All You Need to Know About Retractable Banner Stands

Choosing banner stands can be difficult if you don’t know how and when they should be used. What type of banner stand works well in the outdoors? Does a banner stand serve multiple purposes? What things should I look for when buying banner stands? These are questions you may have.

At Banner Stand Pros, we help our customers select the best banner stands for their needs. We want you to buy a product that’s just right, and we want to make sure it’s something you can afford. Read on to learn more about retractable banner stands.

What Is a Retractable Banner Stand:

As its name suggests, a retractable banner can retract into a base when it’s not being used. A retractable banner stand has two parts: a banner graphic and the stand itself which consists of a base with the roller mechanism and a support pole. To use the stand, pull out the legs that stabilize the banner on the floor if it's a compact style that has these stabilizing feet. If it's a wider base model you can skip this step as feet aren't needed for stability on this style of stand. Next, insert the support pole into the hole in the base that’s provided for it. Now pull out the graphic rail that's attached to the top of the banner and attach it to the top of the support pole. The way the graphic rail attaches to the support pole varies by model, but they're all pretty simple. If your support pole is telescopic, adjust it to the desired height and secure it. This could be by closing a lever lock, or twisting a collar to tighten and secure the pole at the proper height.

The banner graphic winds tightly around the roller in the base when it's retracted. When the banner is extended, the tension on the spring in the roller increases to provide the necessary tension to retract the banner back into the base when it's time to take it down.

What Are Retractable Banner Stands Used For:

Retractable banners are typically used at trade shows, conferences, and community events to advertise products, provide information, guide traffic and direct guests. You can also place a retractable banner in front of your trade show booth to attract event attendees. For maximum effect, use two or more retractable banner stands to drive home your point, and place them in areas where there’s heavy traffic. You can even use them out outdoor events if you select a outdoor retractable banner stand model, as those are designed for outdoor use and can withstand wind and rain.

If you want to use a retractable banner stand in a place that’s not well lit, lights are available for all models that can help make your banner draw more attention. Retractable banner stands can also be used as store fixtures, but be sure to chose a model where the banner is easy to change as the message is likely to need updating and a new banner is much less expensive than purchasing a new stand as well.

How to Choose a Retractable Banner Stand:

When it comes to selecting banner stands, budget is important. We have stands that fit every budget, and all our stands are sure to meet your requirements. But how will you know if you’re getting your money’s worth? That’s where our expertise comes in! Call 877.389.8645 to speak to a knowledgable representative from Banner Stand Pros.


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