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  • Effective Ways to Attract Customers

    The fundamental goal of any business is to attract and retain customers. Of course, it's not an easy task. Specific strategies can be employed to make your business stand out from the rest and get a steady flow of new customers that help expand the business.


    Here are a few practical ways to help you improve in-store traffic.


    • Window Display

    Whether your store is in an accessible location with high foot traffic or an idyllic corner, creating a fabulous window display helps you tell a story and tell it well. A well-designed window display must be your invitation to the passerby, and a well thought-out product presentation should encourage impulse buyers and peak their curiosity or even tug at their heartstrings.


    • Store Layout

    An effective store layout does the job of holding customers in the shop for longer. The entrance area should stand out with lighting, display, and color, to draw customers inside. The chances are most customers will subconsciously turn to the right after entering a store, and therefore detailed attention towards display should be given to that section to have maximum impact on customer's first impression. Also, creating a walking path that allows customers to browse through the whole store and view more products increases chances of a purchase.


    • Product Placement

    People will always notice the unique products placed at a prime location that receives the most traffic. If you have large and attractive products, advertise them in front of your store every day using outdoor banner stands. Nothing grabs customers' eyes more than an impressively displayed retail banner stand that says your store is the source of excitement and quality products.


    • Staff Training

    Customer experience is crucial, and since the staff at the store represents your shop's image, it is essential that they offer exceptional customer service and professionalism. Building a relationship with your employees, developing their skill sets, taking their suggestions and implementing an incentive reward for motivation will create satisfied employees. Happy and efficient staff will be most likely to put in the extra effort and achieve targets.


    • Portable Signs

    Using portable signs with outdoor banner stands gives your store's message a professional look. For promotion purposes, contact to get your message out to prospective customers.

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Retail Store a Success

    The US retail industry consists of more than 24 million people who provide goods and services. As one of the quickest growing segments of the economy, retail offers excellent business opportunities to entrepreneurs who invest their time and resources in providing consumers products or services.


    Here's a look at some useful tips that keep businesses running smoothly and successfully.


    1. Location

    Store locations with high traffic count are the most vital part of creating a success business. Ideally, the place should have no competitors in the vicinity and yet have a steady flow of walk-in clients from the neighboring businesses just by looking at outdoor banner standsnear the entrance. It's always best to give ample time choosing the perfect location rather than rushing in to start a business.


    1. Merchandise

    Selecting merchandise may seem like fun but can get very time-consuming and expensive. It's crucial to maintain a general theme that gives purpose for your products. Customers generally know what to expect from a store through itsretail banner stands, especially if it goes by a particular theme, thus helping build a loyal customer base.


    1. Staff & Management

    It is essential to hire staff that desires to learn more regarding the business and also who seem genuinely interested. Applicants should have a sound resume and excellent references. Learning about their interests and hobbies in general and how they can contribute as an employee will give a good insight into that person. Make sure the employees are aware of in-store cameras to keep them honest.


    1. Customer Service

    It would be useless to have a great staff and merchandise but no customers! Customer service is key to any successful business, and every customer should be treated well and given equal attention. Treating customers with respect and always going the extra mile for them will create a valid word of mouth advertising that is priceless. www.bannerstandpros.comcan help you advertise your so that you can maximize your sales ASAP!

  • 5 Effective Uses of Banner Stands

    Well-designed banner stands are great additions to the marketing strategy of any business. Available in different sizes, materials, and styles, exhibition and trade show banner stands get displayed outside shops to create a favorable impression on potential customers. Here are five effective uses of banner stands.

    1. Generate Customer Interest
    A productive banner stand will cater to its audience. It should be not just visually pleasing but emotionally as well. The design of banner stands should allow companies to target their audience by catching their attention.

    2. Efficient Advertising
    As banner stands are lightweight, durable, and portable, they get used indoors as well as outdoors, making them a cost-effective way to advertise products and services. They are primarily utilized at trade shows, seminars, and presentations, as well as for storefront displays to showcase a new product or special offer.

    3. Encourage Action
    Portable displays are an effective way of encouraging attendees to visit the company's website or social media platforms, as they feature your URL, Twitter handles, Instagram handle, or phone number. This gives people the incentive to not only visit the company's site but to make purchases as well.

    4. Impart Information
    The primary purpose of banner stands is to give information or instructions to attendees as they arrive at an event. Banners can direct visitors in the right direction or invite attendees to visit a specific booth and check out their products and services.

    5. Diversify Target Audience
    If a company decides to launch new products or services to attract a new set of customers, or is just trying to expand its target audience, banner stands can be customized accordingly to make the information more attractive to the new audience.

    Exhibitions and trade shows can be exhausting, but they are also significant when it comes to building your business. If you are looking for help with the banner stands and related equipment, visit us at

  • How to Influence Customers at Trade Shows

    Most companies spend their time and money on booth displays during trade shows. It is vital to make sure that prospective customers leave with a favorable impression of the products and services shown at the booth. To enhance brand interest, its best to go with a full visual marketing approach that informs, attracts and influences the purchase.

    Here are some strategies for conducting a successful trade show exhibition.

    ● Attract
    With the amount of competitors likely to be present, it's essential to take steps to ensure that buyers don’t miss your booth. Make sure you attract attention using your company banner stands, impressive flags, sidewalk signs, and exciting graphics that entice people to the booth. The appeal of your window and door graphics will help.

    ● Inform
    Trade shows are where buyers and sellers get to interact and share business information. Since buyers come to the show wanting to learn about the latest developments and products available, it’s vital to provide them exactly this information. Product features, advantages, and pricing can be highlighted using creative displays, banner stands, attractive fliers, etc. Your booth staff can be strategically placed to offer assistance and answer customer queries.

    ● Influence
    Most customers are visual learners, meaning using a picture of your product is the best communications strategy. More often than not, associating feelings with a product on banner stands is more effective than using a catchy slogan. Apart from this, a booth should always feel approachable.

    Thoughtful planning and execution can go a long way toward ensuring a successful showing at your next trade show event. To enhance your booth, get in touch with We offer a wide range of the best quality products and also deal in customized merchandising.

  • Different Types Of Banner Stands - Pick One That's Best For Your Business

    Banner stands are perfect for advertising and marketing, and to promote business at tradeshows and exhibitions. But the success of your effort largely depends on the type of banner used. For example, X banner stands are perfect for large-scale corporate promotions because they’re inexpensive, easy to set-up, and easy to carry as well. We list out the different types of banner stands available so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

    • Retractable Banner Stands:

    Retractable banner stands are by far the most popular choice because they’re easy to store and carry. The graphics panel is well protected because it is placed in the base. To set up the stand, all you have to do is to pull the panel and attach it to a pole! You can also adjust the height on some banners using adjustable poles. You could also connect two or three banner stands to create a backdrop for an event.

    • Portable Banner Stands:

    Portable banner stands are non-retractable, but they are light in weight and easy to carry. You could either choose between an L banner stand or an X banner stand – i.e., stands with an X or an L backing. To set up a banner, you will have to attach the graphics to the four corners of the metal tubing. The fact that you can remove and replace the banner makes it economical. They’re perfect if you are looking for an inexpensive option for promo events.

    • Hanging Banners:

    Hanging a banner above your stall at a crowded exhibition hall or trade show is the perfect way to grab attention. They basically cover an aluminum tube frame and hang from a ceiling. You could pick one from the different sizes and shapes available. With hanging banners, you aren’t just using floor space, but making use of the space above you as well!

    • Tabletop Banner Stands:

    You may not always need a full-size banner. Sometimes, a tabletop version can do the magic! You could either modify a normal banner stand to fit on your tabletop or buy one that specifically sits well on a table in stores and at airports.

    Which one do you think suits your requirements? Confused? Call us! We’ll be happy to help!

  • 4 Design Tips To Use Banner Stands Effectively

    Well-designed banner stands aren’t just a great addition to exhibitions and tradeshows, but they can also be displayed outside shops to make a great impression on potential customers. You could also use them near point-of-sale counters to announce promo offers or use it as a presentation tool at exhibitions to explain your product in detail. Here are a few tips to help you make your banner stand an effective sales tool:

    • Appeal to the audience:

    An effective banner stand focuses on getting three things right – color, image, and size. It is all about catering to the audience. For example, a banner about food should not only be visually pleasing, but it should appeal to you emotionally as well. And if you are planning to advertise products/services related to children, go for a banner with kid-friendly fonts and plenty of images. The colors should be soft and gentle on the eye.

    • Use white space properly:

    White is an effective color that symbolizes cleanliness and is used to give an organized and clean feel. In fact, advertisers have found that people react better to white space. But a lot of white space can be distracting and not bring out the content. Usually, designers use white for around 25% of the banner space and around the main message.

    • Include a call to action:

    Effective trade show banner stands always include a call to action. This could either be in the form of a QR code or a phone number. You could also use your USP as an effective call to action. For example, if you are the only (or a leading) supplier of a product, highlight it with attention-grabbing design or font.

    • Keep the message at eye level:

    People read from top to bottom; keeping the content at eye level ensures people pay attention to the banner as they walk past. They also read from left to right, so make sure you arrange content accordingly.

    Looking for high-quality banner stands? Contact us!


    If you are a business owner looking for an advertising medium that is adaptable, flexible, easy-to-use, and that can effectively communicate your message at a glance, then you need to consider banner stands. Banner stands are an excellent choice for any business seeking to expand their reach through trade shows, exhibitions, presentations etc. Regardless of your business’s size, banner stands can help to present yourself in a professional manner to ensure a positive response from the potential clients.

    With the increasing number of competitors in the market, banner stands can really give you an edge in the marketing field. They can give new perspective to your products, differentiate your business from the multitude and also make a lasting impact on the passersby and create excitement to learn more about your products and services.

    Choices of banner stands

    There are different choices of banner stands available, including the basic stands, roll-up banner stand, interchangeable cartridge, Double-sided and Linked Stands among others. All these stands vary in price depending on the style, material, size etc. Every stand is designed to fit a certain banner size. But if your banner is not well-matched with your banner stand, take your time to select and design new banners taking colors, images, and graphics into consideration. All of these factors can greatly alter the mood and decisions of your customers.

    How much do banner stands costs?

    Just like every other item on the market, the more features you add to your banner stands, the more expensive it becomes. In addition, the quality of hardware, changeable graphics and printing quality are factors that can affect the price of banner stands. Even at that, they are still very affordable and will pay for themselves after a short period of time. But before you choose any banner stands, it is important you decide on your budget and select one based on what you're comfortable with spending. Regardless of the one you opt for, you will definitely be satisfied with the results.

    Getting top-quality banner stands

    Banner stands may not be as complex or flashy as larger displays, but they can be very useful. For top-quality banner stands that can help with point of sale marketing, boost your brand awareness and also stand the test of time, company name should come to your mind. Check out our range of banner stands, or call us at 877-389-8645 for a demonstration of how these stands could benefit your business.

  • How to Use Banners During the Holidays

    The holidays are upon us and in full force and the chances of you needing a banner display for some reason or another are probably pretty great. Whether you are working in retail and need to market a sale going on, you're hosting a charity event or throwing a Christmas party, banner stands are a great way to communicate valuable information.


    Using a banner stand for a holiday sale is pretty standard in today's world and probably not out of the ordinary if you've been in the business for more than a season or two. However, choosing a display that is creative and well-suited for your event can be a whole different story. It may appear to be a frivolous cost at times, but how you choose to display your event is key to driving more traffic.

    Depending on where your sign is going, you'll want to consider effects that the environment will have on the sign. For example, if the display is going to be outside and the climate is frequently subject to snow, rain, or wind, then you'll want to incorporate those details into your final decision on material. There are many solutions and materials that are better equipped to handle the elements than others.

    In order to better protect your investment, most retail banners are portable banner stands that are designed to have a heavier base to withstand all of the traffic that they bring in!


    If you're keeping the holiday spirit alive with a charity event, having a banner or display of some sort will make your efforts go a lot further. Many times, these types of events don't produce what they had hoped, simply because attendees weren't well-informed. By having a display, you are able to communicate to your audience the purpose of the event along with how they can participate or donate.

    Odds are, you have put a lot of time and energy into organizing this event and the logistics of it are plain as day to you. However, it is important that you keep in mind that this is the first time your attendees will be learning the details and you will want to spell out the process for them. A great way to do this is by using a banner or display in order to communicate the importance and goal of your event. This will ensure that your efforts bring in the most return.


    In order to make a splash, whether it is for a year-end or holiday party or just a company event during the year, having displays are a great way to emphasize company morale and goals. You can also use them to help promote ongoing campaigns or initiatives within the company. Having quality displays and banners helps to create cohesiveness and conveys professionalism.

    Tips for Ordering Business Displays: 

    • Be sure to let your sales representative know where you are planning to place the display (indoor or outdoor banner stand) to make sure that they recommend the most appropriate stand and material.
    • If you are including images in the design, make sure they are high resolution images to ensure that they are clear and not pixelated.
    • When adding text to your banners, keep in mind that you don't want to overcrowd it with too much information. Less is more.
    • Color is an asset when it comes to displays. Be sure to utilize colors that will resonate with your brand. Also, blues, reds and greens are great colors to use during the holiday season.

    If you need help deciding which display is best suited for your event, don't hesitate to call us at Banner Stand Pros. We are happy to answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction.

  • Banner Stand Displays Used for Community Events


    Whether you are a part of a church organization, school, hospital or some type of community outreach program, banner displays are a great way to help spread your message to the public. Whether you are looking to promote messages from within or externally, there is a wide array of indoor and outdoor display solutions within an affordable range.

    The following displays are recommended for their versatility and affordability:

    Retractable Banner Stands

    These can be used both indoors and outdoors. They work well in small and large spaces. Whether your space consists of hallways, gymnasiums, waiting rooms, or sign-in tables, they are versatile enough to meet almost any requirement. Not to mention they are extremely cost-effective and provide an excellent, built-in storage solution for the actual banner, increasing their lifetime usage. Some key selling-points of retractable banner stands are:

    Wide-range of selection and price range

    Versatile and durable

    Easy setup and take down

    Easy to transport and protect

    Portable Banner Stands

    While most banner stands are technically “portable”, these types of banners are specifically non-retractable. This type of stand is typically categorized as tension back, L stands, X stands, etc. While setup and take down is quite different than retractable banner stands, they serve as great solutions for both outdoor and indoor displays. Often times, these types of stands are a great way to create large backdrops by setting them side by side. Some key selling-points of portable banner stands are:

    Ability to create more affordable backdrops

    Large variety of styles


    Table Top Banner Stands

    If you have a sign-in or sign-up table or any table for that matter, table top banners are a great way to help share information. These are extremely popular for local community events that have the intention of educating or informing people. Banner stands with telescopic poles that allow you to adjust the height can work well as floor-standing banners and on tables. Some key selling-points of table top banner stands are:

    Convenient and easily-readable

    Versatility allows for floor and table placement

    Help communicate clear messages that people will see

    Banner Walls

    As mentioned before, technically any banner stands, retractable or portable can be used together in order to create a backdrop or banner wall. That being said, depending on your intended use and purpose, there are models that are made specifically for this purpose in order to create the most visually appealing experience. Banner walls are a great way to represent your organization and lend a great deal of professionalism and authority. Depending on your message and design, these can be a great whole solution as well as broken down into separate banners that can be placed in different locations. Some key selling-points of banner walls are:

    Ability to break down based on your space

    Aesthetically appealing and tends to draw more attention

    Wide range of product and pricing possibilities

    If you are coordinating or managing a local event within your community, consider large-format displays and banners to help drive your awareness campaigns and messages. Banner Stand Pros offers the widest selection of product and pricing and we are happy to help you determine what will suit your campaign and budget best. Call us today at 877-389-8645.

  • 5 Benefits of Tension Fabric Banner Stands

    Tension fabric banner stands are a newer style of portable banner stand. It is easy to see how their popularity continues to soar among the trade show community. As far as aesthetics go, they steal the show with their wrinkle-free charm and tend to draw a bigger crowd the larger they get. While we all know they look great, here are some of the benefits that come with investing in this type of banner stand.



    This one may be overstating the obvious, but until you’ve really looked into tension fabric displays, you may not fully understand all the different shapes that they can take. The frames for these displays have gotten extremely creative and because of the material, they have become a great way to set yourself apart from the surrounding displays of your competition. Don’t get caught up in underestimating how unique your presentation has the potential for.


    One of the common downsides of portable banner stands is that they don’t have the same protection during transport as the retractable banner stands do. While this remains true for tension fabric displays, the material isn’t nearly as heavy or temperamental as your typical vinyl. The stretch fabric is much easier to pack and protect than your portable vinyl banner because it is so compact. These characteristics will extend the lifetime of your banner.


    There is a reason that tension fabric displays are used in many different settings. You’ll notice that they are present at not only trade shows, but also malls, airpots, storefronts and many other places because they are so durable. Having a display that can be used over and over again, for long periods of time should certainly help justify your investment.

    Easy Use

    Not only are tension fabric banners easy to transport, but they are also extremely easy to setup and take down. While the material is extremely durable and will last you a while, it is also great to know that changing graphics is a simple process. This is a great feature if you have several different offers that vary depending on the event that you are at, which allows you to easily swap out promotions on your frame.

    Keep It Clean

    We all know that displays take there fair share of abuse at events, despite our best efforts to protect them. The good news is that the tension fabric material is easy to clean after each use. Keeping your display looking fresh and new at each event, just got a whole lot simpler.

    If you’re needing help deciding on a tension fabric display, don’t hesitate to contact us at Banner Stand Pros. We are happy to help you determine what will fit your space best with your budget. New developments and efficiencies with tension fabric are always being released, driving the price down. Be sure to always be checking in on our offers as they are always changing. Call us today at 877-389-8645.

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