All You Need to Know About Portable Banner Stands

Banner stands are everywhere: they’re used at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, outside restaurants, and malls. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and quality level depends largely on one’s budget. How do you decide which stand is right for you? At Banner Stand Pros, we help individuals make the right choices.

This week, our focus is on portable banner stands. Below is all you need to know about these fantastic products.

What Are Portable Banner Stands:

Portable banner stands are the models that don't have a roller mechanism that stores the banner graphic inside the base. There are many styles and are sold under many names: non-retractable banner stands, spring-back banner stands, tension-back banner stands, and X banner stands to name a few.

Unlike retractable banners, the banner is attached either to a top and bottom rail and help up with one or more support poles, or it's connected in each corner of the banner to arms on the stand in the case of X banner stands. On portable banner stands, the graphics have to be attached and removed every time they’re used. These stands can be used to display huge graphics easily and effectively. On many models, you can adjust their height too. Different stands offer different graphic options. Assembly of a portable banner stand is typically very simple. Depending on the style of the stand, you might simply attach a foot to the bottom rail of the graphic, and connect the support pole to the top rail and insert it into the foot. For stand with cross bars and support poles, you slide the cross bars into pole pockets at the top and bottom of the banner, and connect them to the support poles. With X Banner stands, you insert the hooks on each arm of the banner stand into the grommets in the corners of the banner. With this style of stand, you typically have to flex the arms like a tent pole to make them reach the corner grommets, and this flex is what provides the tension to hold the banner tight.

What Are Portable Banner Stands Used For:

Portable banner stands are lightweight and portable, and they’re typically inexpensive when compared to retractable banner stands. With retractable banner stands, the base and retracting mechanism are bulkier and add weight, which can make them very stable, but larger and heavier to transport. Portable banner stands are often used at trade shows, storefronts and events. Larger models are popular for step and repeat banners and photo backdrops. Some models can also be used outdoors, at conferences, and at places where space isn’t a constraint.

Portable banner stands are not, however, recommended for frequent travel. Since the graphic has to be removed and rolled after each use, it can get damaged and look worn over time if it's constantly being taken down and shipped to a new location, although models with fabric banner options do work well in that case. As far as operation goes, each style of portable banner stand is different but none of them are difficult and you will get the hang of the installation very quickly.

How to Choose a Portable Banner Stand:

Portable banner stands come in a wide variety of styles, and there are banners to fit basically any budget. Choose a banner that meets your requirements! For example, the popular X-banner non-retractable banner stands are used as indoor displays for advertising and their low price point makes them popular for large scale deployment.

If you don’t know how to choose the best portable banner stand, call 877.389.8645 to discuss your requirements with us!


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