14 Eye-Catching Color Combinations For Banner Stands

Brands are the personality of your business and marketers should consider how to maintain the same character and personality of your brand with the use of the rightmix of colors. Branding requires a combinationof both text and graphics to build an experience that connects with your audience and colors chosen specifically to attract their interest.

Psychologists say that colors evoke specific reactions in viewers and their use not only helps people to differentiate similar products of multiple brands but also influences their moods and feelings about purchasing. There is a reason why all fast food burger shops integrate red into their advertising!

To extract the maximum marketing advantage out of your trade show banner stands, here are some of the ideal color combinations.

  1. Earthy brown and sky blue – This combination induces a sense of calm and relaxation.
  2. Navy blue and white – These colors are commonly used in naval uniforms and signify authority and discipline.
  3. Bright orange – Bright orange conveys joy and warmth. This is one of the most commonly used colors for online retailers for their sales campaigns and purchase buttons.
  4. Green– This color associated with nature symbolizes health and wellness which is why it is used by health-related brands.
  5. Red and white– This color depicts passion and desire. It is generally associated with sales during festivals. You tend to see them on banners with white backgrounds. Most vocal brands like Virgin, Coca-Cola, and Kentucky Fried Chicken use this combination to their advantage.
  6. Purple – This color evokes visions of excesses, royalty, and luxury, so banners using it embody trust, opulence, and leadership
  7. Pink – Signifies youthful energy and attracts attention. Vibrant pink creates the right impact for younger demographics, especially females.
  8. Grey – Grey and blue may be a minimalistic palette, but the colors are comfortable, and the viewer gets a feeling of visual openness.
  9. Purple, Magenta, and Blue - This carnival-style cheerful color combination signifies fun and fireworks is often used for night parties and events.
  10. Black and yellow – These two contrasting colors express warmth and sobriety that can capture and retain the attention of viewers which is why it is used on road signs and at traffic signals.
  11. Pale pastel tones – These tones evoke feelings of tenderness which is why it is used for promoting women’s brands or for shops and bakeries.
  12. Black and red – These two fiercely independent colors signify deep emotions and are generally used for click-bait slogans and buttons.
  13. Grey, blue and yellow – Ideally used by travel and holiday package companies, this combination brings forth images of the sky, sun, and sand.
  14. Red, brown and cream – This combination is commonly used by manufacturers of confection, cosmetics and home furniture for making flag banner stands as it makes viewers long for indulgence.


When planning for your next event, consider what feelings and emotions you want to spark in your visitors and design your trade show banner display to bring new and excited customers to your business!


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