5 Reasons Why You Should Use Colorful Graphics in Banner Stands

Banners displaying a wide variety of products, services, events and public announcements are today considered the best way to make a quick and effectiveimpact on target audiences. A wide variety of banner walls, display stands, and flags are used as an advertising medium to attract potential customers effortlessly. Whether banner stands are used for outdoor display during fairs, tradeshows, or indoor displays within a store or a large shopping mall, they should contain an eclectic mix of words and graphics to attract readers’ interest and encourage them to read the advertisement.

  1. Colorful Impact – Bold words against a contrasting but plain background may attract people to look at it, but if it has eye-catching graphics, the profusion of colors will create a stronger impact and make the advertisement memorable.
  2. Brand Identity – Every advertiser knows that “pictures are worth a thousand words” and can help build a brand’s value when used effectively. This is why when you use graphics in the form of abstract art or real-time pictures they have more impact than words.
  3. Memorable –When colorful graphics are built into flag banner stands they tend to stand out even at a distance and if they are printed against a strong background with powerful and emotional phrases they act like branding tools on the mind due to their ability to create substantial impact.
  4. The special effect with lights –When graphics on banner stands are lit up with focused lights it makes the display advertisement more enticing and attractive which can capture the attention of casual onlookers and urge them to read the advertisement.
  5. Reusable – All banner stands are designed at a sizeable cost, so its graphics are built with quality high-resolution images to withstand the test of time. Making graphics with the right mix of colors ensures that ambient lights around the banner that may be switched on at night do not shine through and they can be used at multiple places.

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