Essential Elements for a Successful Trade Show

Much like advertisements in trade publications and other magazines, trade shows help increase awareness about your brand and products. Trade shows also allow for direct interaction with customers, distributors, and contractors. Businesses not only get an opportunity to introduce products to users, but they also get to encourage customers to test and review products—this is how they get valuable feedback. If you’re new to trade show marketing or interested in boosting your presence, here’s what you need to do:

Create a Lively and Interactive Booth

Coming up with new and interesting ideas to grab the attention of visitors can be difficult. You have to plan something unique—something that will pay off in the form of increased brand awareness and more lead generation. As people love exploring the latest advancements in technology, incorporate some of these to make your booth lively and interactive. Include remote-controlled drones, touchscreen technology, social media feeds, live videos, and projected gaming systems—make sure all this stuffties back into your brand, products, and services.

Add a photo booth that can break the ice and create networking opportunities. Photo booths help bring customers together: you get to take a photo, one that’s strategically imprinted with a company logo. Upload these pictures to your social media and allow booth visitors to tag themselves. Host a hashtag contest to involve offline customers on your social media. Increase your online presence by asking your followers to share photos/posts for a chance to win a prize.

Stock up on Promotional Items

No matter how cool your promotional items are, you’ll easily lose exposure if they are not linked to your products and services. Use promotional items, such as fabric banner stands and stand-up banners, to display your brand’s logo, marketing message, and contact information. Attract the crowd with eye-catching posters and signs. A well-designed step-and-repeat banner with an integrated marketing message is sure to attract your target audience. These can communicate what your brand is all about through compelling visuals.

Create a buzz with personalized giveaways, such as tote bags, notebooks, water bottles, flash drives, earbuds, key chains, pens, stress balls, and candies. Encourage attendees to enter your space by having a themed trade show campaign. Strengthen your brand’s message by choosing giveaways that reflect a particular theme. Valuable giveaways are the ones that will be used frequently. These are sure to bring amazing returns through attendee engagement, booth traffic, and enhanced sales.

Prepare Your Staff

Along with fancy graphics, digital technology, and attractive banner designs, a well-prepared staff can easily influence visitors. The behavior of your exhibit staff plays a major role in generating interest among customers. Train your sales team to help them initiate conversations, and make sure they aren’t hiding behind a podium or engrossed in their smartphones.

Divide the team into hosts, presenters, crowd-gatherers, and sales-converters. Define the roles and responsibilities of your staff members and make sure that everyone can perform their duties to meet demands. Train staff with all the necessary information needed, that way they can clarify and address any doubts held by potential clients. The more approachable and knowledgeable your staff members are, the more leads you’re likely to generate. Develop a pre-show staffing document, one that lists: goals and objectives, talking points, lead-generating methods, strategies, activities, and booth etiquette for your trade show staff. A pre-show staffing document can help you captivate the crowd.

These tips can ensure more traffic comes through your trade show booth. If you need more help with your next live marketing event, contact us.


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