Tips to Attract Trade Show Attendees to Your Booth

Tradeshows are an excellent way to meet prospective customers and gain exposure. Boosting sales is the number one objective of any business event. With a wide list of competitors, you have to be smart when exhibiting your company’s products and services. If you’re at a loss for ideas, try using one of these tips to make your booth more effective.

Invite Your Regular Attendees

Use formal invitations for your most important customers and leads that you would like to see at the event. You can send out an invitation digitally to your regular customers. If possible, attach free trade show tickets along with the invitation. This way you can attract someone that you’re trying to impress. If your budget allows for it, create a VIP invitation card, because these offers are hard to refuse.

Well-trained and Fun Staff

If you promote your booth well, you’re going to have a lot of visitors. That means you will need trained employees who can communicate your brand message and mingle with guests appropriately. Hire people who are great communicators and who have an easy time making small talk with strangers. These people should be outgoing and strong salesmen. Involve everyone in a training session beforehand, that way everyone’s on the same page.

Provide Food and Drink

Refreshments are a great way to attract people to your booth. It’s common at marketing events that people get busy and don’t have time to eat or drink. You can provide food and drinks and fill that void. Make use of this time to engage with them and direct your conversation toward sales. This tip can also keep your visitors’ energy levels up. Refreshments can include things like water bottles, cookies, coffee, candies, popcorn, or sandwiches. You can consider presenting these items in small bags that display your company’s logo as well.

Booth Location

This tip is especially important for anyone that may be new to exhibiting at a trade show. The booth location matters a lot when it comes to garnering attention. If you’re tucked in a corner without much foot traffic, you’re not going to have a good event. So, while working with the event coordinator, try to get a space close to the entrance, main aisles, and busy networking areas, that way you’re more likely to get some traffic.

Make Your Display Stand Out

Your display stands are the first thing tradeshow attendees will notice. Your banner stands should be highly attractive to impress them. Retractable banner stands, outdoor banner stands, and tabletop banner stands are the most cost-effective options for displaying your products. We have inexpensive and lightweight banner stands and also provide a wide range of custom printed banners with bright graphic designs and durability. These can help project your message to a larger crowd, creating a professional impression among your clients. With us, you can order stands and banners at affordable prices. You can also check out our many other products that can help you at any event.

These tips will surely help you attract prospective customers and maximize your marketing goals


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