How To Turn Your Banner Into a Salesperson

If you’ve been an exhibitor at a trade show or any type of sales event for that matter, you know how valuable portable banner stands are. Whether you had banners in your own space, or you saw other businesses with them, you most likely got a taste for what they can do for your business at an event that draws in a lot of people. Generally speaking, talking to each and every person attending the event is physically impossible on your part. However, with a well thought-out and visually appealing banner stand, you can still get your message across to the masses. Follow these steps to have a silent salesperson on your staff at your next event:

#1 - Logo First

Make sure your brand stands out. If someone passes by your booth, but doesn’t get the chance to talk to a salesperson or representative, you want to make sure that they will at least remember your name. Having the logo at the very top of your banner is a great leading introduction.

If you don’t have a logo yet or you have one at a low resolution, it is a good idea have one designed at a high resolution for large print jobs like this. If you need help with logo creation, be sure to ask your banner stand provider as most of them can help with this.

#2 - Common Questions

Consider your most frequently asked questions and of those questions, which of them makes sense to answer through your banner stand. While the representatives can’t speak to everyone that comes by, you’d like your banner to do some of the talking for you. While you don’t want to overload people with information through your sign, a banner is a good place to give people an idea of who your brand is and what it’s about. Many people feel like they need to include every piece of information that they can fit; this is a sure way to send people away without giving your sign or message a second thought. Remember, you can always point them to a website or phone number for additional information.

#3 - Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Make the information on your banner easy to navigate and read. You don’t want information to be scattered all over. In order to make a lasting impression and to hopefully answer common questions that people have, you’ll take into consideration how people generally take in information. We read from top to bottom, left to right. If you can organize your content into this formation, your message will have a much greater impact.

#4 - Resolution

If you are including images on your banner, make sure that they are at least 150 dpi at actual size and print ready. Do not copy and paste photos from a website or off the internet for your design. The image will end up being extremely low quality and blurry. The highest resolution you have of an image is your best option when it comes to printing.

It is also important to consider any text that might be going over the image. Make sure that your message is always clear and easy to read. Sometimes it is a great idea to use a color block to go behind your text or to use a drop shadow to get it to stand out.

#5 - Design

It never hurts to have an experienced graphic designer help you with your banner design. It may seem like an unneeded expense to many; “How hard is it to put some information on a sign?”, right? Well, you’d be surprised at how much more effective a well-designed sign is than one that was thrown together without the consideration of the human psychology and what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

#6 - Queue Card

Remember that your banner is a queue card. You are using it to share a little bit of information, but you ultimately want them to perform an action once they have consumed the information you have given to them. Whether that action is making a purchase, going to your website, making a phone call, or setting up an appointment; whatever it is, make sure they know what that action is. If this isn’t clear, you might want to reconsider your content/message.

Your company contact information or other company resources are great things to list on a banner for those people that you aren’t able to talk to or make direct contact with. This will give them a way to reach out or do more research on their own.

If you need help with your banner, Banner Stand Pros has designers in house to help you create the most effective banner stand with quality materials that enable you to use your banner stands over and over again. Give us a call today at 877-389-8645.


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