5 Fundamentals of Outdoor Banner Designs

Most businesses use outdoor banner stands during trade shows, conferences, store openings, or as an informational push. Any outdoor or retail banner stand that serves as your signage needs to get designed in a way so that the message gets across to consumers smoothly. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while creating a banner.


  1. Purpose: A banner design needs to accomplish a few things for its business such as strengthening company branding, advertising a sale, endorsing a store opening or merely directing traffic towards your trade show booth. Designing the banner that serves the established purpose in mind will work in your favor.


  1. Size: The design should fit the size of your banner. Using a retail banner stand inside the store or an outdoor banner stand should always concern your target audience. If the banner stand gets kept near the store entrance and your target audience is speeding past it at a distance, then your design needs to take the range into account along with visibility and readability in mind.


  1. Color: Color is a crucial part of any effective design as it tends to draw the eyes and increases retention. It is best to stick with the colors your business relates to while providing excellent contrast and readability. Most companies use bright colors in their ads in their outdoor banner.


  1. Font: The font used is crucial for the readability of your banner. Avoid scripts, squeezed block letters, wafer-thin letters, and especially anything hand-written. The font should work towards attracting the audience's attention no matter how small the time span. The font used should be such that every pixel of your banner should get treated like precious real estate.


  1. Brand: A company should always choose its branding elements on its sign and stick to the brand's color wheelhouse. Branding essentials like logos or slogans used often can get incorporated into your design via company graphics, giving the advantage of brand recall.


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