How to Easily Attract Customers for Your Next Trade Show Event

Tradeshow success happens when individuals visit your booth and become interested in your products enough to either purchase or give you their contact information so you can follow up. It’s essential to make your booth attractive for people to come by and check it out. Here are a few critical tips to attract your potential customers.

Have Attractive Booth Designs

If you want people to sit up and notice what you have to offer, focus on the booth design. This includes making use of all available floor space, using appropriate and visually appealing graphics, and using concepts that reflect your marketing campaign and brand image. You can use banner stands in a variety of different settings that add visual impact to your display. If you’re looking for high-quality banner stands, we have a vast collection of retractable banner stands, and outdoor banner stands at attractive prices.

Use Valuable Giveaways

Don’t we all love gifts? If you want people to remember you after they’ve left the booth, give them something that’s related to your brand or product. It can be something inexpensive; or it can be entertaining, useful, fun, or valuable. The more people like your giveaways, the more buzz you create to then attract audiences. You can consider gifting re-usable water bottles with your logo, T-shirts, pens, custom phone stands, USB chargers, promotional smart wallet, product samples, personalized tote bags, etc.

Hire Effective Tradeshow Booth Staff

Make sure that your staff is trained and looks professional. You can make them wear a uniform that represents your brand, or get your logo emblazoned on their t-shirt. Most importantly, it is essential to employ teams that are experts, i.e. they should understand your products, services and company policies. Do not have booths overcrowded with staff because that could result in chaos and difficulty for your visitors.

Free Wi-Fi Access and Phone Charge Station

If a tradeshow doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi for attendees, it is smart to provide it yourself. You can rent a 4g internet provider for a few days to provide access to your booth attendees. You can use this time to network with people that have visited your booth. Similarly, you can set up a free phone charging station at your booth. Attendees usually use their smartphones to take photos, text, email and post your displays to their social media pages during the event. When their battery goes down, they’ll search for a free phone charging station like the one you have set up.

Include Small Games or Fun Activities

Everybody loves participating in competitive games. As these activities benefit humans socially, cognitively, and emotionally, you can include activities like jumbo board games, trivia, or casino-style games to leave a long-lasting effect. Games used in tradeshows can encourage your attendees to reach out to you and will help you to keep them engaged for a while. As an exhibitor, choose an activity based on what your audience might enjoy. The more specific the better.

These are five tips to keep in mind before exhibiting your products at your next marketing expo. You are sure to get a lot of prospective customers to your booth.


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