Great Pricing on Expolinc Banner Stands

expolinc-displaysExpolinc banner stands and displays have been some of the most popular high-end products on our site for quite some time. Because of the Swedish design, quality construction, and lifetime warranties, they are especially popular with professional trade show exhibitors who appreciate the durability and reliability they provide. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such high-end products, but thanks to our tremendous sales volume, we’ve negotiated some significantly lower prices on Expolinc displays that will make it possible for even more customers to fit them into their budgets.

For those who aren't familiar with Expolinc, they are a leading manufacturer of quality display products that feature Swedish design and lifetime warranties. The Expolinc Roll Up Classic is the most popular retractable banner stand model from Expolinc. It comes in five different widths, and each model can be used at different heights. There are 4 different fixed height pole options from 57" to 96" tall, as well as a telescopic pole that can be used at any height within it's adjustable range of 63" to 87" tall. The entry level Roll Up Compact is an especially good value that comes in two widths and adjustable height. The top-of-the-line Expolinc Roll Up Professional is available in both single and double sided versions, and all of these are now more affordable, as are Expolinc lights, literature racks and travel bags. For non-retractable banner stand displays, the Expolinc Pole System is very versatile with four widths, easy setup, adjustable height and the flexibility to create multiple banner shapes thanks to a bottom graphic rail that can move up and down the support pole. The Pole System is available in single and double sided models, and single sided stands can be converted to double sided at a later date by adding a second set of graphic rails.

We've always offered a wide range of products, from budget level displays to top-of-the-line models, because everyone has different needs. It's safe to assume that if all banner stands were the same price, most people would choose the best quality display, so price is obviously part of the reason a customer selects a particular model. Now that we've been able to lower the prices on all Expolinc products, they should be within reach of more customers than ever, so everyone should be sure to consider Expolinc display when shopping for a new banner stand. They are now an even greater value, and that will appeal to everyone.


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