• 14 Eye-Catching Color Combinations For Banner Stands

    Brands are the personality of your business and marketers should consider how to maintain the same character and personality of your brand with the use of the rightmix of colors. Branding requires a combinationof both text and graphics to build an experience that connects with your audience and colors chosen specifically to attract their interest.

    Psychologists say that colors evoke specific reactions in viewers and their use not only helps people to differentiate similar products of multiple brands but also influences their moods and feelings about purchasing. There is a reason why all fast food burger shops integrate red into their advertising!

    To extract the maximum marketing advantage out of your trade show banner stands, here are some of the ideal color combinations.

    1. Earthy brown and sky blue – This combination induces a sense of calm and relaxation.
    2. Navy blue and white – These colors are commonly used in naval uniforms and signify authority and discipline.
    3. Bright orange – Bright orange conveys joy and warmth. This is one of the most commonly used colors for online retailers for their sales campaigns and purchase buttons.
    4. Green– This color associated with nature symbolizes health and wellness which is why it is used by health-related brands.
    5. Red and white– This color depicts passion and desire. It is generally associated with sales during festivals. You tend to see them on banners with white backgrounds. Most vocal brands like Virgin, Coca-Cola, and Kentucky Fried Chicken use this combination to their advantage.
    6. Purple – This color evokes visions of excesses, royalty, and luxury, so banners using it embody trust, opulence, and leadership
    7. Pink – Signifies youthful energy and attracts attention. Vibrant pink creates the right impact for younger demographics, especially females.
    8. Grey – Grey and blue may be a minimalistic palette, but the colors are comfortable, and the viewer gets a feeling of visual openness.
    9. Purple, Magenta, and Blue - This carnival-style cheerful color combination signifies fun and fireworks is often used for night parties and events.
    10. Black and yellow – These two contrasting colors express warmth and sobriety that can capture and retain the attention of viewers which is why it is used on road signs and at traffic signals.
    11. Pale pastel tones – These tones evoke feelings of tenderness which is why it is used for promoting women’s brands or for shops and bakeries.
    12. Black and red – These two fiercely independent colors signify deep emotions and are generally used for click-bait slogans and buttons.
    13. Grey, blue and yellow – Ideally used by travel and holiday package companies, this combination brings forth images of the sky, sun, and sand.
    14. Red, brown and cream – This combination is commonly used by manufacturers of confection, cosmetics and home furniture for making flag banner stands as it makes viewers long for indulgence.


    When planning for your next event, consider what feelings and emotions you want to spark in your visitors and design your trade show banner display to bring new and excited customers to your business!


    If you are a business owner looking for an advertising medium that is adaptable, flexible, easy-to-use, and that can effectively communicate your message at a glance, then you need to consider banner stands. Banner stands are an excellent choice for any business seeking to expand their reach through trade shows, exhibitions, presentations etc. Regardless of your business’s size, banner stands can help to present yourself in a professional manner to ensure a positive response from the potential clients.

    With the increasing number of competitors in the market, banner stands can really give you an edge in the marketing field. They can give new perspective to your products, differentiate your business from the multitude and also make a lasting impact on the passersby and create excitement to learn more about your products and services.

    Choices of banner stands

    There are different choices of banner stands available, including the basic stands, roll-up banner stand, interchangeable cartridge, Double-sided and Linked Stands among others. All these stands vary in price depending on the style, material, size etc. Every stand is designed to fit a certain banner size. But if your banner is not well-matched with your banner stand, take your time to select and design new banners taking colors, images, and graphics into consideration. All of these factors can greatly alter the mood and decisions of your customers.

    How much do banner stands costs?

    Just like every other item on the market, the more features you add to your banner stands, the more expensive it becomes. In addition, the quality of hardware, changeable graphics and printing quality are factors that can affect the price of banner stands. Even at that, they are still very affordable and will pay for themselves after a short period of time. But before you choose any banner stands, it is important you decide on your budget and select one based on what you're comfortable with spending. Regardless of the one you opt for, you will definitely be satisfied with the results.

    Getting top-quality banner stands

    Banner stands may not be as complex or flashy as larger displays, but they can be very useful. For top-quality banner stands that can help with point of sale marketing, boost your brand awareness and also stand the test of time, company name should come to your mind. Check out our range of banner stands, or call us at 877-389-8645 for a demonstration of how these stands could benefit your business.

  • How to Use Banners During the Holidays

    The holidays are upon us and in full force and the chances of you needing a banner display for some reason or another are probably pretty great. Whether you are working in retail and need to market a sale going on, you're hosting a charity event or throwing a Christmas party, banner stands are a great way to communicate valuable information.


    Using a banner stand for a holiday sale is pretty standard in today's world and probably not out of the ordinary if you've been in the business for more than a season or two. However, choosing a display that is creative and well-suited for your event can be a whole different story. It may appear to be a frivolous cost at times, but how you choose to display your event is key to driving more traffic.

    Depending on where your sign is going, you'll want to consider effects that the environment will have on the sign. For example, if the display is going to be outside and the climate is frequently subject to snow, rain, or wind, then you'll want to incorporate those details into your final decision on material. There are many solutions and materials that are better equipped to handle the elements than others.

    In order to better protect your investment, most retail banners are portable banner stands that are designed to have a heavier base to withstand all of the traffic that they bring in!


    If you're keeping the holiday spirit alive with a charity event, having a banner or display of some sort will make your efforts go a lot further. Many times, these types of events don't produce what they had hoped, simply because attendees weren't well-informed. By having a display, you are able to communicate to your audience the purpose of the event along with how they can participate or donate.

    Odds are, you have put a lot of time and energy into organizing this event and the logistics of it are plain as day to you. However, it is important that you keep in mind that this is the first time your attendees will be learning the details and you will want to spell out the process for them. A great way to do this is by using a banner or display in order to communicate the importance and goal of your event. This will ensure that your efforts bring in the most return.


    In order to make a splash, whether it is for a year-end or holiday party or just a company event during the year, having displays are a great way to emphasize company morale and goals. You can also use them to help promote ongoing campaigns or initiatives within the company. Having quality displays and banners helps to create cohesiveness and conveys professionalism.

    Tips for Ordering Business Displays: 

    • Be sure to let your sales representative know where you are planning to place the display (indoor or outdoor banner stand) to make sure that they recommend the most appropriate stand and material.
    • If you are including images in the design, make sure they are high resolution images to ensure that they are clear and not pixelated.
    • When adding text to your banners, keep in mind that you don't want to overcrowd it with too much information. Less is more.
    • Color is an asset when it comes to displays. Be sure to utilize colors that will resonate with your brand. Also, blues, reds and greens are great colors to use during the holiday season.

    If you need help deciding which display is best suited for your event, don't hesitate to call us at Banner Stand Pros. We are happy to answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction.

  • Banner Stand Displays Used for Community Events


    Whether you are a part of a church organization, school, hospital or some type of community outreach program, banner displays are a great way to help spread your message to the public. Whether you are looking to promote messages from within or externally, there is a wide array of indoor and outdoor display solutions within an affordable range.

    The following displays are recommended for their versatility and affordability:

    Retractable Banner Stands

    These can be used both indoors and outdoors. They work well in small and large spaces. Whether your space consists of hallways, gymnasiums, waiting rooms, or sign-in tables, they are versatile enough to meet almost any requirement. Not to mention they are extremely cost-effective and provide an excellent, built-in storage solution for the actual banner, increasing their lifetime usage. Some key selling-points of retractable banner stands are:

    Wide-range of selection and price range

    Versatile and durable

    Easy setup and take down

    Easy to transport and protect

    Portable Banner Stands

    While most banner stands are technically “portable”, these types of banners are specifically non-retractable. This type of stand is typically categorized as tension back, L stands, X stands, etc. While setup and take down is quite different than retractable banner stands, they serve as great solutions for both outdoor and indoor displays. Often times, these types of stands are a great way to create large backdrops by setting them side by side. Some key selling-points of portable banner stands are:

    Ability to create more affordable backdrops

    Large variety of styles


    Table Top Banner Stands

    If you have a sign-in or sign-up table or any table for that matter, table top banners are a great way to help share information. These are extremely popular for local community events that have the intention of educating or informing people. Banner stands with telescopic poles that allow you to adjust the height can work well as floor-standing banners and on tables. Some key selling-points of table top banner stands are:

    Convenient and easily-readable

    Versatility allows for floor and table placement

    Help communicate clear messages that people will see

    Banner Walls

    As mentioned before, technically any banner stands, retractable or portable can be used together in order to create a backdrop or banner wall. That being said, depending on your intended use and purpose, there are models that are made specifically for this purpose in order to create the most visually appealing experience. Banner walls are a great way to represent your organization and lend a great deal of professionalism and authority. Depending on your message and design, these can be a great whole solution as well as broken down into separate banners that can be placed in different locations. Some key selling-points of banner walls are:

    Ability to break down based on your space

    Aesthetically appealing and tends to draw more attention

    Wide range of product and pricing possibilities

    If you are coordinating or managing a local event within your community, consider large-format displays and banners to help drive your awareness campaigns and messages. Banner Stand Pros offers the widest selection of product and pricing and we are happy to help you determine what will suit your campaign and budget best. Call us today at 877-389-8645.

  • 5 Benefits of Tension Fabric Banner Stands

    Tension fabric banner stands are a newer style of portable banner stand. It is easy to see how their popularity continues to soar among the trade show community. As far as aesthetics go, they steal the show with their wrinkle-free charm and tend to draw a bigger crowd the larger they get. While we all know they look great, here are some of the benefits that come with investing in this type of banner stand.



    This one may be overstating the obvious, but until you’ve really looked into tension fabric displays, you may not fully understand all the different shapes that they can take. The frames for these displays have gotten extremely creative and because of the material, they have become a great way to set yourself apart from the surrounding displays of your competition. Don’t get caught up in underestimating how unique your presentation has the potential for.


    One of the common downsides of portable banner stands is that they don’t have the same protection during transport as the retractable banner stands do. While this remains true for tension fabric displays, the material isn’t nearly as heavy or temperamental as your typical vinyl. The stretch fabric is much easier to pack and protect than your portable vinyl banner because it is so compact. These characteristics will extend the lifetime of your banner.


    There is a reason that tension fabric displays are used in many different settings. You’ll notice that they are present at not only trade shows, but also malls, airpots, storefronts and many other places because they are so durable. Having a display that can be used over and over again, for long periods of time should certainly help justify your investment.

    Easy Use

    Not only are tension fabric banners easy to transport, but they are also extremely easy to setup and take down. While the material is extremely durable and will last you a while, it is also great to know that changing graphics is a simple process. This is a great feature if you have several different offers that vary depending on the event that you are at, which allows you to easily swap out promotions on your frame.

    Keep It Clean

    We all know that displays take there fair share of abuse at events, despite our best efforts to protect them. The good news is that the tension fabric material is easy to clean after each use. Keeping your display looking fresh and new at each event, just got a whole lot simpler.

    If you’re needing help deciding on a tension fabric display, don’t hesitate to contact us at Banner Stand Pros. We are happy to help you determine what will fit your space best with your budget. New developments and efficiencies with tension fabric are always being released, driving the price down. Be sure to always be checking in on our offers as they are always changing. Call us today at 877-389-8645.

  • Portable vs. Retractable Banner Stands

    Searching for the banner stand that fits your needs in the world of endless banner stand options can be overwhelming. Let's be honest, we know you have countless other things on your list of "to do's" that come before choosing a banner stand, regardless of how necessary it is for your marketing. We have made an effort to help you in the process by explaining the major differences in portable and retractable banner stands to help you decide what works best for you.

    Portable Banner Stands

    Portable banner stands are also referred to as non-retractable banner stands and do not have a roll up mechanism. That being said, the banner does not stay attached to the stand. Portable models require the banner to be removed and manually rolled up between uses. They tend to be less expensive, and have few moving parts so they’re very reliable, but they are a bit more work and there’s more opportunity to damage the banner if you’re not reasonably careful. While retractable stands are by far the most popular, some people prefer them because they are so lightweight.


    The portable banner stand family includes telescopic banner stands, X banner stands, L banner stands, and models without the roll up functionality. For banner stands that are staying in the same place, such as a store or lobby displays, this can be a very good option.

    Another popular use for portable banner stands is to make seamless banner walls by combining multiple stands together. Typically, banner walls made from retractable banner stands tend to have gaps between the banners. This can often times give you the look you're going for at a more affordable price. Do a portable banner stand comparison before you purchase.

    Retractable Banner Stands

    When it comes to retractable banner stands, the banner stays attached to the retractable banner stand, and is stored in the base between uses, it’s extremely quick and easy to set up and take down. Often when shows are over, people are in a hurry to pack up and leave, and that’s when people tend to appreciate the easy operation of a retractable stand.


    The convenience of the retractable banner stands has made them the most popular type of stand on the market because they cater to so many needs with their functionality and their ability to protect the actual banner.

    Just like the portable banner stands, retractable banner stands also have a wide range of quality and price. The market is flooded with stands that look similar, but that vary a great deal in quality. Be sure you do your research before making your purchase. Sometimes, all you need is a cheap sign, but many times, the money you save on the cheap stand isn't worth the overall hassle of a poor quality display. Do a retractable banner stand comparison before you make your decision.

    If you need help determining the best solution for your event, feel free to give Banner Stand Pros a call at 877-389-8645. We are happy to help you make an informed decision.

  • Sorry, Skyline Customers

    This blog is an open apology to customers of Skyline displays, particularly those who own one of their banner stands. For those who aren’t familiar with Skyline, they have locations with showrooms all over the US, even in other countries, and they sell exclusively from those showrooms. They market that as an advantage, and I suppose if you live in a city with a showroom, there is some advantage to that. I know our customers in the Salt Lake City area like that they can come to our showroom and see our displays, pick up orders, or have any problems resolved without having to ship anything. However, the main reason we can offer such excellent pricing, aside from the large volume of business we do, is that we only have one location. Having over 70 showrooms, staffed with sales people, support staff, and all the other related expenses that come with that, makes for a great deal of overhead that is passed on in Skyline's pricing, no matter how they try to make it sound like an advantage.

    Skyline doesn’t offer much of a selection of banner stands. They seem to push more elaborate, higher priced displays, but they do have a few models to choose from. The problem is that they’ve set up their products to make it nearly impossible for anyone else to provide graphics for their displays. It’s not uncommon to find small sign shops who only sell displays with graphics, but it’s hard to think of another so-called display manufacturer who won’t sell just the hardware to their customers. The reason for this is pretty simple. They are overcharging for the graphics and they don’t want to give up such a huge profit center. Not having purchased a banner stand from Skyline, I can’t say for certain that they don’t let their customers know they are being trapped into purchasing low quality, overpriced graphics for the life of the display, but judging from the phone calls we receive, and the fact that they don’t sell their hardware without graphics, it’s a pretty safe bet that they keep that info to themselves. The fact that they once threatened to sue us for trying to help one of their customers with replacement graphics should tell you all you need to know about their intent.

    As a company that sells brand name displays, as well as manufacturing our own, I can say that we would always prefer to provide the graphics with our displays. Not only do we appreciate the larger sale, but we can also be sure our customers are getting the very best quality, and that the graphics are appropriate for the display, fit correctly, and operate properly once installed. Most customers prefer to purchase the graphics with the display for convenience as well. For those who want to print their own graphics, we offer instructions and templates to our customers to try and ensure that our displays work great regardless of where the graphics are produced. Any company that tries to force customers to return by rigging their displays so the customer is forced to come back to them, rather than by offering quality products and services at a good price so that the customers will want to return, isn’t very confident of their quality, pricing or service.

    So, the first part of this apology is to say sorry for Skyline’s behavior. They leave a bad taste in the mouths of customers who have found out after the fact that the quality and price of the graphics they're paying for is unreasonable. It makes everyone in the industry look bad when a company has business practices like this, and since they aren’t likely to apologize, we’re doing it for them.

    The second part is to say we’re sorry for not doing a better job of marketing our products and services, so that you would have known you had better options before you purchased a banner stand from Skyline. It’s true that unless you live in our area, you’d have to purchase our displays online without seeing them in person. That’s why we go to such great lengths to provide high res photography, instructions, templates and ratings for each of the hundreds of products we offer, and are always available to help via phone, e-mail or chat. We want to make sure you’re comfortable with every aspect of a banner stand or display before you purchase it. We also offer free printed samples by mail so customers can see the different banner materials up close and in person before making a purchase. Yes, Skyline customers, we offer multiple material options for most display so you can pick what suits your needs, taste and budget the best.

    We also wanted to say sorry to all the Skyline customers who call looking for us to help them with replacement graphics only to be told that there isn’t much we can do for them. We never like to tell customers who call us that we can’t help, so that leaves a particularly bad taste in our mouth, which is what prompted this apology.

    As a way to make it up to all the Skyline customers we failed to reach in time, or couldn’t help after the fact, we’ve decided to offer a special promotion. Originally, the plan was to lower the price of our most popular model, the Quicksilver Pro 36, so that Skyline customers could trade in their old banner stands for a new QuickSilver with a standard Curl Free banner for the same price that they would have to pay just for the replacement graphics from Skyline. The problem is that the Quicksilver with standard banner is already less expensive. Yes, Skyline customers, you read that correctly. The Quicksilver Pro 36 with it’s deluxe travel bag, premium telescopic pole, adjustable tension and easy banner changes with even our most expensive banner option, is still less expensive than just a replacement banner from Skyline. So, we decided to offer an additional 10% off the purchase of any Quicksilver banner stand with banner if you trade in a Skyline banner stand. We’ll recycle the aluminum and any other parts we can to prevent it from ending up in landfill, so there’s no impact on the environment. You’ll end up with fully featured banner stand that gives you options. Of course, when the time comes, you can order replacement graphics from us and we’ll offer free installation of those graphics for life if you choose to send your stand back to us to install them. You can also have those replacement graphics shipped to you and install them yourself. It’s easy to do, we have instructions and videos online, and we’ll even help you over the phone if you need it. Additionally, you’re not required to purchase the replacement graphics from us at all. If the Quicksilver doesn’t suit your needs, give us a call and we’ll work out a discount on any banner stand with banner that we offer with your trade in. If you don’t own a Skyline banner stand, be sure to tell any friends you know who might before they make the mistake of overpaying for any more graphics. They’ll be sure to thank you for it and then we won’t have to apologize to them later.

  • How to Select and Design an Effective Banner Stand


    When you think of getting a banner stand for the first time, it may not seem like there is a lot to it. However, when you are getting started, there are numerous factors to consider. If you happen to skip these considerations in the beginning, you're very likely to end up with a less than effective banner stand. Banner Stand Pros has put together a graphic to help aid your consideration process.

    First off, you'll come to realize that "banner stand" is an extremely vague term. When it comes to size, style, design, and price, your options are nearly endless; making it difficult to narrow it down to your final choice. In order to help you with the selection there are 3 things that are critical to think about:

    1: Versatility

    The environment of your trade show(s) or event(s) will be a huge factor in deciding the quality of the materials that your banner and stand are made from. Typically, the more versatile you go, the expensive it gets, but you are also committing to more of a long-term investment. If you know that you are going to be outdoors for the majority of your shows, you are going to want material that can withstand the natural elements (sun, rain, wind, etc.).

    When determining how versatile your sign needs to be, it is also important to consider how you plan on transporting it, assembling and disassembling and how often you are going to be using your banner stand. A retractable banner stand is typically easier to transport, setup and take down and also increases the lifespan of your banner by always keeping it protected when it is not in use. A portable banner is typically more cost effective, but not as convenient for setting up quickly and storing. Be sure to consider these options when choosing your banner stand.

    2: Usage

    The more you intend on using your banner stand, the more your are going to want to invest in higher quality. There are plenty of extremely affordable banner stands that work great for a show or two, but if excessive use is in the cards, your best option is great quality that can withstand the wear and tear.

    3: Size

    Be aware of the size of your space and also gauge your competition. You want to make sure that your marketing and brand signage fits well within your allotted space, but you also want to size up your competitors. The last thing you want to happen is show up with the weak sauce and have the booth next to you getting all the traffic because their space is more appealing. There is a great deal of planning that goes into an effective banner stand and booth space.

    Now that's all about the actual stand for the banner. When it comes to actually designing the banner, there is even more to consider:

    1: Make sure it is "catchy"

    This may be stating the obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people miss this one. You have 3 seconds to make an impression on someone looking at your sign; you want to make sure that it converts! Having an intriguing headline will drastically improve the overall effectiveness of your banner.

    2: First things first

    Include the most important information at the top/beginning. This will keep your audience engaged for longer and ensure that they are getting the information that they need. Very rarely will a viewer read an entire sign, top to bottom; not to mention, the most important information is usually the most exciting. Correctly placing your content on your sign will increase the likelihood of your audience to read more/all of your message.

    3: Less is more

    Our technologically advanced world has really turned most of us into lazy readers. We skim and scan everything without really reading anything; unless it is really appealing to us. Too much information will often times, turn people away, even if they haven't read any of your message yet. People don't want to feel overwhelmed or bombarded with too much information, so keep it super simple!

    4: Professional graphics

    Let's face it, if something doesn't look great, we usually don't give it much attention. If you are wanting to capture peoples' attention, then you need to make your sign look nice. Whether you are a graphic designer or not, you will recognize the difference between a well designed and poorly designed banner. Make sure you make the investment to have your sign look great. It will yield a much higher ROI in the long run.

    5: Color

    Your graphic designer will take care of this part for you, but understanding the psychology of color and how it influences the human mind, is a great idea for any business owner. This subject is best addressed when designing your logo, but can also be very helpful when designing marketing collateral for events.

    6: Contact

    Make sure you let them know how they can reach or find you. Whether it is a website or a phone number, don't excite your audience with your message, but leave them hanging with not knowing where to go or what to do next.

    If you need help choosing or designing your next banner stand display, contact Banner Stand Pros for exceptional service, pointers and help! 877-389-8645.

  • How To Turn Your Banner Into a Salesperson

    If you’ve been an exhibitor at a trade show or any type of sales event for that matter, you know how valuable portable banner stands are. Whether you had banners in your own space, or you saw other businesses with them, you most likely got a taste for what they can do for your business at an event that draws in a lot of people. Generally speaking, talking to each and every person attending the event is physically impossible on your part. However, with a well thought-out and visually appealing banner stand, you can still get your message across to the masses. Follow these steps to have a silent salesperson on your staff at your next event:

    #1 - Logo First

    Make sure your brand stands out. If someone passes by your booth, but doesn’t get the chance to talk to a salesperson or representative, you want to make sure that they will at least remember your name. Having the logo at the very top of your banner is a great leading introduction.

    If you don’t have a logo yet or you have one at a low resolution, it is a good idea have one designed at a high resolution for large print jobs like this. If you need help with logo creation, be sure to ask your banner stand provider as most of them can help with this.

    #2 - Common Questions

    Consider your most frequently asked questions and of those questions, which of them makes sense to answer through your banner stand. While the representatives can’t speak to everyone that comes by, you’d like your banner to do some of the talking for you. While you don’t want to overload people with information through your sign, a banner is a good place to give people an idea of who your brand is and what it’s about. Many people feel like they need to include every piece of information that they can fit; this is a sure way to send people away without giving your sign or message a second thought. Remember, you can always point them to a website or phone number for additional information.

    #3 - Top to Bottom, Left to Right

    Make the information on your banner easy to navigate and read. You don’t want information to be scattered all over. In order to make a lasting impression and to hopefully answer common questions that people have, you’ll take into consideration how people generally take in information. We read from top to bottom, left to right. If you can organize your content into this formation, your message will have a much greater impact.

    #4 - Resolution

    If you are including images on your banner, make sure that they are at least 150 dpi at actual size and print ready. Do not copy and paste photos from a website or off the internet for your design. The image will end up being extremely low quality and blurry. The highest resolution you have of an image is your best option when it comes to printing.

    It is also important to consider any text that might be going over the image. Make sure that your message is always clear and easy to read. Sometimes it is a great idea to use a color block to go behind your text or to use a drop shadow to get it to stand out.

    #5 - Design

    It never hurts to have an experienced graphic designer help you with your banner design. It may seem like an unneeded expense to many; “How hard is it to put some information on a sign?”, right? Well, you’d be surprised at how much more effective a well-designed sign is than one that was thrown together without the consideration of the human psychology and what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

    #6 - Queue Card

    Remember that your banner is a queue card. You are using it to share a little bit of information, but you ultimately want them to perform an action once they have consumed the information you have given to them. Whether that action is making a purchase, going to your website, making a phone call, or setting up an appointment; whatever it is, make sure they know what that action is. If this isn’t clear, you might want to reconsider your content/message.

    Your company contact information or other company resources are great things to list on a banner for those people that you aren’t able to talk to or make direct contact with. This will give them a way to reach out or do more research on their own.

    If you need help with your banner, Banner Stand Pros has designers in house to help you create the most effective banner stand with quality materials that enable you to use your banner stands over and over again. Give us a call today at 877-389-8645.

  • How to Achieve Maximum Readability For Your Banner Stands and Displays

    While there are hundreds of tiny variables that play into the aesthetic properties of displays or banners, there are a few items that should be considered no matter what level of skill you have when it comes to graphic design. The following variables below will get you on the path to ensure that your audience will be able to see and read your message; which is the most important thing.

    Sizing Up

    If you have a sign, with a message that you want people to read, it is absolutely critical that they can actually see it. An important measurement you’ll want to consider when you’re putting this together is the distance between where you want to put the sign and where the audience will be when you’d like them to notice or read the message.

    This distance will vary greatly depending on the placement and purpose of the message. For example, if you are a new store opening up and you want people to be able to read your grand opening signage from the road that is 300´ away, you’ll want your letters to be printed at 30˝ tall to get the maximum impact from your signage.

    Refer to the size chart below to get a better idea of how large your print should be in regards to your distance. Keep in mind that the maximum readability distance is the size it would be for your audience to barely be able to read. If you’re wanting the message to get across, stick to the maximum impact column.





















































    In order to put all of this information into real life application, you can determine the type of sign you’ll need, based on the distance between your display or setup and your audience. For example, if you are at a trade show event and you’re looking to grab people’s attention from far away or across the room, then you’ll want to consider larger banners or banner wall displays. However, if you are wanting to send a message once people have approached your booth, then a table top banner might be more suitable for your needs.

    Creating Contrast

    Size is an extremely important factor when it comes to readability, but contrast is also a key ingredient that can often times be overlooked. Some colors are easier to read when paired or placed with other colors. There is also an entire psychology lesson that goes into how different colors make you feel and the different actions or responses that those feelings elicit when it comes to interaction with a brand. That being said, here are several color contrast pairings that will help you understand the importance of contrast.

    Color Contrast Chart

    When it comes to the psychology of color in the marketing world, every brand is looking to create something a little different than everyone else in order to create differentiation. A great place to start on determining what colors might fit your brand can be found here.

    Type on Images

    Try not to force what doesn't work. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a banner with type on top of a photo and reading it is nearly impossible. If there isn’t enough contrast between your photo and your type here are a few suggestions to help you with this predicament:

    • Use a solid color block underneath the text. You can even decrease the opacity to make it so the block doesn’t take away from the entire image.
    • Use a drop shadow on the text to help it pop. Don’t get carried away with this tactic. You want a drop shadow that brings the type out, but subtle enough that it doesn't feel like you’re trying too hard.
    • Choose a font color that create more contrast with the image. Be sure that the color you choose still resonates with your brand. If you aren’t able to use a font color that still works with the brand, consider one of the other fixes above.

    As you can see, there are so many ways that you can make sure that your banners are legible and to the point to get the most return on your investment. You can also invest in floor graphics, trade show displays and giveaways to make your brand even more noticeable. If you need help with the design, Banner Stand Pros has designers on site that will help you get the look and feel you want while also making sure that your sign is easily noticeable and legible. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call call 877-389-8645 or email us at info@bannerstandpros.com.

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