Trade Show Entertainment Strategies for Increasing Foot Traffic

The quality of your trade show booth can make or break sales. From investing in a good booth design to focusing on smaller elements, it’s important to make sure everything goes right. Create a buzz on the floor to draw attention and foot traffic to your exhibition space. Attract buyers with striking graphics on stand-up banners and appealing lighting techniques during product demonstrations. Think of new and creative ways to get the most out of your entertainment efforts—come up with something you’ve never done before. Here are a few tips for garnering the interest of trade show attendees.

iPad Magicians

If you need a massive crowd to come to your exhibition booth, iPad magic is a powerful tool, one that’s perfect for all kinds of trade shows. Hire an iPad magician to present your products from an iPad, for this method drives traffic to your exhibition area. The iPad magician gives a real show when they present their tricks using technology. Find someone who can provide cutting-edge magic to wow audiences.


Having robots walk around, greet customers, and offer product samples are effective ways to draw crowds to your booth. Pepper, the semi-humanoid robot from Japan, engages customers through conversation. You can use its touchscreen technology to display your marketing message. Pepper can also talk about your products, collect data, email electronic brochures, and entertain guests.

Interactive Selfie Mirror

The selfie mirror can take the fun of photo booths to the next level. As your customers walk up to the full-size mirror, voice guidance invites them to touch the mirror for an interactive selfie experience. Unlike other mirrors, you can customize a selfie mirror so it reflects your brand’s logo. After photos are taken, you can print them, with your brand’s logo attached, and hand them out to your customers.

Custom Coloring | Digital Walls

Use a large coloring book canvas to reflect an image of your brand. Encourage trade show attendees to color on the canvas and share the finished product on your social media accounts. You can take things a bit further by incorporating digital walls. Host a Pictionary game and encourage attendees to draw clues so they can identify words that relate to your brand. Hosting games drives customer engagement and boosts booth traffic.

Go Back to Basics

Putting all these creative ideas aside, remember to incorporate the basics in your exhibition. Design a space that trade show attendees cannot resist visiting. Make your booth stand out and utilize high-quality retractable banner stands to display your exhibits. Get your unique and branded promotional items ready so you can offer them as free giveaways. Use video walls to display products that are visually appealing to people passing by.

Do you have any other great entertainment ideas to share? Feel free to let us know!


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