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  • 3 Things to Remember When Buying Banner Stands

    There are thousands of suppliers across the internet offering low-cost banner stands. Some suppliers sweeten the deal with freebies while others offer massive discounts (after compromising on quality). One thing all these cheap stands have in common is they all look very similar, especially when you look at the grainy images the suppliers provide. Also, there’s usually very little information about product performance or what materials are used in construction. If you don’t know much about banner stands, and you need help picking the right product, read on!

    1. Always Prefer Quality Over Quantity:

    Although cheap Chinese retractable banner stands seem like a good deal, they don’t last long. If attending trade shows and exhibitions is a regular thing for your business, choose banner stands that are not only lightweight but sturdy too. The stand should last you between three and four years if it’s maintained properly. High-end banner stands carry a thick aluminum base, high-quality materials, and other great components. If you don’t need top-of-the-line banner stands, stick to affordable retractable banner stands that give you value for your money.

    1. Setting up Banner Stands Should Be Easy:

    It should be easy for virtually anyone to set up and take down your banner stand. Low-quality banners leave poor but lasting impressions on customers. And with low-quality banners, you could end up wasting time setting up the banners, only to feel frustrated once the task is complete. All of this reflects poorly on your brand’s image, and customers will definitely notice.

    1. Buy the Best Banner Stands You Can Afford:

    Low-quality banner stands found on the internet are so flimsy, sometimes they arrive broken or damaged. And, it may take a few weeks to replace a faulty stand. By the time the correct stand arrives, the event is long over! Buying from a reputable US company that understand the importance of deadlines and doesn't sell junk will increase your chance for success. Of course, even a quality product can get damaged in transit, and a company that understands the importance of your timeline will help to resolve any issues so you don't end up without a display for your show..

    Are you looking for affordable banner stands? Visit our website!

  • Common Problems with Low-Quality Banner Stands

    Banner stands are great for displaying promotional messages and building your brand during high-traffic events like trade shows, conferences, and shopping mall promotions. Banner Stand Pros offers banner stands in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and we try to accommodate every budget. Over the years, we’ve noticed the market becoming flooded with cheap banner stands. But are these stands really worth it? What if you don’t have the budget for a high-quality banner stand? Do you have to compromise on quality and settle for flimsy or fragile banner stands that are unlikely to last a single use? Below we list a few of the problems associated with some stands made in China, and we’ll also tell you how Banner Stand Pros can help.

    1. Leaning Stands and Curling Edges:

    Low-quality banner stands use thin aluminum bases that do not support banners well. These bases causes banner stands to lean. Sometimes, thin aluminum poles are used on the sides, and these poles often get bent sideways. Low-quality materials are not suitable for roller banners because they cannot withstand variations in temperatures or tear easily. Low-quality banners often curl and look cheap. If the banner is defective, such will affect both the artwork and the overall effect your display is intending to have.

    1. Chinese Products Arrive Broken:

    As was said earlier, there are hundreds of websites offering cheap Chinese retractable banner stands for very low prices. But what seems like a bargain at first could end up costing you time and money. Some of these products are so bad, they arrive broken or damaged. Replacing them could take time, and time is something you don’t have when the trade show is in a week. Just because a banner stand is made in China doesn't mean it's a bad product, as most banner stands are made in China, including most of the top brands, but the old adage of you get what you pay for is something to keep in mind. Buying from a reputable U.S. company that gives honest descriptions of their products will help you pick a banner stand that's appropriate for your needs.

    The Solution:

    At Banner Stand Pros, we understand that not everyone can afford, nor does everyone need, a high-end banner stand. And that is why we have a wide variety of products: we want to accommodate every budget while always offering banner stands that are great. Our products aren’t cheap; rather, they’re an excellent value. They may be slightly more expensive than some of the cheap garbage banner stands being sold today, but they look professional and they do their job well.

    Are you looking for an affordable retractable banner stand? Visit our website!

  • Trade Show Entertainment Strategies for Increasing Foot Traffic

    The quality of your trade show booth can make or break sales. From investing in a good booth design to focusing on smaller elements, it’s important to make sure everything goes right. Create a buzz on the floor to draw attention and foot traffic to your exhibition space. Attract buyers with striking graphics on stand-up banners and appealing lighting techniques during product demonstrations. Think of new and creative ways to get the most out of your entertainment efforts—come up with something you’ve never done before. Here are a few tips for garnering the interest of trade show attendees.

    iPad Magicians

    If you need a massive crowd to come to your exhibition booth, iPad magic is a powerful tool, one that’s perfect for all kinds of trade shows. Hire an iPad magician to present your products from an iPad, for this method drives traffic to your exhibition area. The iPad magician gives a real show when they present their tricks using technology. Find someone who can provide cutting-edge magic to wow audiences.


    Having robots walk around, greet customers, and offer product samples are effective ways to draw crowds to your booth. Pepper, the semi-humanoid robot from Japan, engages customers through conversation. You can use its touchscreen technology to display your marketing message. Pepper can also talk about your products, collect data, email electronic brochures, and entertain guests.

    Interactive Selfie Mirror

    The selfie mirror can take the fun of photo booths to the next level. As your customers walk up to the full-size mirror, voice guidance invites them to touch the mirror for an interactive selfie experience. Unlike other mirrors, you can customize a selfie mirror so it reflects your brand’s logo. After photos are taken, you can print them, with your brand’s logo attached, and hand them out to your customers.

    Custom Coloring | Digital Walls

    Use a large coloring book canvas to reflect an image of your brand. Encourage trade show attendees to color on the canvas and share the finished product on your social media accounts. You can take things a bit further by incorporating digital walls. Host a Pictionary game and encourage attendees to draw clues so they can identify words that relate to your brand. Hosting games drives customer engagement and boosts booth traffic.

    Go Back to Basics

    Putting all these creative ideas aside, remember to incorporate the basics in your exhibition. Design a space that trade show attendees cannot resist visiting. Make your booth stand out and utilize high-quality retractable banner stands to display your exhibits. Get your unique and branded promotional items ready so you can offer them as free giveaways. Use video walls to display products that are visually appealing to people passing by.

    Do you have any other great entertainment ideas to share? Feel free to let us know!

  • Fresh Ideas to Get Your Trade Show Started Right

    The way people experience your trade show booth, and the way they experience trade shows generally, has dramatically changed over the past several years. Networking used to be the name of the game: offering giveaways, hosting contests, properly training your employees, and using fabric banner stands and stand-up banners to market your brand—all of this was encouraged. But people today are no longer drawn to the same exhibits. Instead, they are looking for new ideas and excitement. The new goal is to get visitors attracted to your booth and entertained enough while they’re there to leave a lasting impression that you can follow up on. Here are a few trends you can start incorporating into your marketing plan to shake things up.

    VIP Treatment

    While exhibiting at the trade show, your number one focus should be customer retention. One way to attract trade show visitors is to give them VIP treatment. Make use of the booth space provided and treat customers like royalty to encourage participation. Every moment of their experience with you should be precious. Share as much information about your brand as you can but try to get a feel early on of whether or not they’re interested in your services. Create photo opportunities and share enticing pictures from your exhibition on your official social media accounts.

    Guerrilla Marketing

    Guerrilla marketing is not just for big brands with deep pockets. It’s all about the phrase: go big or go home. All it takes is a little creativity to thrill your audience. Guerrilla marketing is a terrific way to create attention, extend your reach, and remain at the top of your customers’ minds. Do some planning a week before the event starts. Make use of TV advertisements and give the public hints about your exhibition. Attract curiosity by not giving away what’s coming. Make use of Reddit to create a community and so your customers get the most out of the event. During the trade show, use Facebook Live to attract online followers. Hire a hot dog vendor to sell food and give out custom paper holders. Get a celebrity to talk about your brand on their show.

    Projection Mapping

    Projection mapping is a marketing technology used for projecting objects just above a huge building. You are free to pick the level of complexity involved. If you’re looking for something simple, you can go with indoor stage effects. Use a dynamic video display to bring your brand to life. Thanks to projection mapping, old graphics are now lackluster—use mapping to catch visitors’ attention. Give your booth backdrop a unique touch with projection mapping. Project artwork onto your booth walls so visitors feel like they’ve entered an art gallery or museum.

    Create unexpected experiences with these exciting tips. When you let your customers expect the unexpected, they become more engaged—they’ll want to know more about your products and services, and such is what drives your ROI.

  • How Is Artificial Intelligence Shaping the Future of Trade Shows

    We all love asking Siri funny questions, but the technology behind Siri can be used for a lot more than just jokes. AI technology has made tremendous improvements over the past few years because of agile processors. AI is changing businesses everywhere.

    A few examples you may have experienced of advancements in AI are (1) receiving push notifications when you walk into a mall and (2) receiving reminders for doctor’s appointments. In the exhibition industry, AI can take information from the environment of your choosing and respond to it automatically. AI can transform your trade show experience by targeting the right customers, bringing them to your booth, and following up with leads during and after the expo. Additionally, AI can help discover patterns, find data, answer questions, translate various languages, and make predictions. Here is how you can use AI to enhance experiences at your trade show booth:

    Greeting Booth Visitors

    AI bots can be used to greet visitors when they first enter your trade show with something called Natural Language Processing. Use AI bots to answer questions from guests or to collect valuable information for lead generation. You can also use it to store and send data via cloud services. Additionally, they can automate data analytics to create a highly personalized experience for your visitors.

    Traffic Flow

    Use AI to analyze and process traffic flow information, that way you can find out how long prospects stayed at your booth. Counting foot-traffic can also help you analyze how traffic progressed at different hours throughout the day. Some people are even using drones to assess traffic flow patterns on the trade show floor; this way you can measure attendance without the help of humans.

    Follow-up Communications

    Introducing AI to your follow up processes can help you continue engaging with customers after the event and give them opportunities to give feedback, receive new offers, and win deals on your products or services. Software like Conversica offers an AI-powered sales assistant, one that’ll send “Thank you” emails to your trade show prospects, establishing follow-up communication. It is sometimes not possible for a human to regularly follow up with every single prospect, so this is an excellent example of where artificial intelligence can. You can also use AI to create personalized email content, optimize email subject lines, offer hyper-personalized suggestions, and set up targeted follow-up email campaigns. With AI-enabled sales assistants, your sales and marketing teams no longer need to spend time and effort handling follow-ups.

    Pursuing technological solutions to streamline all trade show tasks can help with your marketing efficiency and accuracy. But don’t forget the basics: design a well-organized theme-based booth that includes promotional items like fabric banner stands and stand-up banners for increased customer engagement.

  • Essential Elements for a Successful Trade Show

    Much like advertisements in trade publications and other magazines, trade shows help increase awareness about your brand and products. Trade shows also allow for direct interaction with customers, distributors, and contractors. Businesses not only get an opportunity to introduce products to users, but they also get to encourage customers to test and review products—this is how they get valuable feedback. If you’re new to trade show marketing or interested in boosting your presence, here’s what you need to do:

    Create a Lively and Interactive Booth

    Coming up with new and interesting ideas to grab the attention of visitors can be difficult. You have to plan something unique—something that will pay off in the form of increased brand awareness and more lead generation. As people love exploring the latest advancements in technology, incorporate some of these to make your booth lively and interactive. Include remote-controlled drones, touchscreen technology, social media feeds, live videos, and projected gaming systems—make sure all this stuffties back into your brand, products, and services.

    Add a photo booth that can break the ice and create networking opportunities. Photo booths help bring customers together: you get to take a photo, one that’s strategically imprinted with a company logo. Upload these pictures to your social media and allow booth visitors to tag themselves. Host a hashtag contest to involve offline customers on your social media. Increase your online presence by asking your followers to share photos/posts for a chance to win a prize.

    Stock up on Promotional Items

    No matter how cool your promotional items are, you’ll easily lose exposure if they are not linked to your products and services. Use promotional items, such as fabric banner stands and stand-up banners, to display your brand’s logo, marketing message, and contact information. Attract the crowd with eye-catching posters and signs. A well-designed step-and-repeat banner with an integrated marketing message is sure to attract your target audience. These can communicate what your brand is all about through compelling visuals.

    Create a buzz with personalized giveaways, such as tote bags, notebooks, water bottles, flash drives, earbuds, key chains, pens, stress balls, and candies. Encourage attendees to enter your space by having a themed trade show campaign. Strengthen your brand’s message by choosing giveaways that reflect a particular theme. Valuable giveaways are the ones that will be used frequently. These are sure to bring amazing returns through attendee engagement, booth traffic, and enhanced sales.

    Prepare Your Staff

    Along with fancy graphics, digital technology, and attractive banner designs, a well-prepared staff can easily influence visitors. The behavior of your exhibit staff plays a major role in generating interest among customers. Train your sales team to help them initiate conversations, and make sure they aren’t hiding behind a podium or engrossed in their smartphones.

    Divide the team into hosts, presenters, crowd-gatherers, and sales-converters. Define the roles and responsibilities of your staff members and make sure that everyone can perform their duties to meet demands. Train staff with all the necessary information needed, that way they can clarify and address any doubts held by potential clients. The more approachable and knowledgeable your staff members are, the more leads you’re likely to generate. Develop a pre-show staffing document, one that lists: goals and objectives, talking points, lead-generating methods, strategies, activities, and booth etiquette for your trade show staff. A pre-show staffing document can help you captivate the crowd.

    These tips can ensure more traffic comes through your trade show booth. If you need more help with your next live marketing event, contact us.

  • 3 Advantages of Fabric Banners

    Fabric banners are perfect for people looking for cost-effective display options. They’re not only easier to transport but versatile as well. Here are a few reasons many people prefer them over other types of banners:

    They’re Easy to Store:

    This is one of the best things about using fabric banners. Unlike vinyl banners that can only be rolled, fabric banners can be folded. Anyone who has used vinyl banners knows that packing them is a huge process. However, fabric banners aren’t! They’re lightweight and can be folded to a small size and even carried in a case. Fabric banners are easy to store, easy to carry, and a great option for quick setup.

    They Have Great Visual Appeal:

    There’s a reason why fabric banners are preferred at media events. Since fabric absorbs light, including camera flashes, you can be sure that pictures will turn out great! Unlike vinyl banners, fabric banners do not reflect light or hurt picture quality. This is also why they’re very popular at photo booths. You don’t have to worry about your photos being blurred or being poor quality! Another reason why event managers prefer fabric banners is because fabric lends itself well to colors and textures. The finished quality of a fabric banner can often be superior to that of a vinyl banner, which means fabric banners are the perfect choice for indoor events.

    They Can Be Put to Many Uses:

    Fabric banners are versatile—you can hang them before a storefront or use them as a display at birthdays and other events. You could use a banner as a backdrop at an event or hang them at an exhibition or trade show. They don’t crease easily and require very little care or repair. You can store them as long as you want and when you are ready to use them, just machine wash the banners and get rid of the creases using an iron.

    Looking for fabric banners and banner stands? Call us!

  • 3 Uses for Fabric Banners

    Thanks to advanced printing techniques, fabric banners have become all the rage. They’re being used as indoor banners at trade shows and conferences, and even in the outdoors as welcome signage and photo booth backdrops. At Banner Stand Pros, we have been selling fabric banners for more than two decades. Some of the common uses for these banners are:

    Fabric Banners Are Perfect for Business:

    You can hang a fabric banner on the storefront to advertise your business or a product. Want to explain your services in detail? The banner can do the job for you! Small businesses often use our banners to display product pictures, advertise a sale or discount, or even to make an announcement. There are dozens of creative ways to hang a fabric banner; you could get grommets installed so that they’re easy to hang or attach velcro strips to wrap the banner around a surface.

    Banners as Temporary Signage:

    Do you have a stall at the farmers market? Looking for decoration ideas for birthday parties and other events? Do you have a conference and need signage to guide guests to the conference room? Are you looking for welcome signage to welcome guests? Looking for something interesting and visually appealing, and yet easy to set up and use? Buy fabric banners! They’re not only versatile but affordable as well. Fabric banners are easy to store and carry and such is why they’re preferred as temporary signage.

    Using Fabric Banners as a Tapestry:

    Banners aren’t restricted to business use only; you can also hang them as tapestries to make a unique statement. And if you are looking for unique headboard ideas fabric banners can be an excellent option.

    Are you looking for fabric banners, banner stands, and other trade show displays? Call us!

  • Essential Components for an Awesome Trade Show Booth Design

    Conferences and trade shows provide a great platform for showcasing your brand to a large group of people. Trade shows are a perfect opportunity to attract and engage with your target customers. With hundreds of exhibitors, it is important for your brand to be unique. Spend some time on brainstorming to find creative touches and present a memorable trade show presence to your audience. Here are two important booth design elements that can help you get ahead in the game.

    Exhibit Signage for Your Booth

    In a technology-driven age, it is difficult to attract customers and stand out in the trade show crowd. You need to include digital signage in your booth space that sets your brand apart from a sea of similar exhibits. Design a cohesive look to convey your brand message in a compelling way. Choose the right signage to make your displays more visible. They will evenstand out on a crowded show floor. The colorful and eye-catching 3-D exhibit signage, with strong branding, can attract attention and draw in new business opportunities. This is a growing trend among companies across multiple industries.

    Deliver targeted content through backlight exhibit signage that offers a new look to your trade show products. Keep the signage message short and to the point. The stunning LED light system can make the graphics glow with a minimal amount of energy. Even in a dimly lit trade show hall, these can engage, enchant, and energize your audience. Hanging overhead fabric banner signs available in round, square, pinwheel, rectangle, and triangle structures can communicate your unique message for vibrant brand marketing. These are the perfect solution to emphasize your presence, maximize visibility, and draw in customer attention from a long distance. Choose interactive digital signage that helps your visitors to touch, swipe, and interact with your business’s services for active customer engagement. These act as an effective product and branding strategy for both large and small expo marketing events.

    Social Media Display Wall

    As an event exhibitor, it is essential to create a technological environment for promoting your brand. Social media walls do more than just let attendees watch something. Engage your trade show event guests by displaying their social media content (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) onto the big screen. Simply create a hashtag and encourage your trade show attendees to talk about the brand. Since anybody can use the hashtag, this not only encourages customer participation but also lets them discuss your products. Collect all the relevant media output about your business and put it on your trade show display to create a big impact on your marketing goals. When these visitors see a feed of social media posts appearing on a large digital screen, it can help to create a high level of customer interest, drive engagement, and boost sales.

    The live wall display system helps you get new followers, expands your event’s reach, increases online networking, and boosts social sharing. As they provide a source of entertainment, people are likely to use them. They can help to keep your customers entertained and happy. Social media walls create a visual impact through customized display options. You can use them to incentivize people with more social shares through brand recognition. Display social media messages, images, and videos on a large display to bring a buzz to your live marketing event. When you honor the most active participants, it can help to attract booth traffic.

    Are You Ready for the Next Trade Show Event?

    The Adobe Summit, MozCon, Consumer Electronics Show, B2B Next, the Small Business Expo, 99U, the Startup Conference, Techweek, Microsoft Ignite, the FutureTech Expo, TechCrunch Disrupt, and the SaaS Connect are some of the top trade shows to market your business at for maximum exposure. Visit us to buy high-quality banner stands, retractable banner stands, roll-up banner stands, and stand-up banners for guaranteed brand engagement.

  • Plan Your Next Trade Show with These Tips for a Great Exhibit Design

    A successful trade show can be your biggest marketing move of the year. Trade shows are a face-to-face opportunity used to establish a customer relationship and make valuable connections with business partners. They can have a meaningful impact on your conversion rates. Even if a prospect doesn’t convert, you can use the lead to nurture the sales process. Impressive multimedia booths, games, contests, celebrity performances, private parties, interactive sessions, and video demonstrations feature a great booth experience for visitors. The energy and excitement produced from booths can help your brandattract trade show attendees. Despite all the excitement, live marketing events can help to define your goals, fine-tune your sales pitch, generate new leads, engage with existing customers, and close big deals. Make use of this incredible marketing opportunity to show off your new, exciting products and services to the right kind of people. With so many design options to consider, here are three critical ways for building a creatively designed booth space.

    Create Video Walls

    As technology continues to progress, we see a lot of changes in the trade show industry. Video wall technology has a significant impact on how your business information is conveyed in a wide range of event environments. Video walls offer an audiovisual effect for the targeted audience. The reduction in price of LED screens makes them affordable, so investing in video wall technology over traditional displays is great. You can implement an interactive element into an LED video wall, either by using an application on a mobile device or through a touchscreen that augments the content. A visual product demonstration can enhance overall event engagement.

    You can develop an interactive audio-video experience for your audience. A series of LED video walls was crafted for the lobby of the Salesforce Company in San Francisco to create a sense of wonder for everyone visiting the building. The amazing digital display transformed the entire room into a mesmerizing, virtually real, environment. You too can maximize your brand presence by being creative on your LED deployment, thereby making an impact on the show floor.

    Think Comfortably as Well as Structurally

    Design your exhibit booth space by truly understanding your customer needs. Your trade show booth should communicate your brand to the audience. The ultimate design goal is to grab the attention of the right attendees with a brief and bold message. Use clear and eye-catching graphic fonts. These act as a quick and effective medium to clearly state what your brand is all about to customers who are interested in your products. Concision is the key. A single, clearly stated message is better than long listed points that get ignored.

    Make sure that your floor plan provides sufficient space for the demonstration area, meetings, lead stations, and an inviting space for booth visitors. Build a comfortable atmosphere by stimulating the senses of your prospects. Use a combination of lights, textures, colors, and aromatic fragrance. With comfort in mind, include spaces for recharge stations, relaxation areas, and meeting rooms. Focus on displaying your main products rather than stuffing too much into a limited booth space. Doing this distracts the customers.

    Showcase Products in Your Trade Show Display

    Your trade show booth could get lost in a sea of giants. If you’re worried that your display’s exhibits won’t stand out or gain customer attention, we have solutions to showcase your products. Whether you’re in the automotive, technology, or food and packaging industry, you can use the following design tips.

    • Design a display that focuses on your industry. If your business focuses on the food industry, choose a theme related to café or farm environments. Include fresh display designs that leave a lasting impression. Provide your visitors with a full sensory experience: let them see, smell and touch the food products.
    • Use oversized display tools to catch eyes in a large gathering. Based on your budget, place a series of large format banner stands to create a wall or backdrop. Hanging graphics with eye-catching designs can guarantee a strong brand presence.

    When it comes to planning your conference booth, keep these points in mind to design an excellent space for attracting target customers. If you have any doubts regarding the purchasing of trade show retractable banner stands, be open to asking questions and dial 877-389-8645. We can help you achieve a stress-free online shopping experience

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