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There are a lot of retractable banner stands on the market. We should know, because we carry more models than anyone else, and even we don't carry everything available. Because there are so many models out there, it can be hard to decide what model to choose. If you shop with us, we always try to steer our customers to the right stand for their needs and budget, but unfortunately, not every company has our selection of products or desire to help the customer get what they really need. As a result, many customers have had bad experiences where they were sold junk retractable banner stands. When that happens, it makes customers distrustful of every product. In some situations, customers have given up on retractable banner stands all together, believing that none of them were any good because of their bad experiences. In other cases, the customer has found a model they like, and are reluctant to try anything different for fear of making a bad choice. They stick with the model they've used before and keep purchasing the same thing when they need a new stand. We call this banner stand inertia and it makes it hard to convince customers to try something new.

Because we carry so many models of retractable banner stands, we are very careful about adding new models. Our selection already borders on the ridiculous, but each model we sell offers something unique or we wouldn't offer it. Models we don't offer are left out because we already have banner stands with the same features at a better price or with better quality. However, we're always on the lookout for new banner stands with unique features.

Retractable banner stands with graphic cassettes have been on the market for years. The original models were introduced as a way to provide customers with new graphics that were easy to install. It was common then, and still is in some cases, for the customer to return the banner stand to where they purchased it to have a new banner installed in the base. By introducing a model with a graphic cassette, the idea was to eliminate the need to send the stand back since changing the cassette was so simple that no technical skill was needed. These cassettes also made it possible to keep several different graphics on hand and easily change them out as needed. Keeping a library of graphics like this means a single stand can be used at different events with a different message, where typically multiple stands would be needed.

Carrera retractable banner standCassette retractable banner stands are a great concept, and are still popular with some customers, but they tend to be more expensive stands to begin with, and the cassettes are so expensive that it creates too much of a trade off between cost and convenience. That's why we were so excited to introduce the Carrera cassette retractable banner stand. This fits all the criteria for adding a new stand to our line up, because it's different from anything else on the market in terms of it's construction and value.

Carrera cassette retractable banner stand

The look of the Carrera is different from other retractable banner stands, because it has a sleek, rounded base that's white with black accent trim. The sophisticated look is subtle so as not to detract from the graphic, which is important because no one wants a stand that draws more attention than their message. What's not obvious, but ultimately more important, is how the Carrera is constructed. Most banner stands are made up of a collection of extruded parts that are combined to make up the base. This type of construction is much easier and cheaper, which is why virtually all stands are made this way. The Carrera base is a single piece of aluminum, which makes it stronger and less likely to get damaged. The plastic end caps are also the most elaborately constructed, heavy duty end caps on the market. They are not only attractive, but add to the overall durability of the stand thanks to their heavy weight and how they are integrated with the base.

While having this durable, single piece base would be great for any high quality banner stand, the significance of it on the Carrera is that it makes it possible to offer inexpensive, lightweight graphic cassettes. With other cassette style retractable banner stands, the cassettes themselves have to be durable because the base doesn't offer much protection. That's the reason they tend to be so expensive. The Carrera has solved this and finally made a banner stand where ordering replacement graphics already installed on a cassette for easy graphic changes a cost effective option. Combined with it's other advanced features such as adjustable feet in all 4 corners of the base for maximum adjustability on uneven floors and quality lever lock style adjustable height support pole, the Carrera is a solid product that we think many of our customers would like.

However, because of the banner stand inertia described above, we recognize that many customers are reluctant to try a new banner stand model. Obviously, there are many factors that go into a purchasing a banner stand display, and no single model is best for everyone, which is why we offer so many different models. But, we think the Carrera is an excellent fit for anyone who wants a stand that will hold up over time with easy, inexpensive graphic changes, and a modern, high-end look that won't detract from the banner itself. To help provide some incentive for customers to give this model a try, we're offering a $20 discount off the regular price of the Carrera retractable banner stand until the end of July. When ordering, simply indicate in the Special Instructions that you want the special $20 Carrera discount and we'll adjust the total before you are charged.

This is a great opportunity to try a new banner display at a great price that could be the cure for banner stand inertia. As always, contact us with any questions about the Carrera, or any of our banner stands and accessories. We're always happy to help direct customers to the products that fit their needs best.


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