Banner Stand Displays Used for Community Events


Whether you are a part of a church organization, school, hospital or some type of community outreach program, banner displays are a great way to help spread your message to the public. Whether you are looking to promote messages from within or externally, there is a wide array of indoor and outdoor display solutions within an affordable range.

The following displays are recommended for their versatility and affordability:

Retractable Banner Stands

These can be used both indoors and outdoors. They work well in small and large spaces. Whether your space consists of hallways, gymnasiums, waiting rooms, or sign-in tables, they are versatile enough to meet almost any requirement. Not to mention they are extremely cost-effective and provide an excellent, built-in storage solution for the actual banner, increasing their lifetime usage. Some key selling-points of retractable banner stands are:

Wide-range of selection and price range

Versatile and durable

Easy setup and take down

Easy to transport and protect

Portable Banner Stands

While most banner stands are technically “portable”, these types of banners are specifically non-retractable. This type of stand is typically categorized as tension back, L stands, X stands, etc. While setup and take down is quite different than retractable banner stands, they serve as great solutions for both outdoor and indoor displays. Often times, these types of stands are a great way to create large backdrops by setting them side by side. Some key selling-points of portable banner stands are:

Ability to create more affordable backdrops

Large variety of styles


Table Top Banner Stands

If you have a sign-in or sign-up table or any table for that matter, table top banners are a great way to help share information. These are extremely popular for local community events that have the intention of educating or informing people. Banner stands with telescopic poles that allow you to adjust the height can work well as floor-standing banners and on tables. Some key selling-points of table top banner stands are:

Convenient and easily-readable

Versatility allows for floor and table placement

Help communicate clear messages that people will see

Banner Walls

As mentioned before, technically any banner stands, retractable or portable can be used together in order to create a backdrop or banner wall. That being said, depending on your intended use and purpose, there are models that are made specifically for this purpose in order to create the most visually appealing experience. Banner walls are a great way to represent your organization and lend a great deal of professionalism and authority. Depending on your message and design, these can be a great whole solution as well as broken down into separate banners that can be placed in different locations. Some key selling-points of banner walls are:

Ability to break down based on your space

Aesthetically appealing and tends to draw more attention

Wide range of product and pricing possibilities

If you are coordinating or managing a local event within your community, consider large-format displays and banners to help drive your awareness campaigns and messages. Banner Stand Pros offers the widest selection of product and pricing and we are happy to help you determine what will suit your campaign and budget best. Call us today at 877-389-8645.


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