner stands.

    1. Generate Customer Interest
    A productive banner stand will cater to its audience. It should be not just visually pleasing but emotionally as well. The design of banner stands should allow companies to target their audience by catching their attention.

    2. Efficient Advertising
    As banner stands are lightweight, durable, and portable, they get used indoors as well as outdoors, making them a cost-effective way to advertise products and services. They are primarily utilized at trade shows, seminars, and presentations, as well as for storefront displays to showcase a new product or special offer.

    3. Encourage Action
    Portable displays are an effective way of encouraging attendees to visit the company's website or social media platforms, as they feature your URL, Twitter handles, Instagram handle, or phone number. This gives people the incentive to not only visit the company's site but to make purchases as well.

    4. Impart Information
    The primary purpose of banner stands is to give information or instructions to attendees as they arrive at an event. Banners can direct visitors in the right direction or invite attendees to visit a specific booth and check out their products and services.

    5. Diversify Target Audience
    If a company decides to launch new products or services to attract a new set of customers, or is just trying to expand its target audience, banner stands can be customized accordingly to make the information more attractive to the new audience.

    Exhibitions and trade shows can be exhausting, but they are also significant when it comes to building your business. If you are looking for help with the banner stands and related equipment, visit us at https://www.bannerstandpros.com/

  • How to Influence Customers at Trade Shows

    Most companies spend their time and money on booth displays during trade shows. It is vital to make sure that prospective customers leave with a favorable impression of the products and services shown at the booth. To enhance brand interest, its best to go with a full visual marketing approach that informs, attracts and influences the purchase.

    Here are some strategies for conducting a successful trade show exhibition.

    ● Attract
    With the amount of competitors likely to be present, it's essential to take steps to ensure that buyers don’t miss your booth. Make sure you attract attention using your company banner stands, impressive flags, sidewalk signs, and exciting graphics that entice people to the booth. The appeal of your window and door graphics will help.

    ● Inform
    Trade shows are where buyers and sellers get to interact and share business information. Since buyers come to the show wanting to learn about the latest developments and products available, it’s vital to provide them exactly this information. Product features, advantages, and pricing can be highlighted using creative displays, banner stands, attractive fliers, etc. Your booth staff can be strategically placed to offer assistance and answer customer queries.

    ● Influence
    Most customers are visual learners, meaning using a picture of your product is the best communications strategy. More often than not, associating feelings with a product on banner stands is more effective than using a catchy slogan. Apart from this, a booth should always feel approachable.

    Thoughtful planning and execution can go a long way toward ensuring a successful showing at your next trade show event. To enhance your booth, get in touch with https://www.bannerstandpros.com/. We offer a wide range of the best quality products and also deal in customized merchandising.


    If you are a business owner looking for an advertising medium that is adaptable, flexible, easy-to-use, and that can effectively communicate your message at a glance, then you need to consider banner stands. Banner stands are an excellent choice for any business seeking to expand their reach through trade shows, exhibitions, presentations etc. Regardless of your business’s size, banner stands can help to present yourself in a professional manner to ensure a positive response from the potential clients.

    With the increasing number of competitors in the market, banner stands can really give you an edge in the marketing field. They can give new perspective to your products, differentiate your business from the multitude and also make a lasting impact on the passersby and create excitement to learn more about your products and services.

    Choices of banner stands

    There are different choices of banner stands available, including the basic stands, roll-up banner stand, interchangeable cartridge, Double-sided and Linked Stands among others. All these stands vary in price depending on the style, material, size etc. Every stand is designed to fit a certain banner size. But if your banner is not well-matched with your banner stand, take your time to select and design new banners taking colors, images, and graphics into consideration. All of these factors can greatly alter the mood and decisions of your customers.

    How much do banner stands costs?

    Just like every other item on the market, the more features you add to your banner stands, the more expensive it becomes. In addition, the quality of hardware, changeable graphics and printing quality are factors that can affect the price of banner stands. Even at that, they are still very affordable and will pay for themselves after a short period of time. But before you choose any banner stands, it is important you decide on your budget and select one based on what you're comfortable with spending. Regardless of the one you opt for, you will definitely be satisfied with the results.

    Getting top-quality banner stands

    Banner stands may not be as complex or flashy as larger displays, but they can be very useful. For top-quality banner stands that can help with point of sale marketing, boost your brand awareness and also stand the test of time, company name should come to your mind. Check out our range of banner stands, or call us at 877-389-8645 for a demonstration of how these stands could benefit your business.

  • Sorry, Skyline Customers

    This blog is an open apology to customers of Skyline displays, particularly those who own one of their banner stands. For those who aren’t familiar with Skyline, they have locations with showrooms all over the US, even in other countries, and they sell exclusively from those showrooms. They market that as an advantage, and I suppose if you live in a city with a showroom, there is some advantage to that. I know our customers in the Salt Lake City area like that they can come to our showroom and see our displays, pick up orders, or have any problems resolved without having to ship anything. However, the main reason we can offer such excellent pricing, aside from the large volume of business we do, is that we only have one location. Having over 70 showrooms, staffed with sales people, support staff, and all the other related expenses that come with that, makes for a great deal of overhead that is passed on in Skyline's pricing, no matter how they try to make it sound like an advantage.

    Skyline doesn’t offer much of a selection of banner stands. They seem to push more elaborate, higher priced displays, but they do have a few models to choose from. The problem is that they’ve set up their products to make it nearly impossible for anyone else to provide graphics for their displays. It’s not uncommon to find small sign shops who only sell displays with graphics, but it’s hard to think of another so-called display manufacturer who won’t sell just the hardware to their customers. The reason for this is pretty simple. They are overcharging for the graphics and they don’t want to give up such a huge profit center. Not having purchased a banner stand from Skyline, I can’t say for certain that they don’t let their customers know they are being trapped into purchasing low quality, overpriced graphics for the life of the display, but judging from the phone calls we receive, and the fact that they don’t sell their hardware without graphics, it’s a pretty safe bet that they keep that info to themselves. The fact that they once threatened to sue us for trying to help one of their customers with replacement graphics should tell you all you need to know about their intent.

    As a company that sells brand name displays, as well as manufacturing our own, I can say that we would always prefer to provide the graphics with our displays. Not only do we appreciate the larger sale, but we can also be sure our customers are getting the very best quality, and that the graphics are appropriate for the display, fit correctly, and operate properly once installed. Most customers prefer to purchase the graphics with the display for convenience as well. For those who want to print their own graphics, we offer instructions and templates to our customers to try and ensure that our displays work great regardless of where the graphics are produced. Any company that tries to force customers to return by rigging their displays so the customer is forced to come back to them, rather than by offering quality products and services at a good price so that the customers will want to return, isn’t very confident of their quality, pricing or service.

    So, the first part of this apology is to say sorry for Skyline’s behavior. They leave a bad taste in the mouths of customers who have found out after the fact that the quality and price of the graphics they're paying for is unreasonable. It makes everyone in the industry look bad when a company has business practices like this, and since they aren’t likely to apologize, we’re doing it for them.

    The second part is to say we’re sorry for not doing a better job of marketing our products and services, so that you would have known you had better options before you purchased a banner stand from Skyline. It’s true that unless you live in our area, you’d have to purchase our displays online without seeing them in person. That’s why we go to such great lengths to provide high res photography, instructions, templates and ratings for each of the hundreds of products we offer, and are always available to help via phone, e-mail or chat. We want to make sure you’re comfortable with every aspect of a banner stand or display before you purchase it. We also offer free printed samples by mail so customers can see the different banner materials up close and in person before making a purchase. Yes, Skyline customers, we offer multiple material options for most display so you can pick what suits your needs, taste and budget the best.

    We also wanted to say sorry to all the Skyline customers who call looking for us to help them with replacement graphics only to be told that there isn’t much we can do for them. We never like to tell customers who call us that we can’t help, so that leaves a particularly bad taste in our mouth, which is what prompted this apology.

    As a way to make it up to all the Skyline customers we failed to reach in time, or couldn’t help after the fact, we’ve decided to offer a special promotion. Originally, the plan was to lower the price of our most popular model, the Quicksilver Pro 36, so that Skyline customers could trade in their old banner stands for a new QuickSilver with a standard Curl Free banner for the same price that they would have to pay just for the replacement graphics from Skyline. The problem is that the Quicksilver with standard banner is already less expensive. Yes, Skyline customers, you read that correctly. The Quicksilver Pro 36 with it’s deluxe travel bag, premium telescopic pole, adjustable tension and easy banner changes with even our most expensive banner option, is still less expensive than just a replacement banner from Skyline. So, we decided to offer an additional 10% off the purchase of any Quicksilver banner stand with banner if you trade in a Skyline banner stand. We’ll recycle the aluminum and any other parts we can to prevent it from ending up in landfill, so there’s no impact on the environment. You’ll end up with fully featured banner stand that gives you options. Of course, when the time comes, you can order replacement graphics from us and we’ll offer free installation of those graphics for life if you choose to send your stand back to us to install them. You can also have those replacement graphics shipped to you and install them yourself. It’s easy to do, we have instructions and videos online, and we’ll even help you over the phone if you need it. Additionally, you’re not required to purchase the replacement graphics from us at all. If the Quicksilver doesn’t suit your needs, give us a call and we’ll work out a discount on any banner stand with banner that we offer with your trade in. If you don’t own a Skyline banner stand, be sure to tell any friends you know who might before they make the mistake of overpaying for any more graphics. They’ll be sure to thank you for it and then we won’t have to apologize to them later.

  • Latest Retractable Banner Stand Model

    retractable banner stands

    There are a lot of retractable banner stands on the market. We should know, because we carry more models than anyone else, and even we don't carry everything available. Because there are so many models out there, it can be hard to decide what model to choose. If you shop with us, we always try to steer our customers to the right stand for their needs and budget, but unfortunately, not every company has our selection of products or desire to help the customer get what they really need. As a result, many customers have had bad experiences where they were sold junk retractable banner stands. When that happens, it makes customers distrustful of every product. In some situations, customers have given up on retractable banner stands all together, believing that none of them were any good because of their bad experiences. In other cases, the customer has found a model they like, and are reluctant to try anything different for fear of making a bad choice. They stick with the model they've used before and keep purchasing the same thing when they need a new stand. We call this banner stand inertia and it makes it hard to convince customers to try something new.

    Because we carry so many models of retractable banner stands, we are very careful about adding new models. Our selection already borders on the ridiculous, but each model we sell offers something unique or we wouldn't offer it. Models we don't offer are left out because we already have banner stands with the same features at a better price or with better quality. However, we're always on the lookout for new banner stands with unique features.

    Retractable banner stands with graphic cassettes have been on the market for years. The original models were introduced as a way to provide customers with new graphics that were easy to install. It was common then, and still is in some cases, for the customer to return the banner stand to where they purchased it to have a new banner installed in the base. By introducing a model with a graphic cassette, the idea was to eliminate the need to send the stand back since changing the cassette was so simple that no technical skill was needed. These cassettes also made it possible to keep several different graphics on hand and easily change them out as needed. Keeping a library of graphics like this means a single stand can be used at different events with a different message, where typically multiple stands would be needed.

    Carrera retractable banner standCassette retractable banner stands are a great concept, and are still popular with some customers, but they tend to be more expensive stands to begin with, and the cassettes are so expensive that it creates too much of a trade off between cost and convenience. That's why we were so excited to introduce the Carrera cassette retractable banner stand. This fits all the criteria for adding a new stand to our line up, because it's different from anything else on the market in terms of it's construction and value.

    Carrera cassette retractable banner stand

    The look of the Carrera is different from other retractable banner stands, because it has a sleek, rounded base that's white with black accent trim. The sophisticated look is subtle so as not to detract from the graphic, which is important because no one wants a stand that draws more attention than their message. What's not obvious, but ultimately more important, is how the Carrera is constructed. Most banner stands are made up of a collection of extruded parts that are combined to make up the base. This type of construction is much easier and cheaper, which is why virtually all stands are made this way. The Carrera base is a single piece of aluminum, which makes it stronger and less likely to get damaged. The plastic end caps are also the most elaborately constructed, heavy duty end caps on the market. They are not only attractive, but add to the overall durability of the stand thanks to their heavy weight and how they are integrated with the base.

    While having this durable, single piece base would be great for any high quality banner stand, the significance of it on the Carrera is that it makes it possible to offer inexpensive, lightweight graphic cassettes. With other cassette style retractable banner stands, the cassettes themselves have to be durable because the base doesn't offer much protection. That's the reason they tend to be so expensive. The Carrera has solved this and finally made a banner stand where ordering replacement graphics already installed on a cassette for easy graphic changes a cost effective option. Combined with it's other advanced features such as adjustable feet in all 4 corners of the base for maximum adjustability on uneven floors and quality lever lock style adjustable height support pole, the Carrera is a solid product that we think many of our customers would like.

    However, because of the banner stand inertia described above, we recognize that many customers are reluctant to try a new banner stand model. Obviously, there are many factors that go into a purchasing a banner stand display, and no single model is best for everyone, which is why we offer so many different models. But, we think the Carrera is an excellent fit for anyone who wants a stand that will hold up over time with easy, inexpensive graphic changes, and a modern, high-end look that won't detract from the banner itself. To help provide some incentive for customers to give this model a try, we're offering a $20 discount off the regular price of the Carrera retractable banner stand until the end of July. When ordering, simply indicate in the Special Instructions that you want the special $20 Carrera discount and we'll adjust the total before you are charged.

    This is a great opportunity to try a new banner display at a great price that could be the cure for banner stand inertia. As always, contact us with any questions about the Carrera, or any of our banner stands and accessories. We're always happy to help direct customers to the products that fit their needs best.

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