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  • 5 Powerful Retail Banner Stands To Improve Your Business

    Small and large retail businesses depend on both banner and signage advertisements to showcase their products and services for attracting potential clients. In the fiercely competitive retail industry, local business is critical for success, and different types of banner stands are ideal for use in various displays and venues.

    1. Table top banner stand – Want to see new products flying off your shelves? Bring it to the attention of customers standing at the checkout counter with the help of table top banners. Attractive graphics in rich, vibrant colors will help get your customers’ attention and attract them to your business.
    2. Portable banner stand – The retail industry witnesses the largest churn of customers in every category and retaining steady clientele despite owning a strong brand is a challenge. Constant advertising to attract new customers is the only way forward which can be done by setting up portable banner stands in places frequented by your potential customers to help drive them to your business.
    3. Outdoor banner stand – Need banners outside your store to grab the attention of foot traffic walking past your door? Use one of our outdoor banner stands available in varied sizes that withstand light rain and wind. These lightweight displays can come inside and be fitted with an LED spotlight to display contents clearly at night even after the store is closed.
    4. Pull up banner – If you require a banner that can be used multiple times like “For Sale” and “Discount”, then a pull up banner stand is the best option as it can be easily stored when not in use. As these are relatively lightweight, these banner stands can be used by doors or windows to capture the attention of people walking past.
    5. Hybrid tension banner – Want to remind your long-term customers about your special products? Why not use our latest product that helps your business stand out. The Hybrid Tension Banner Stand can be used with grommeted banners, or with a fabric pillowcase graphic that can be printed either single or double sided and placed in strategic locations to attract clients.
  • 5 Fundamentals of Outdoor Banner Designs

    Most businesses use outdoor banner stands during trade shows, conferences, store openings, or as an informational push. Any outdoor or retail banner stand that serves as your signage needs to get designed in a way so that the message gets across to consumers smoothly. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while creating a banner.


    1. Purpose: A banner design needs to accomplish a few things for its business such as strengthening company branding, advertising a sale, endorsing a store opening or merely directing traffic towards your trade show booth. Designing the banner that serves the established purpose in mind will work in your favor.


    1. Size: The design should fit the size of your banner. Using a retail banner stand inside the store or an outdoor banner stand should always concern your target audience. If the banner stand gets kept near the store entrance and your target audience is speeding past it at a distance, then your design needs to take the range into account along with visibility and readability in mind.


    1. Color: Color is a crucial part of any effective design as it tends to draw the eyes and increases retention. It is best to stick with the colors your business relates to while providing excellent contrast and readability. Most companies use bright colors in their ads in their outdoor banner.


    1. Font: The font used is crucial for the readability of your banner. Avoid scripts, squeezed block letters, wafer-thin letters, and especially anything hand-written. The font should work towards attracting the audience's attention no matter how small the time span. The font used should be such that every pixel of your banner should get treated like precious real estate.


    1. Brand: A company should always choose its branding elements on its sign and stick to the brand's color wheelhouse. Branding essentials like logos or slogans used often can get incorporated into your design via company graphics, giving the advantage of brand recall.


    At BannerStandsPro, we can help you with all the supplies related to outdoor banner stands and retail banner stands and help take your business to the next level.

  • Effective Ways to Attract Customers

    The fundamental goal of any business is to attract and retain customers. Of course, it's not an easy task. Specific strategies can be employed to make your business stand out from the rest and get a steady flow of new customers that help expand the business.


    Here are a few practical ways to help you improve in-store traffic.


    • Window Display

    Whether your store is in an accessible location with high foot traffic or an idyllic corner, creating a fabulous window display helps you tell a story and tell it well. A well-designed window display must be your invitation to the passerby, and a well thought-out product presentation should encourage impulse buyers and peak their curiosity or even tug at their heartstrings.


    • Store Layout

    An effective store layout does the job of holding customers in the shop for longer. The entrance area should stand out with lighting, display, and color, to draw customers inside. The chances are most customers will subconsciously turn to the right after entering a store, and therefore detailed attention towards display should be given to that section to have maximum impact on customer's first impression. Also, creating a walking path that allows customers to browse through the whole store and view more products increases chances of a purchase.


    • Product Placement

    People will always notice the unique products placed at a prime location that receives the most traffic. If you have large and attractive products, advertise them in front of your store every day using outdoor banner stands. Nothing grabs customers' eyes more than an impressively displayed retail banner stand that says your store is the source of excitement and quality products.


    • Staff Training

    Customer experience is crucial, and since the staff at the store represents your shop's image, it is essential that they offer exceptional customer service and professionalism. Building a relationship with your employees, developing their skill sets, taking their suggestions and implementing an incentive reward for motivation will create satisfied employees. Happy and efficient staff will be most likely to put in the extra effort and achieve targets.


    • Portable Signs

    Using portable signs with outdoor banner stands gives your store's message a professional look. For promotion purposes, contact bannerstandpros.com to get your message out to prospective customers.

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Retail Store a Success

    The US retail industry consists of more than 24 million people who provide goods and services. As one of the quickest growing segments of the economy, retail offers excellent business opportunities to entrepreneurs who invest their time and resources in providing consumers products or services.


    Here's a look at some useful tips that keep businesses running smoothly and successfully.


    1. Location

    Store locations with high traffic count are the most vital part of creating a success business. Ideally, the place should have no competitors in the vicinity and yet have a steady flow of walk-in clients from the neighboring businesses just by looking at outdoor banner standsnear the entrance. It's always best to give ample time choosing the perfect location rather than rushing in to start a business.


    1. Merchandise

    Selecting merchandise may seem like fun but can get very time-consuming and expensive. It's crucial to maintain a general theme that gives purpose for your products. Customers generally know what to expect from a store through itsretail banner stands, especially if it goes by a particular theme, thus helping build a loyal customer base.


    1. Staff & Management

    It is essential to hire staff that desires to learn more regarding the business and also who seem genuinely interested. Applicants should have a sound resume and excellent references. Learning about their interests and hobbies in general and how they can contribute as an employee will give a good insight into that person. Make sure the employees are aware of in-store cameras to keep them honest.


    1. Customer Service

    It would be useless to have a great staff and merchandise but no customers! Customer service is key to any successful business, and every customer should be treated well and given equal attention. Treating customers with respect and always going the extra mile for them will create a valid word of mouth advertising that is priceless. www.bannerstandpros.comcan help you advertise your so that you can maximize your sales ASAP!

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