X Banner Stands

 X banner stands

X banner stands get their name because the banner stand frame looks like the letter X. This style of portable banner stand is extremely lightweight and simple to use with a reputation for being the best option for customers needing cheap banner stands, since even the high end models are relatively inexpensive. X stand banners are great for large scale promotions because of their low cost, but also because they are so easy to set up and banner changes can be done by anyone in matter of seconds, so they are ideal when being sent to different locations to be set up by inexperienced personnel.

There are many different variations of the X stand style of banner display, but they all share some common design elements. They each have one or two hubs that support flexible arms which attach to the corners of the banners, usually with grommets. The flexible arms are like tent poles that bend to create tension which holds the banner taught. They also have some kind of support leg that balances the banner like an easel or tripod, and on many models this support leg is adjustable so the angle of the banner can be changed.

X stands are extremely lightweight and pack into a small space, and they are among the least expensive banner stands available. They are the best, if not only, option for customers looking to purchase a stand when they already have a banner with grommets in the corners. Some of our X banner stands have adjustable length arms that allows them to hold a range of banner sizes, and these are often needed for fitting a stand to an existing banner.

  • X Flex Small Adjustable X Banner Stand
    banner extra Banner Size 24 x 71

    X Flex Small

  • X Flex Large Adjustable X Banner Stand
    banner extra Banner Size 31.5 x 79

    X Flex Large

  • Magic Banner Small Adjustable X Banner Stand
    each On Sale!

    banner extra Banner Size 18-32 x 63-79

    Magic Banner Small

  • Backordered

    Available 09/19

    Magic Banner Large Adjustable X Banner Stand
    banner extra Banner Size 48-59 x 83-98

    Magic Banner Large