5 Benefits of Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Tension fabric banner stands are a newer style of portable banner stand. It is easy to see how their popularity continues to soar among the trade show community. As far as aesthetics go, they steal the show with their wrinkle-free charm and tend to draw a bigger crowd the larger they get. While we all know they look great, here are some of the benefits that come with investing in this type of banner stand.



This one may be overstating the obvious, but until you’ve really looked into tension fabric displays, you may not fully understand all the different shapes that they can take. The frames for these displays have gotten extremely creative and because of the material, they have become a great way to set yourself apart from the surrounding displays of your competition. Don’t get caught up in underestimating how unique your presentation has the potential for.


One of the common downsides of portable banner stands is that they don’t have the same protection during transport as the retractable banner stands do. While this remains true for tension fabric displays, the material isn’t nearly as heavy or temperamental as your typical vinyl. The stretch fabric is much easier to pack and protect than your portable vinyl banner because it is so compact. These characteristics will extend the lifetime of your banner.


There is a reason that tension fabric displays are used in many different settings. You’ll notice that they are present at not only trade shows, but also malls, airpots, storefronts and many other places because they are so durable. Having a display that can be used over and over again, for long periods of time should certainly help justify your investment.

Easy Use

Not only are tension fabric banners easy to transport, but they are also extremely easy to setup and take down. While the material is extremely durable and will last you a while, it is also great to know that changing graphics is a simple process. This is a great feature if you have several different offers that vary depending on the event that you are at, which allows you to easily swap out promotions on your frame.

Keep It Clean

We all know that displays take there fair share of abuse at events, despite our best efforts to protect them. The good news is that the tension fabric material is easy to clean after each use. Keeping your display looking fresh and new at each event, just got a whole lot simpler.

If you’re needing help deciding on a tension fabric display, don’t hesitate to contact us at Banner Stand Pros. We are happy to help you determine what will fit your space best with your budget. New developments and efficiencies with tension fabric are always being released, driving the price down. Be sure to always be checking in on our offers as they are always changing. Call us today at 877-389-8645.


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