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$40.00 each

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The X Flex is our least expensive adjustable banner stand display with adjustable length arms and support leg. X style banner stands hold banner with grommets in the corners, and the X Flex Large can display a banner that is 31.5" wide x 79" high, as well as other sizes such as 36" x 72" or 36" x 60".


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$40.00 each

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$40.00 each

Product Questions

What is the length of the banner stand collapsed in the bag?


The X Flex is our least expensive adjustable banner stand display. We created the X Flex because we often receive phone calls from frustrated customers who, for some reason, have purchased a banner with grommets without first selecting a banner stand that would hold it. Even though we have many different styles of X banner stands that hold banners with grommets in the corners, we often found that customers in this situation had banners that wouldn't fit any of our stands. By creating an inexpensive, adjustable X banner stand, the goal was to provide additional options for our customers so they had a better chance to utilize an existing banner they may already have.

The X Flex has telescopic support arms that can be fixed in place at a particular length with a thumb screw on each arm. The rear support leg has an adjustable angle with a tension control knob to lock the angle in place once set. The leg is also telescopic with a twist-to-lock style mechanism that allows you to adjust the length of the support leg, which combined with the angle adjustment gives you an infinite number of options for setting the angle of the banner and maximizing the stability.

X banner stands get their name from the X shape they form when a banner is attached. There are some variations between models, but generally, this style of banner stand has a central hub with flexible arms that connect from the hub to grommets in the corners of the banner. A rear tripod style leg balances the stand and give it stability. This simple design makes X banner stands very reliable, light weight and simple to set up.

The X Flex includes a light weight travel bag and comes in two sizes that each adjust to hold a range of different banner sizes. Because the arms can adjust to a range of lengths, many different banner sizes are possible. Because the arms on the X Flex adjust and bend a significant amount, it's difficult to set absolute minimum and maximum widths and heights, because one is affected by the other. In general, the narrower the banner, the taller it can be, and the wider the banner, the shorter it will be. If you have a particular size banner you need to display that isn't listed, contact us and we can test the stand to see if it will adjust to hold your specific size.

The X Flex Large can display a banner that is 31.5" wide x 79" high, and this is the banner size we offer with the stand. If you would like a different size banner, you can order the stand without a banner and select one of the other size options, such as 36" x 72" or 36" x 60", from the Related Products tab. You can also order a custom size from the Banners page under the Printing for Indoor Use category in the main menu above.


Looking for a higher-end model?

The Magic Banner Medium would be a good choice in a higher end X banner stand. The Magic Banner Medium is adjustable and can display a banner from 32" to 48" wide and from 79" to 86" tall.

Looking for a less expensive model?

The Econo X Large is a less expensive X banner stand that displays a 31.5" x 79" banner, but it's not adjustable.


Recommended Accessories

If a travel case is needed, the Deluxe X Banner Travel Bag is a great option, and it can be found in the Related Products tab.

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Specs & Templates

X Flex Large Specifications

  • Standard Banner width: 31.5"
  • Standard Banner height: 79"
  • Recommended Grommet Size: #2
  • Overall display height: 79"
  • Footprint: 31.5" x 16.5"
  • Shipping size: 39" x 7" x 7"
  • Shipping weight, stand only: 4 lbs
  • Shipping weight, with banner: 7 lbs
  • Warranty: 6 months


Graphic templates are available in pdf and eps formats. Click their icons to download them.


Graphic Templates

These templates provide a framework for designing your banner and show the live area as well as the leader portion of the banner that attaches to the banner stand and isn't visible when the stand is in use. If you would like a banner design, we offer those for a reasonable fee in the Banner Designs category.

pdf file   pdf file



Setup and Banner Installation Instructions

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