Why Should You Choose Fabric Banner Stands?

Fabric banner stands are the simplest yet most effective type of displays when you’re looking to stand out in any trade show or exhibition. They are lightweight, easy to install, and portable.  They are also versatile enough to be used anywhere. Here’s why fabric banner stands are better than traditional display stands in several ways.

Eye Catching Colors

Fabric banners are manufactured using advanced printing technologies. They use dye-sublimation inks printed directly on the fabric. This process gives you bright, vivid designs that are incredibly durable because the ink actually becomes part of the fabric.

Great for Step and Repeat Backdrops

You must display your company logo for maximum returns from your ad campaigns. Fabric banner stands are great for step and repeat backdrops. These banners have a repeating pattern of your logo, or several logos, for maximum impact when used as a backdrop for events, videos, interviews or teleconferencing. Fabric is non-reflective so it’s great for this purpose as it won’t produce any glare from lighting or cameras.

Large Displays in a Single Graphic

Conventional displays include several panels that are assembled to form one big image. However, fabric banners are produced in a single piece, which fills the frame. You do not face issues with seams, and it makes the installation easier.

Easy to Handle

Yet another advantage of a fabric banner is you can carry and store it anywhere; just fold it neatly and place it in a box, which also makes it much less expensive to ship compared to traditional types of graphics. Usually, fabric banner stands are made from lightweight aluminum tubing, so the stands are also easy to use and store as well.

Many Different Styles

Fabric displays are extremely flexible. You can mold them into many shapes and designs. There are curved displays, flat graphic walls, and any other design to meet your promotional needs.

Overall, fabric displays surpass traditional banners in multiple ways. They are cost-effective, durable, and versatile, making them the perfect option to be used in exhibitions. You can even wash them, stretch them to fit any size, and stow them away when not required. They should be your go-to, long-term option for business campaigns.


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