Banner Walls

 banner walls

Banner walls are a popular use of either retractable banner stands or portable banner stands, and they are most commly used as banner stands for trade shows to make a back wall that is inexpensive, versatile, and easy to set up. To make a banner wall, several trade show banner stands are placed together side by side to create a wall or backdrop. This category contains products that are specifically designed for this purpose, as well as others that are normal exhibition banner stands that are packaged together to make ordering easier. While any retractable banner stands can be placed together to make a banner wall, the products we have selected for this category are those that are best suited for this purpose. Many models we selected have fixed height poles, so it's not difficult to get each stand at the same height, and we specifically selected models that have the least amount of space between the banners when set up. Most of the models that are designed to be used in a banner wall configuration include some kind of connector to join the stands together. This helps to keep each stand at the same angle and height, which is important in making a professional looking display.

While a straight wall is the most common shape for a banner wall, some of the products in this category are designed to be connected at angles to form a curved wall, while others have multiple connection options that allow for a variety of shapes. There are even models with flexible panels that allow the display to be bent into a variety of different shapes for the ultimate in versatility.

Banner walls are common as trade show banner stands when used to create backdrops, but are also popular as promotional displays in stores, shopping malls, theaters, airports, and conventions. Banner walls have an advantage over pop up displays and other types of backdrops and backwall displays in that you don't have to use the entire banner wall at one time. When the situation calls for it, you can use the individual exhibit banner stands that make up the banner backdrop separately, which makes this type of display very versatile and an excellent value.

  • Modulate Banner 1
      Graphic Size 64x96

    Modulate Banner 1

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      Graphic Size 63.5x94.5

    Modulate Banner 2

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      Graphic Size 38x96

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  • Modulate Banner 4
      Graphic Size 38x96

    Modulate Banner 4

  • Modulate Banner 5
      Graphic Size 123x92

    Modulate Banner 5

  • Modulate Banner 6
      Graphic Size 51.5x95

    Modulate Banner 6

  • Modulate Banner 7
      Graphic Size 90x92

    Modulate Banner 7

  • Modulate Banner 8
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      Graphic Size 46x92

    Modulate Banner 8

  • Modulate Banner 9
      Graphic Size 66x96

    Modulate Banner 9

  • Modulate Banner 10
      Graphic Size 32x96

    Modulate Banner 10

  • Modulate Banner 11
      Graphic Size 43.5x92

    Modulate Banner 11

  • Modulate Banner 12
      Graphic Size 95.6x48

    Modulate Banner 12

  • Modulate Banner 13
      Graphic Size 48x95

    Modulate Banner 13

  • Modulate Banner 14
      Graphic Size 96x95.6

    Modulate Banner 14

  • Modulate 10' Kit 1
      Includes Graphics

    Modulate 10' Kit 1

  • Modulate 20' Kit 1
      Includes Graphics

    Modulate 20' Kit 1

  • Modulate 30' Kit 1
      Includes Graphics

    Modulate 30' Kit 1

  • Modulate 10' Kit 2
      Includes Graphics

    Modulate 10' Kit 2

  • Modulate 20' Kit 2
      Includes Graphics

    Modulate 20' Kit 2

  • Modulate 30' Kit 2
      Includes Graphics

    Modulate 30' Kit 2

  • Modulate 10' Kit 3
      Includes Graphics

    Modulate 10' Kit 3

  • Modulate 10' Kit 5
      Includes Graphics

    Modulate 10' Kit 5

  • Modulate 10' Kit 8
      Includes Graphics

    Modulate 10' Kit 8

  • Modulate 20' Kit 3
      Includes Graphics

    Modulate 20' Kit 3