How to Attract a Crowd at a Trade Show

The success of a trade show booth is measured by the number of visitors it attracts and positive sales leads a business can garner during the show. Businesses usually start with promotions long before the event and follow them up with strategic engagement with visitors at the booth. To maximize their trade show investment, businesses must use a mix of innovative booth design and engaging displays. Here are four strategies to ensure that your booth is the one is most talked about at your next trade show:

Multiple Displays

Display your products in multiple ways using graphics, teaser information, and other advertising techniques to inspire curiosity. Use fabric banner stands with customized graphics and brand message at the entrance gate and follow it up with banner stands in strategic places around the trade show leading up to your booth.  These smaller displays can have company logos, slogans, or pictures of flagship products.


Brand-Building Videos

Use videos of people enjoying your products under various circumstances in your displays to convey the versatility of your products. Interactive graphics also play an important role in educating visitors about products if demonstration cannot be conducted at the exhibition site. Videos at trade shows highlight how your products are unique.


Creative Attractions

Get creative with your booth. To attract the attention of people walking past the booth use a combination of pop-up displays and retractable banners with colorful graphics and engaging content. These are not very expensive and can be easily arranged with creative and entertaining ideas that are share details about your products. Employees can work as brand ambassadors and show more about the products, and giveaways and contests can help to get more traffic coming to your booth.


Multiple Channels for Promotions

Sometimes it is not enough to create a buzz within the exhibition. Use social handles to share details of product demos and other information to tell followers about the show in addition to telling your brand’s story through banner stands placed around the booth to educate new visitors to the show.

Trade shows are a competition arena where visitors’ attention is constantly being bombarded with information. Creating engaging displays can make a world of difference in forging strong impressions on existing and prospective customers.


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