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The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor 10' is special version of the GrandFabric display that takes the same frame as the indoor version and adds a structure that allows it be used outdoors. It displays a graphic with a visible size of 115.75" x 94.5".

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$3,550.00 each

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$3,550.00 each

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The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor is special version of the GrandFabric display that takes the same frame as the indoor version and adds a structure that allows it be used outdoors. Available in 8' and 10' wide models, the Expand GrandFabric Outdoor is a premium display designed to provide a way to present an oversized message in any environment.

The Expand GrandFabric system is a collection of portable, modular tension fabric walls of different shapes and sizes that can be used alone or combined into a wide range of display configurations. The frames themselves are 2" wide professional grade aluminum sections that are attached together with internal bungee cords so there are no parts to mix up. The sections "click" together to form the display frame, the pillowcase style stretch fabric graphic is pulled over the frame and zipped closed, and the frame is attached to the base legs and supports to complete the setup.

The Expand GrandFabric outdoor must be weighted or secured to the ground in order to remain stable in windy conditions. Water tanks are available to add up to 240 lbs of weight when using 2. This provides enough stability for the display to be used in up to 20mph winds. By anchoring the display to the ground as well, it can withstand up to 45mph winds. Anchoring to the ground helps prevent tipping and also sliding along the ground. This can be accomplished on soft surfaces by using the optional ground stakes together with the water tanks. On hard surfaces, the display can be bolted down to allow for the same wind resistance without the use of water tanks. This can be done by screwing the legs to a wooden surface, or bolting them to concrete. Other weighting techniques can be used as well, such as sand bags or concrete blocks, but be sure to test the display for stability before leaving it up in any amount of wind.

Because the Expand GrandFabric Outdoor uses the same frame as the indoor version of the display, it can be converted for indoor use by purchasing a set of indoor feet and using them in place of the legs and supports that are used outdoors. This gives the display extra versatility so that it can be used nearly anywhere.

Expand GrandFabric Outdoor comes packed in nylon bags, and a wheeled carry bag or hard shipping cases are available as options in the Related Products tab. Dye sublimated zippered pillowcase stretch fabric graphics cover the frame and are printed and hand sewn in the USA. Expand GrandFabric Outdoor displays make excellent trade show displays and are also excellent for use as exhibits and retail displays.

The zippered pillowcase fabric graphics are dye-sublimated using the latest printing technology to provide rich, vibrant color images that are durable and can be washed, if necessary. Compared to other styles of tension fabric displays, the zippered pillowcase graphics are our favorite style because, once installed, they offer the best looking finished product. Regardless of any marketing claims, there is no such thing as a wrinkle-free fabric. Stretch fabric graphics are wrinkle resistant, but after folding them and packing them with the display, they are guaranteed to be wrinkled. The reason they are called wrinkle-free is because they are stretched tight when attached to the frame which is assumed to smooth out any wrinkles, and zippered pillowcase graphics pull tighter and smoother than other types of graphic attachment.

The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor 10' display includes the frame, support feet and 1 zippered pillowcase graphic. Accessories such as ground stakes, water tanks for weight, and shipping cases can be found in the related products tab. It displays a graphic with a visible size of 115.75" x 94.5".


Recommended Accessories

Travel bags, shipping cases, water tanks and ground stakes are all good options depending on your needs. These can all be found in the Related Products tab. As mentioned above, for maximum stability in the wind it's important to weight the display with the water tanks or some other method, and anchor it to the ground to prevent sliding and tipping. For shipping the display itself, there are multiple options. The display comes packed in boxes which can be used to transport the display, but if you plan to ship it frequently, using shipping cases is safer and ultimately more economical compared with constantly replacing boxes. The display frame can be shipping in the PodiumCase, and the legs can be shipping in the Expand GrandFabric Shipping Case for Feet, which is a round, wheeled case. There is also the option of the OMNI case, which can hold the entire display in a single case. The advantage of using separate cases is that the PodiumCase can also be used as a podium display outdoors when configured with the black plastic top, which is weatherproof. It's also a little easier to manage for one person since each case is lighter compared with the single OMNI case, which would weight around 100lbs with the display inside.

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Specs & Templates

Expand GrandFabric Outdoor 8' Specifications

  • Banner width: 115.75"
  • Banner height: 94.5"
  • Overall display height: 96.25"
  • Shipping size: 70" x 16" x 14"
  • Shipping weight, stand only: 95 lbs
  • Shipping weight, with banners: 100 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Graphic templates are available in pdf format. Click their icons to download them.

Graphic Templates

These templates provide a framework for designing your banner and show the live area as well as the leader portion of the banner that attaches to the banner stand and isn't visible when the stand is in use.

pdf file


Setup Instructions

pdf file


Video Setup Instructions

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