How Is Artificial Intelligence Shaping the Future of Trade Shows

We all love asking Siri funny questions, but the technology behind Siri can be used for a lot more than just jokes. AI technology has made tremendous improvements over the past few years because of agile processors. AI is changing businesses everywhere.

A few examples you may have experienced of advancements in AI are (1) receiving push notifications when you walk into a mall and (2) receiving reminders for doctor’s appointments. In the exhibition industry, AI can take information from the environment of your choosing and respond to it automatically. AI can transform your trade show experience by targeting the right customers, bringing them to your booth, and following up with leads during and after the expo. Additionally, AI can help discover patterns, find data, answer questions, translate various languages, and make predictions. Here is how you can use AI to enhance experiences at your trade show booth:

Greeting Booth Visitors

AI bots can be used to greet visitors when they first enter your trade show with something called Natural Language Processing. Use AI bots to answer questions from guests or to collect valuable information for lead generation. You can also use it to store and send data via cloud services. Additionally, they can automate data analytics to create a highly personalized experience for your visitors.

Traffic Flow

Use AI to analyze and process traffic flow information, that way you can find out how long prospects stayed at your booth. Counting foot-traffic can also help you analyze how traffic progressed at different hours throughout the day. Some people are even using drones to assess traffic flow patterns on the trade show floor; this way you can measure attendance without the help of humans.

Follow-up Communications

Introducing AI to your follow up processes can help you continue engaging with customers after the event and give them opportunities to give feedback, receive new offers, and win deals on your products or services. Software like Conversica offers an AI-powered sales assistant, one that’ll send “Thank you” emails to your trade show prospects, establishing follow-up communication. It is sometimes not possible for a human to regularly follow up with every single prospect, so this is an excellent example of where artificial intelligence can. You can also use AI to create personalized email content, optimize email subject lines, offer hyper-personalized suggestions, and set up targeted follow-up email campaigns. With AI-enabled sales assistants, your sales and marketing teams no longer need to spend time and effort handling follow-ups.

Pursuing technological solutions to streamline all trade show tasks can help with your marketing efficiency and accuracy. But don’t forget the basics: design a well-organized theme-based booth that includes promotional items like fabric banner stands and stand-up banners for increased customer engagement.


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