Fresh Ideas to Get Your Trade Show Started Right

The way people experience your trade show booth, and the way they experience trade shows generally, has dramatically changed over the past several years. Networking used to be the name of the game: offering giveaways, hosting contests, properly training your employees, and using fabric banner stands and stand-up banners to market your brand—all of this was encouraged. But people today are no longer drawn to the same exhibits. Instead, they are looking for new ideas and excitement. The new goal is to get visitors attracted to your booth and entertained enough while they’re there to leave a lasting impression that you can follow up on. Here are a few trends you can start incorporating into your marketing plan to shake things up.

VIP Treatment

While exhibiting at the trade show, your number one focus should be customer retention. One way to attract trade show visitors is to give them VIP treatment. Make use of the booth space provided and treat customers like royalty to encourage participation. Every moment of their experience with you should be precious. Share as much information about your brand as you can but try to get a feel early on of whether or not they’re interested in your services. Create photo opportunities and share enticing pictures from your exhibition on your official social media accounts.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is not just for big brands with deep pockets. It’s all about the phrase: go big or go home. All it takes is a little creativity to thrill your audience. Guerrilla marketing is a terrific way to create attention, extend your reach, and remain at the top of your customers’ minds. Do some planning a week before the event starts. Make use of TV advertisements and give the public hints about your exhibition. Attract curiosity by not giving away what’s coming. Make use of Reddit to create a community and so your customers get the most out of the event. During the trade show, use Facebook Live to attract online followers. Hire a hot dog vendor to sell food and give out custom paper holders. Get a celebrity to talk about your brand on their show.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is a marketing technology used for projecting objects just above a huge building. You are free to pick the level of complexity involved. If you’re looking for something simple, you can go with indoor stage effects. Use a dynamic video display to bring your brand to life. Thanks to projection mapping, old graphics are now lackluster—use mapping to catch visitors’ attention. Give your booth backdrop a unique touch with projection mapping. Project artwork onto your booth walls so visitors feel like they’ve entered an art gallery or museum.

Create unexpected experiences with these exciting tips. When you let your customers expect the unexpected, they become more engaged—they’ll want to know more about your products and services, and such is what drives your ROI.


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