How to Draw Crowds to Your Trade Show Display Booth

In a trade show with brightly decorated stalls and interesting items on display, it is a challenge for exhibitors to stand out from the crowd and attract attention. To get the most out of your investment, use out-of-the-box ideas and design trends to bring potential customers to your booth.

Visual Appeal

A booth that has appropriate graphics showcasing the brand’s story in an appealing manner has the potential to draw customers. These graphics can be on fabric banners or retractable banners and should be placed in locations that are clearly visible from a distance. Overhead displays can be set up above the booth with graphics, engaging slogans, and catchwords to attract passerby’s attention.

Memorable Promotional Products

Branded promotional products are an effective way of creating a buzz around your brand and newly launched products. When you are designing giveaways, ensure it appeals to your target audience in such a way that they feel compelled to get in touch with you. The product should be interesting and useful to make the receiver feel privileged to own it. You can increase the appeal of these promotional products by making customers earn them through interesting games or contest related to your product and brand.

Interactive Environment

Booths at trade shows can have interactive touch screens to pique the interest of visitors and encourage them to explore pre-programmed content at their leisure. This content can be in the form of videos, lucky prizes, surveys, or apps that they can download on their smartphones. You can also use this opportunity to share information about brand and products and answer queries by keeping a knowledgeable staff at the booth.

Announce a Special Deal at the Trade Show

Trade shows are competitive places that require innovative ideas to attract attention. Special occasion deals are a great way to generate interest. Plan a professional and appealing deal that is in sync with the brand image and announce it through all available information channels to ensure it reaches your target customers. To increase its appeal and have visitors flocking to your booth, keep the deal limited to a few hours and announce it through banner stands placed at vantage points around the trade show.


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