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  • Vinyl Banners Vs. Fabric Banners: Which Is Better?

    When choosing between vinyl and fabric banners, the most important thing to consider is what kind of signage you want for your business. Both materials can be useful, but there are a few things to consider before making your final decision.

    Vinyl banners are good for outdoor use and retain color and graphics better than fabric banners. They are also easy to store and carry. However, fabric banners crease less and are easier to store and carry. Here are a few more pros and cons of these banners.

    Look and Finish

    A sharp and clear sign conveys your message better than a fuzzy or blurry one. Vinyl is great for banners because it prints great, is durable, and resistant to fading. Vinyl banners come in many weights and finishes to suit any particular need. Fabric banners offer vibrant color that is very durable and can't be scratched, but they will fade more quickly outdoors so vinyl if often a better choice for outdoor use for longer periods.

    Fabric banners absorb a lot of light and offer great display indoors. The flowy material also makes for an eye-catching spectacle.


    Banners should be lightweight yet durable. They should have a long-lasting lifespan, be weather-resistant, and be UV resistant to prevent fading.

    However, you have to store and carry them with care. High-quality banner stand shipping cases are available to protect your banners from damage. With proper care and maintenance, vinyl and fabric banners can last for years.


    Vinyl banners are typically cheaper than fabric banners. This is often due to fabric having a more involved printing and finishing process. With both vinyl and fabric, there will be cheaper and more expensive options depending on the qualities of the printing materials selected. Shipping costs should also be considered as vinyl banners are rolled for shipping so they don't crease, while fabric banners can be folded for shipping. This makes fabric banners much less expensive to ship and the difference on very large banner can easily offset the additional cost of the banner itself.


    Vinyl banners should be rolled for storage, and fabric banners can be easily folded and stored in a small bag or box. While vinyl banners usually don’t stain, fabric banners can retain heavy stains and spills. Vinyl banners can be cleaned by rinsing them off and then laying them out to dry before rolling. Fabric banners can be hand washed, or machine washed on a delicate cycle and then put on a frame to dry if it's a display that has a frame, or left flat to dry before folding.


    Vinyl and fabric banners are great for use in various settings. Both can be easily customized into any size, shape, and color. They are also easy to print on and last with proper care.

    Banner Stand Pros brings immense expertise in designing and manufacturing fabric and vinyl banners. You can find a great range of retractable banners, stand-up banners, step and repeat banners, and more. Call us today to get a great banner for your upcoming promotional events.

  • A Complete Guide to Banner Stand Shipping Cases

    When you think of display banners and banner stands, you probably see them displaying your brand logo at conferences and trade shows. But you likely need to be able to get your displays from event to event. A shipping case is a great way to keep your banner in good condition without using a traditional shipping bag.

    Banner stand shipping cases are available in many different sizes and materials to protect your banner from damage during transit. It protects your banner while allowing you to fold and transport it easily. Here is a guide to choosing the right shipping case to keep your banners safe.

    1. Material

    Most banner stand shipping cases are made of hard plastic. Some are made of sturdy fabric, and others are made of cardboard. The main difference is the weight and durability of the case. Fabric banner stands should be stored in a hard plastic case as they must be protected from moisture and dust. Vinyl or paper banners can travel well with a fabric or cardboard case.

    2. Size

    The banner stand shipping cases have a fixed height and width with flexible sides. You should measure the length and width of the banner and choose the size of the shipping case that is appropriate for your banner size. For example, a shipping case measuring 10 by 8 inches would be too small to hold an 8-foot-tall banner.

    3. Shape

    Shipping cases are available in cylindrical, flat, and box shapes. Retractable banners will fit well in cylindrical cases, while fabric banners can be folded and stored in flat cases.

    4. End Use of the Shipping Case

    If you travel a lot with the banner stand, you should choose a case with wheels. Also, consider the types of banners you need to transport. For example, step and repeat banners can be heavy. For storage, choose a shipping case that can be rolled closed. If you use small stand-up banners, a fabric case is a good choice because they are easy to carry.

    5. Special Cases for Business Travel

    If you’re a business traveler, you know how uncomfortable it is to travel with a heavy case, especially if you’re flying. You don’t want to bring a bulky case that will take up too much space in your luggage. Some of the best-known cases are wheeled, trolley, and backpack-style cases.

    Banner Stand Pros is your solution for all things related to promotional banners. We offer shipping cases in many different sizes, colors, and styles that can be used for various types of banners. Browse through our latest collection of banner stand shipping cases to find one that perfectly suits your needs.

  • 4 Strategies to Design a Successful Pop-Up Store

    Whether you’re setting up a pop-up store for a single day or a few weeks, you can use the following five tips to ensure that your pop-up store is a grand success.

    1. Define Your Goals

    The first step is to define what you’re hoping to achieve. Some brands set up pop-up stores to boost short-term sales, like a seasonal holiday booth, while others set up booths to focus on brand building. So, before you get started, make sure that you have clear and defined goals for your pop-up shop. Next, you need to determine how to measure the success of your store. For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, track how many followers you have added on social media after the pop-up event.

    2. Choose the Right Location

    High footfall is the biggest criteria for setting up a pop-up store. The higher the number of people, the better your chances of attracting the right audience. Malls, busy streets that see pedestrian traffic, parks, community centers, and sporting venues are excellent choices for pop-up stores. Before choosing a location, consider where your target customers socialize, visit, or live and look for spaces in these hangout spots.

    3. Create a Buzz

    Marketing is a must for your pop-up store. The success of your pop-up store depends on how many people visit your store. So, make sure to spread the word around and create anticipation about your pop-up store. Use your social media pages to spread the buzz. Use creative hashtags and giveaways to get people interested in the store.

    Maintain the buzz throughout the event by organizing workshops, inviting influencers, and using Instagrammable moments to lure in customers. Remember that you’ve got to keep marketing even after the event. Make sure that your team gets plenty of photos during the event so that you can share them later on your social media channels and official blog.

    4. Build the Perfect Experience for Customers

    Pop-up stores are not just about selling a product. It’s the overall experience that matters. You need to build brand awareness and make your customers want more of your brand experience. For example, a fun interactive game helps your audience connect with your product and brand while educating them about the unique features of your product. You can use fabric banner stands and retractable banners at strategic locations in the pop-up store to reinforce branding and enhance brand awareness among your target audience.

    Wrapping Up

    While a pop-up store might feel like an outdated marketing tactic, they are still incredibly relevant. The successful stores leave a long-lasting positive impression of the brand. Think out of the box. Design interactive, creative, innovative, memorable, or surprising aspects of the pop-up to captivate your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

  • What Are Retractable Banners and How Do They Work?

    If you visit trade shows regularly, you will have noticed retractable banner stands at almost every booth you visit. Retractable banners are essential in your trade show display kit because they are versatile, portable, and easy to store. They can be used indoors and outdoors for a variety of functions.

    If you have ever wondered how banner stands work, you’ve come to the right place. This post walks you through the mechanics of retractable banners and highlights their benefits.

    How Do Retractable Banners Work?

    The mechanism of retractable banners is quite ingenious. It has a spring-loaded system that is similar to a pull-down window blind. But instead of pulling down like a blind, retractable banners are pulled up from the base. They have a solid base that can stand alone. You don’t need any support or mount to fix the bottom. You can set it up on floors, pathways, or any flat surface.

    Retractable banners have three major parts:

    • The base
    • The banner signage
    • The support

    To set up the banner, all you have to do is remove it from the carry bag, pull up the banner, fix the support rod behind the banner, pull the signage, and clip it to the support at the top. The whole process takes just under a minute, and your banner is ready to be displayed.

    To dismantle the banner, do the steps in reverse. Remove the signage from the clip at the top, dismantle the support rod and let the banner roll back into the base. Place the base with the banner and the other accessories in the bag provided, and you’re done.

    It’s the most straightforward display banner you can use. It’s so versatile and portable that almost all trade show veterans use several retractable banners to set up their trade show booth. Retractable banner stands are a must-have in your trade show kit, and using several of these banners adds display depth and dimension to your trade show booth. They are usually used along with a media wall to frame the booth.

    You can use retractable banners of different sizes and colors to create an engaging display. Place smaller-sized retractable banners in the front, and set up bigger banners at the back to create a striking visual display.

    3 Reasons to Add Retractable Banners to Your Trade Show Display Kit

    1. Cost-Effective

    If you’re looking for versatile display signage that is high quality and affordable, retractable banners are an excellent choice. They are inexpensive compared to other types of banner stands. Plus, they offer high returns on your investment, as they easily last for years to come.

    1. Versatile

    Retractable banners are available in a variety of sizes. You can adjust the height or size depending on your requirements. The best part is that you can swap out the graphics to suit the event, festival, or season. You get a fresh new design every time without reinvesting in a new banner stand.

    1. Portable

    The most significant benefit of a retractable banner is the convenience it offers. As mentioned above, it’s quick to set up and can be transported easily. The base holds your signage carefully, making mobility even more effortless. Since the banners are rolled into the base, they do not crease or wrinkle during transportation.

    If you’re looking for a versatile and portable banner stand, you cannot go wrong with retractable banners. Invest in high-quality retractable banners and take your trade show booth to the next level.

  • 4 Brilliant Ways to Refresh Your Trade Show Booth for Summer 2022

    Spring 2022 is here at last! As you enjoy the beautiful weather, now is the time to start prepping and planning for the 2022 summer trade show season, as it’s just a few months away. Whether you're participating in just one mega event this summer or have plenty of events lined up, here are a few things you should consider so you can refresh your booth for the next big event this summer.

    When Is the Best Time to Refresh My Trade Show Exhibits?

    Trade show exhibits have come a long way. They used to be basic and not that exciting, but now they’re engaging and innovative. That being said, a trade show booth, even a modern one, won’t stay in good condition forever. Once a trade show booth starts showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time for some refreshing.

    Five years is considered a good lifespan for an exhibit. However, an exhibit’s lifespan largely depends on how it’s used. For example, if you purchase high-quality retractable banner stands and properly store them when you’re not using them, your banner stands are likely to last longer. On the other hand, if you have a booth that’s made of poor-quality materials, then it might show signs of wear and tear early on, even before the five-year mark.

    If your booth equipment is outdated or old, here are a few tips you should consider so your booth is refreshed and in good shape for the next event.

    1. Refresh the Graphics

    When did you last update the graphics and signage that your booth utilizes? There are several reasons why you should update the display graphics your trade show booth utilizes:

    • Old graphics might feel outdated and boring.
    • Your brand might be headed in a new direction, and the old graphics and signage will not be representative of your brand’s new identity.

    The solution: Just swap out the old banner stand graphics and replace them with new, stylish signage and graphics.

    2. Replace The Flooring

    The flooring will start to show signs of wear and tear first, especially when you've got hundreds of people walking all over it. Fortunately, replacing the flooring of your trade show booth has become more affordable, and you've got tons of options to choose from, including carpet, foam tiles, plastic tiles, and eco-friendly options like bamboo. Adding a new floor to your trade show booth is a cost-effective way to give your booth a quick face-lift.

    3. Update Your Tech

    Tech is one area that you've got to refresh every couple of years. If you're still relying on old-school projectors and CD players for presentations and product demos, it's time for a complete overhaul. Switch over to 4K projectors and HD screens to bring your presentations to life with crystal-clear images and surround sound.

    4. Add Interactive Elements

    Even if your trade show booth is in good condition, adding interactive elements will help your booth stand out. Remember, your trade show presence is all about visitor engagement. So, think out of the box to make sure your trade show booth stands out. A touchscreen interactive display and VR product demos are popular ways to increase engagement and entice your target audience.

    Give Your Trade Show Booth a Face Lift & Stand Out From the Crowd

    Your trade show booth will be the face of your brand at an event. So, you've got to ensure that it's modern, updated, and engaging. Use these tips to both refresh and upgrade your booth. If you do, you’re sure to enjoy the summer trade show season that’s right around the corner!

  • How to Attract Trade Show Attendees With Engaging Product Demonstrations

    Did you know that a whopping 92% of trade show attendees visit trade shows to discover new products and services? Also, around 82% of trade show visitors wield the power to make purchasing decisions for their business.

    Demonstrating your products and/or services at trade shows, fairs, conferences, and other industry events is an excellent way to capture the attention of potential clients, gain new customers, and increase revenue.

    With that said, making your products stand out among the hundreds of other products is no easy feat. You need engaging banner stands, captivating graphics, and a stellar booth design to make your booth stand out from the dozens of similar brands, all of which will be trying to win the attention of trade show attendees. This is where product demonstrations come in.

    A good product demo will grab the attention of your target audience. It’ll build product awareness too, and get booth visitors excited about what you offer. If your product demonstration is engaging and attractive, you significantly boost your chances of converting prospects into leads; and leads eventually turn into paying customers. On the other hand, if your product demonstration is lackluster, it can leave a bad taste in potential customers’ mouths, and it’s likely you won’t get business from these individuals.

    Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of tactics you can use to create compelling and engaging product demonstrations at your next event. Read on!

    1. Entice Trade Show Attendees With Engaging Entertainment

    In a venue that has hundreds and hundreds of booths, you've got just a few seconds to entice trade show attendees. You've got to think outside the box if you really want to hook booth visitors in. For example, you can set up a small concert so there’s live music at the front of your booth. Live music will help with creating a fun environment and get people to relax at your booth. Once your audience has warmed up to the music, you can get your sales representatives to start their pitches and product demonstrations.

    2. Sell an Experience

    Let’s explain this with an example. Charity Water, a company that creates clean water sources for remote villages, set up a trade show experience that greatly impacted their target audience. The company had set up a booth where they encouraged event attendees to carry two huge 40-pound jugs of water across a platform of 50 yards, something that women and children in African villages do every day. The experiment aimed to help attendees realize how challenging it was for people in rural areas to access water, thereby getting them to donate to their cause, which was the objective of Charity Water.

    Similarly, if your booth can provide an experience to your audience, this can get booth attendees more excited for what you have to offer.

    3. Use the KISS Technique

    Just like a good kiss, your product demo should be short and sweet, leaving your audience wanting more of the action. Remember, the main focus of the demo is to pique the customer's interest and not bore them with long-winded talks. So, focus on the highlights of your product. If the customer is interested, you can explain product features using graphics and retractable banner stands. You can also offer a brochure and conclude by setting up a face-to-face follow-up meeting.

    Wrapping Up

    A product demo is a fantastic way to get your products before your target audience. Use these three techniques to create an engaging product demo, one that’ll generate high-quality leads that your sales team can then work on converting.

  • 5 Great Benefits of a Trade Show Tabletop Display

    If you’re getting ready to participate in a trade show, it might be time for you to consider getting a tabletop marketing display for your business. Your business doesn’t have to be a particular size – it’s how you use the benefits of a trade show tabletop display to your advantage.

    You can compete with big names in the industry even as a small business, so long as you use your tabletop advertising display to its fullest extent. You don’t need to have the flashiest display or the most expensive display to have potential customers express interest in your business. All you need is to use what you have in the best way possible.

    Read on to learn about five of the benefits of a trade show tabletop display, and then get to work on perfecting your tabletop booth.


    What Is a Tabletop Booth?

    Let’s take a quick moment to make sure we’re speaking about the same thing. When discussing a tabletop display for a tradeshow, you’ll likely have to choose between many options of custom banners and displays, as there are many available to help make your business memorable to customers.


    Your tabletop display will be the first thing that a potential customer sees, and it’ll be the last thing they remember before they’re distracted by another booth.


    Customize as You See Fit

    One of the largest benefits of a trade show tabletop display is that there is no one-size-fits-all model. You will have to pick and choose different elements of the display – such as if you would like to use banner stands or other tabletop display-specific elements – or if you want to go completely rogue and use your own supplies.


    There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your tabletop display, but you must make sure that your display looks like a complete unit. You’ll want to be known as the business that was prepared and professional, not the one that seemed harried and out of its depth.


    When it comes to customization options, tabletop displays are fully customizable. They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, and you can also customize whatever design you would like to highlight. Whether you’re trying to use enhanced graphics to increase the visual appeal of your display or if you just want to print your logo, do what you can to make your trade show tabletop display as attention-getting as possible (without looking gaudy).


    Easily Maneuverable

    When discussing the benefits of a trade show tabletop display, the next largest benefit is that they are extremely easy to move and maneuver. This is because most tabletop displays are built to be lightweight, as well as easy to set up and break down. Make sure that whatever display you purchase for your trade show experience is easily transported, dismantled, and set up.


    The easier your tabletop display is to set up and tear down, the more trade shows you’ll be willing to go to. If you’re not stressed about displaying your wares or how you’ll be promoting your business, you can spend more time and energy on other elements of the trade show logistics.


    Get More Bang for Your Buck

    The largest point of a tabletop display is to garner attention from potential customers and to try and collect leads that may turn into more customers in the future. However, most potential customers will spend less than a minute at your booth, so you’ll have to find the best way to entice them without physically chaining them to your stall.


    Thus, you must have an attractive tabletop display that will also convey your brand’s essence. Luckily, most tabletop displays will give you additional space that can incorporate a large image in the display area. If you put an image in that area, it will have the most visual impact, and you’ll be able to be seen by more people.


    Incite Engagement

    As mentioned, you are likely participating in a trade show to get more customers or to promote your brand’s name. As such, you’re trying to create engagement with the tradeshow attendees. Engagement is a marketing term that, in essence, means that potential customers are interacting with your brand. Engagement is also a great way to have attendees stay at your booth for longer than the estimated minute.


    If you want to build engagement, try to have interactive and fun displays or elements as part of your tabletop display. You’ll find that more people are engaged with your booth, and more people will want to interact with your service or mission statement. The more you manage to keep attendees engaged with your tabletop display, the more likely you are to eventually gain their business.



    Similar to the previous point, one of the greatest benefits of a trade show tabletop display is that it will allow you to communicate in a face-to-face setting with potential customers. If you play your cards correctly, you can have the attendees engage with your tabletop display/interactive elements, and then, when they seem like they might be ready to wander to another booth, you can re-engage them with communication.


    Talking face to face is great for advertisement and promotion purposes because you can gauge how the customer feels about what you’re selling and pivot your pitch from there. Additionally, speaking with someone face-to-face is much more memorable than anything else, so you may find that starting a conversation with an attendee is the final step before they decide to support your business.



    No matter the size of your business, there are many benefits of a trade show tabletop display. You can use it to attract potential customers and also promote your brand/mission statement, which will ultimately lead to more sales.


    Create a customized tabletop display that works best to emphasize your business and what it stands for, and in doing so, you’ll find that customers will consider you to be memorable.

  • The Advantages Of Using Retractable Banner Stands

    At a trade show, a business can generate brand awareness and attract potential clients. A business can also see what’s going on in their industry, and they can share ideas and information with competitors and colleagues. Most companies use unique and creative displays at trade shows, and they do so to attract theattention of visitors. Retractable banner stands are great at holding displays, and such is why they’re the most preferred banner stands now. Here are some reasons why you should use retractable banner stands to prop up your displays.


    Retractable banner stands are made out of materials that resist wear and tear. They can withstand years of outdoor use, and their durability has made them a favorite amongst those who need a banner stand.

    Portability & Space-Saving

    Retractable banner stands are portable, and you can use the same stand multiple times. Since the graphic banner is retracted into the base of the stand, it can easily be transported. The banners are not very heavy either, which makes transportation cheaper. Most of these banners come with a nylon traveling case, and the banners can be kept in here so they’re safe during transport. Because you don’t need a lot of space to store these stands, you can bring them to a range of functions.

    Ease Of Use

    These banner stands are easy to set up. In fact, the entire display could be installed within minutes. Just pull the display out of the base and connect it with the supporting poll on top. You won’t need any professional help with the installation.


    Retractable banner stands are affordable. They are cost-effective too, as they can be used at multiple events in a single year. If you like portability, you’ll like these stands. And because these stands are long-lasting, there’s no recurring investment. Many types of retractable banner stands are available on the market right now, and some are ideal for small businesses while others are great for large ones.


    Retractable banner stands are versatile, and they can be used at different events. The graphic banners can be changed from time to time, and replacing the banners is easy. Some businesses even change graphics multiple times in a day to make the display more impactful.

    If you’re looking for premium-quality retractable banner stands for an affordable price, contact us immediately.

  • Why Tension Fabric Banners Are Great At Trade Shows

    Trade shows are ideal for businesses that are looking to promote themselves and market effectively. A trade show can also be a learning experience, as here businesses can learn about their competitors and see what’s new in their industry. Since trade shows are becoming popular again, innovative displays are being introduced each day. Banners are the most common type of display, as they’re cost-effective and great at attracting a big audience. There are several banner types, and some are better for trade shows than others. For example, tension fabric banners are an ideal option. Listed below are some of the benefits associated with using tension fabric banners at a trade show to promote your business.

    Easy To Transport And Store

    Tension fabric banners are easy to transport, as they’re lightweight. They’re foldable too, so they occupy very little storage space. Also, it doesn’t cost much to transport these banners.


    Unlike regular fabric banners, tension fabric banners are stretched over tension fabric banner stands, so they’re crease-free. Stretching the fabric over the frame also removes any fold marks on the cloth. On the other hand, vinyl banners have creases from folding or rolling up, and it could be a time-consuming process trying to remove the wrinkles. Hence, a tension fabric banner is the preferred choice.

    Backlighting For More Appeal

    With a tension fabric banner, you will be able to backlight your display if this is necessary. A backlit banner can be very effective, grabbing the attention of visitors. People will get curious when they see your backlit banner, especially if it’s showing your products and services.

    Zero Glare

    One of the most infamous downsides of vinyl banners is that they reflect light and produce a glare, which takes away the appeal of the banner and makes it difficult for the visitor to read the content of the display. In contrast, tension fabric banners do not produce glare, and so they’re a lot more appealing for business owners.


    Tension fabric banners can be subjected to more wear and tear. They are durable, which means you can use these banners multiple times and at different locations. Tension fabric banners are also very easy to maintain, as they can be cleaned easily with minimal effort. If you clean the banner after each use, it could last longer than any other kind of banner. They’re also flame-retardant.

  • 5 Things You Should Know When Placing A Banner Stand

    Banner stands are a great tool for those who need to advertise a brand or product to a large audience. Whether you’re planning to use stand-up banners inside your office or retractable banners at a trade show, you need to know how to place a banner stand properly. What’s the point of using a nicely designed banner stand at a location when nobody can see it? Here’s where you should put a banner stand.

    1. As A Signpost For Your Business

    Banner stands can help your business stand out, especially if they’re placed in the right spots. A banner that isn’t placed well will more or less be a waste of money. A banner that’s designed well may capture the attention of passersby in mere seconds, and this is an example of an effective banner.

    2. Events, Trade shows & Exhibitions

    Visitors at busy events and trade shows won’t have time to visit every booth and counter to gather information. That’s why you should design an informative banner, as when visitors see this they’ll come to your booth. At your booth, you can place multiple tabletop banners and include on these specific product information to grab your audience’s attention.

    3. Shopping Malls And Other Public Places

    Places that get a lot of foot traffic are ideal for banner stands. Shopping malls, movie theaters, sports arenas, and subway stations are a few locations that see thousands of people every day. A banner at any of these locations will get thousands of eyes every day. Fabric banner stands and vinyl banners are great at such places.

    4. Your Office’s Waiting Room Or Foyer

    Roller banners that include relevant information can be a great distraction for clients who are waiting to speak with you. You can display awards you’ve won recently, talk about recent news, discuss new product launches, or provide info on an event you’ll be participating in soon.

    5. Busy Intersections

    Since a lot of traffic passes through busy intersections every day, these spots are ideal for vinyl banners. A single vinyl banner put near a busy intersection can be seen by thousands of potential customers every day, especially if you live in a densely populated area where traffic can get heavy. You may have to rent the space, but the amount of potential customers you could reach makes doing so worth it.

    If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort designing and creating a banner, the last thing you should do is place it in an incorrect location. Banner placement is vital when it comes to using these marketing tools, and if you place your banner in the right spot, you can reach thousands of customers and generate so many leads. Businesses of all kinds can use banner stands!

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