Common Problems with Low-Quality Banner Stands

Banner stands are great for displaying promotional messages and building your brand during high-traffic events like trade shows, conferences, and shopping mall promotions. Banner Stand Pros offers banner stands in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and we try to accommodate every budget. Over the years, we’ve noticed the market becoming flooded with cheap banner stands. But are these stands really worth it? What if you don’t have the budget for a high-quality banner stand? Do you have to compromise on quality and settle for flimsy or fragile banner stands that are unlikely to last a single use? Below we list a few of the problems associated with some stands made in China, and we’ll also tell you how Banner Stand Pros can help.

  1. Leaning Stands and Curling Edges:

Low-quality banner stands use thin aluminum bases that do not support banners well. These bases causes banner stands to lean. Sometimes, thin aluminum poles are used on the sides, and these poles often get bent sideways. Low-quality materials are not suitable for roller banners because they cannot withstand variations in temperatures or tear easily. Low-quality banners often curl and look cheap. If the banner is defective, such will affect both the artwork and the overall effect your display is intending to have.

  1. Chinese Products Arrive Broken:

As was said earlier, there are hundreds of websites offering cheap Chinese retractable banner stands for very low prices. But what seems like a bargain at first could end up costing you time and money. Some of these products are so bad, they arrive broken or damaged. Replacing them could take time, and time is something you don’t have when the trade show is in a week. Just because a banner stand is made in China doesn't mean it's a bad product, as most banner stands are made in China, including most of the top brands, but the old adage of you get what you pay for is something to keep in mind. Buying from a reputable U.S. company that gives honest descriptions of their products will help you pick a banner stand that's appropriate for your needs.

The Solution:

At Banner Stand Pros, we understand that not everyone can afford, nor does everyone need, a high-end banner stand. And that is why we have a wide variety of products: we want to accommodate every budget while always offering banner stands that are great. Our products aren’t cheap; rather, they’re an excellent value. They may be slightly more expensive than some of the cheap garbage banner stands being sold today, but they look professional and they do their job well.

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