The Traveler makes taking your banner stand on the road easier than ever

by Bryan Kilpatrick

Traveling for trade shows can often be a daunting and expensive task. With airlines seemingly charging more and more every day for baggage checks and additional carry-on luggage despite not exactly taking the best care of those items, marketing budgets—and headaches—can skyrocket in a hurry.
That’s why we’re enamored with the Traveler, a new product that carries the designation of being the first full-size banner stand made to fit in a standard carry-on bag. The combined weight of the stand and the graphic is under five pounds, and the way the hardware breaks down allows this display to fit into carry-on luggage as small as 22 inches. That not only saves money, but also time as a result of the likelihood of eliminating headaches caused by damage or delays—either from shipping or checking the item.
traveler fabric banner stand
The American-made Traveler is also easy to set up; no tools are necessary and the longest (side) pole sections are connected by elastic cords, reducing the chance of confusion during the process of putting the frame together. The rest of the components lock together with spring buttons, allowing for a quick and simple two-minute setup—and that includes installation of the graphic, which easily slides over the frame to create a surprisingly sturdy display.
This ultra-portable banner stand isn’t short on options, either. The Traveler is available in 24, 30, and 36-inch widths and can be made either 72 or 84 inches tall. The graphic—a pillowcase-style, dye sublimated fabric that is printed and hand-sewn in the USA and can be washed if necessary—can be printed double-sided, or made with a solid white or black back. The look of the top of the display is a matter of choice, as well; the stand can be configured with square corners for a traditional appearance, or rounded corners for a more modern look. The Traveler ships without a bag because of its ability to be packed into carry-on luggage, but three different options for travel bags (basic, padded, and wheeled) are available as an add-on. An LED spotlight is also available to make this already-impressive product stand out even more.
For more information on how we can make your trade show experience easier and less expensive with the Traveler, contact a Banner Stand Pros customer service representative today.

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