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  • Different Types of Banner Stands: A Complete Guide

    Banners and banner stands are a vital component of marketing and advertising campaigns in any organization. They can be used to advertise a product and promote new or ongoing offers. While they come in different styles, banner stands can be categorized into three main styles. Here’s a brief description of each:

    Retractable Banner Stands

    Roll-up stands are durable, are easy to store, and require minimum amounts of space. You can install them anywhere, including campaign sites, trade shows, retail outlets, restaurants, shopping malls, and airports. Banner Stand Pros are experts in curating a wide range of retractable banner stands, customized according to your specified dimensions, budget, and purpose. Some additional features include lever lock telescopic poles, adjustable tension control, and banner mounting without adhesives or special treatments.

    Portable Banner Stands

    A portable banner stands can be found in two styles: telescopic and tension back. They do not feature roll-up mechanisms but can be used for multiple purposes, both indoors and outdoors. Just remove the banner from the backing and then replace it with another banner to set it up. They are one of the most economical options and are perfect if you are looking for inexpensive choices.

    X and L Banner Stands

    A subcategory of the portable banner stands is called X and L banner stands because of their X-shaped and L-shaped backings. They are another example of versatile stands that can be installed almost in any location. Since they do not have any moving parts, they are low-cost options. Plus, they are preferred by organizations who often execute large-scale promotions.

    These three types of stands are a broad categorization of the multiple styles present in the market. Models in each category can be used for both indoor and outdoor ad campaigns. Your decision on which type to choose should depend on your end purpose. You do not need to install a huge banner if you change your ads every day. But if you are looking for a more permanent banner, you can opt for a larger, more expensive style.

  • How Banner Stands Can Help Your Business Stand Out

    Do you want to promote your business? Whether you choose retractable or portable banner stands, pop-up or trade show banner stands, you can be sure that promotional banners will help you enhance sales and attract customers to your store.

    outdoor banner stands

    Using Banner Stands to Promote Your Business

    Today’s businesses face various challenges when it comes to attracting new customers and advertising their products and services.

    Promoting your brand is crucial since the way people experience it will reflect on your business. Luckily, modern technology offers more than one ways to help boost your business in the marketplace, ranging from old-school TV and press ads to building a presence on social media.

    But what about those businesses that don’t have a big advertising budget or lack the experience to use social media for advertising?

    That’s where banner stands can help. There are different types of banner stands to choose from, ranging from retractable banner stands to portable banner stands; but what they all have in common is affordability, ease of use, and longevity.

    However, your banner’s design is also important when it comes to its effectiveness. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help your business stand out.


    How Banner Stands Can Help Your Business Stand Out


    Size Matters

    Banner stands have a great ability to fit in spaces of any size. Whether inside your store or at a trade show, banner stands are a great way to make use of promotional areas, no matter how small or big they might be.

    However, when it comes to the size of the banner itself, the rule of thumb is – the bigger the better. For instance, if you want to make a statement at a trade show and stand shoulder to shoulder with the competition in your industry, large trade show banner stands are sure to make an impact. Sure, flyers, leaflets, brochures, and posters are OK, but nothing is more effective than a big, eye-catching display which attracts customers to your stand.

    Still, the size will depend on the location where the banner will be placed. Make sure to avoid using very small banners in large areas because people won’t notice them. On the other hand, placing a big banner stand in a small area can look out of place and cause a distraction.

    The best part is that trade show banner stands can be used time and time again, both on the road and in-store.


    Add Details to Send Your Message

    Another upside of banner stands is that they provide quite a lot of space to send the message you want. Bear in mind that, unlike billboards or posters, these marketing tools are designed for people to read them from up close, so think in that direction.

    The main purpose of banner stands is to attract the attention of potential customers and offer enough information about your business. So don’t be shy with adding details that will get your message across.

    However, be careful not to overwhelm potential customers with long texts. People don’t have time to read long messages and if they see too much writing on your banner, they’ll probably just pass you by without stopping.

    Try to ‘pack’ the message in short and concise phrases or sentences that are easy to read and understand. Give your audience just enough to make them come back for more.


    Pay Attention to Appearance

    Besides using the large area offered by banner stands to sell your message, you should also use it to promote your image and quality of service. Here is what you should pay attention to when it comes to appearance:



    Make sure your banner stand’s print quality is good. This way, you’re portraying an image of quality that customers will associate with your brand in the future.

    If your banner stand looks cheap, it will most likely do more harm than good for your brand, especially in cases when it’s placed next to your competitors, for instance at trade shows.



    When designing your banner stand, make sure to use the right colors. The color combinations you choose will definitely influence the effectiveness of the banner.

    Over the years, numerous studies have shown that colors play an important role when people make a decision to buy something or place their trust in a certain brand. Specific colors are known to trigger certain emotions in people.

    For instance, pink is great if you want to attract young female customers, whereas green is associated with health, wealth, and the environment. Whichever color you decide to go with, be careful not to overdo it; for best results combine it with complementary colors.



    If you want people to remember your brand, add an image on your banner. Studies have found that visual content is far more attractive  for people than words. That’s why putting one or more images will make your banner even more effective.

    When choosing the image, do so by always keeping your brand in mind. Don’t go for an image just because you personally find it pretty or funny.

    The image needs to resonate with your audience. It should reflect your brand and be relevant to the message you’re trying to send. If you’re unsure, test a few options with your friends or colleagues to see if you’re on the right track.


    portable banner stands


    Finally, where you place your banner stand also plays a vital role. Try to find a location that is visible to as many people as possible.

    For instance, if you’re placing the banner in your shop, place it close to the entrance where your customers can see it immediately when they enter. In addition, consider using pop-up banner stands that create a great visual impact in-store.

    Another option is to place the banner stand in front of the shop or around it, whether on a door, wall, or fence. This way you can be sure that potential customers passing by won’t miss what your offering.

    If you’re at a trade show, avoid placing your banner stand behind a table. Instead, place it on the side of the table, where all information can be clearly seen.

    If you want to find out more on how banner stands can help your business stand out, contact our team today. We’ll recommend the best solution for your brand from our assortment of retractable and portable banner stands, banner walls, canopy tents, etc.

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  • 5 Powerful Retail Banner Stands To Improve Your Business

    Small and large retail businesses depend on both banner and signage advertisements to showcase their products and services for attracting potential clients. In the fiercely competitive retail industry, local business is critical for success, and different types of banner stands are ideal for use in various displays and venues.

    1. Table top banner stand – Want to see new products flying off your shelves? Bring it to the attention of customers standing at the checkout counter with the help of table top banners. Attractive graphics in rich, vibrant colors will help get your customers’ attention and attract them to your business.
    2. Portable banner stand – The retail industry witnesses the largest churn of customers in every category and retaining steady clientele despite owning a strong brand is a challenge. Constant advertising to attract new customers is the only way forward which can be done by setting up portable banner stands in places frequented by your potential customers to help drive them to your business.
    3. Outdoor banner stand – Need banners outside your store to grab the attention of foot traffic walking past your door? Use one of our outdoor banner stands available in varied sizes that withstand light rain and wind. These lightweight displays can come inside and be fitted with an LED spotlight to display contents clearly at night even after the store is closed.
    4. Pull up banner – If you require a banner that can be used multiple times like “For Sale” and “Discount”, then a pull up banner stand is the best option as it can be easily stored when not in use. As these are relatively lightweight, these banner stands can be used by doors or windows to capture the attention of people walking past.
    5. Hybrid tension banner – Want to remind your long-term customers about your special products? Why not use our latest product that helps your business stand out. The Hybrid Tension Banner Stand can be used with grommeted banners, or with a fabric pillowcase graphic that can be printed either single or double sided and placed in strategic locations to attract clients.
  • Different Types Of Banner Stands - Pick One That's Best For Your Business

    Banner stands are perfect for advertising and marketing, and to promote business at tradeshows and exhibitions. But the success of your effort largely depends on the type of banner used. For example, X banner stands are perfect for large-scale corporate promotions because they’re inexpensive, easy to set-up, and easy to carry as well. We list out the different types of banner stands available so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

    • Retractable Banner Stands:

    Retractable banner stands are by far the most popular choice because they’re easy to store and carry. The graphics panel is well protected because it is placed in the base. To set up the stand, all you have to do is to pull the panel and attach it to a pole! You can also adjust the height on some banners using adjustable poles. You could also connect two or three banner stands to create a backdrop for an event.

    • Portable Banner Stands:

    Portable banner stands are non-retractable, but they are light in weight and easy to carry. You could either choose between an L banner stand or an X banner stand – i.e., stands with an X or an L backing. To set up a banner, you will have to attach the graphics to the four corners of the metal tubing. The fact that you can remove and replace the banner makes it economical. They’re perfect if you are looking for an inexpensive option for promo events.

    • Hanging Banners:

    Hanging a banner above your stall at a crowded exhibition hall or trade show is the perfect way to grab attention. They basically cover an aluminum tube frame and hang from a ceiling. You could pick one from the different sizes and shapes available. With hanging banners, you aren’t just using floor space, but making use of the space above you as well!

    • Tabletop Banner Stands:

    You may not always need a full-size banner. Sometimes, a tabletop version can do the magic! You could either modify a normal banner stand to fit on your tabletop or buy one that specifically sits well on a table in stores and at airports.

    Which one do you think suits your requirements? Confused? Call us! We’ll be happy to help!

  • Versatile New Versaflex Banner Stands

    Our new Versaflex banner stand is one of the most versatile portable banner stands on the market. It comes in 4 widths, 31.5", 35.5", 39.4" and 47.25", and it has an adjustable height with a range from 43" up to an incredible 120" tall. That alone makes for a wide range of sizes that can be created, but that's just the beginning.




    The graphic cross rails have 3 different channels where the graphics can be attached. This allows for the full cross rail to be visible, if the graphic is attached at the bottom, or only half of the rail to be visible if the graphic is attached in the middle, or completely hidden by attaching the graphic to the top channel. The middle position is the standard, but this flexibility is one of the things we love about this trade show banner stand.

    The bottom cross rail can move up and down the support pole as well, so the entire banner can be positioned up off the floor if desired. In many situations, exhibition banner stands or banner walls are used at the back of the display area, and the lower portion of the banner is often obscured by tables and chairs, or some other display equipment. The Versaflex allows you to purchase a smaller, less expensive banner, and position it up off the ground so the top is still at the same height as it would be for a taller banner. For example, we've made 72" tall banners an option for the Versaflex, so it can be used with the bottom of the banner at the lowest position, which is about 4" off the floor, and the top of the banner at about 76". Or, the top of the banner could be raised to 96" to be seen over top of most other displays, and the bottom of the banner would be about 26" off the ground. For a display where that bottom 26" would have been hidden anyway, that's a great option, and if you really want your banner to be visible, you can raise it to the full 120" height, which is sure to get attention.


    While these are all great features, and very few other displays have all of this capability in a single banner stand, the addition of the multi-connection hub and different attachment options for the graphic cross rails is what really makes the Versaflex unique. Each support pole has top and bottom circular hubs with connection slots every 45 degrees. This allows multiple stands to connect to each hub at multiple angles. There are end cap connectors for the graphic cross rails that allow the ends of the rails to connect to the hubs, or back side connectors that allow the support pole to sit behind the banner, like a traditional single sided banner stand. There are also joiners to connect multiple stands together into virtually seamless straight banner walls.


    What this all means is that banner stands can be created with the support pole hidden in the back, or visible on each side, and banner walls can be created in different shapes and sizes. In the case of individual banner stands or straight banner walls, the configuration with the pole behind the banner is most common. This setup makes very stable banner stands for trade shows and other similar displays, but for even greater stability, such as busy retail environments, having support poles on each side of the banner doubles the number of poles and bases for even greater stability. This setup also enables the use of double sided banners, since there is no support pole blocking the view of the back side of the banner in this configuration. The single pole configuration can also be made double sided, but it would require a second banner with it's own set of cross rails.


    The set up with support poles on either side of the banner also allows for additional configurations such as angled banner walls, square towers, or three sided boxes. As you can see, the Versaflex can be used to create exhibition banner stands in almost any shape and size. You can purchase a banner wall and break it into individual stands for use at smaller events, or purchase a single banner stand with the knowledge that you can add sections later to create a banner wall of whatever shape and size you need.

    We're really excited about all the possibilities with the Versaflex, so be sure to check it out on our website to learn more, or contact us with questions and we'd be happy to help you figure out if the Versaflex is right for your needs.

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