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  • 6 Things to Remember When Designing Banner Stands

    Banner stands are ideal for trade shows, conferences, and promotional events. They enhance the visibility of your brand, business, and products. Banner stands come in different types and shapes, such as retractable banners, table-top banners, pop-ups, tension banners, and fabric banners. While it’s essential to choose the right kind of banner for your exhibition, it’s equally important to pay attention to your banner design. Here are the six things that you must remember when designing your banner stand.

    1. Appropriate Colors

    Banners that effectively use the logo and colors are more visually appealing. Too many colors can make it difficult to focus on the design and message. Not using enough color can make the banner blend in too much with the surrounding area. Your banner stand must have a few colors to attract onlookers. The colors should also go with the aesthetic of the logo and company.

    2. Images and Graphics

    Images and graphics can sometimes get your message across more effectively than words. Use the right images and appropriate graphics to promote your products and services. Make sure that the image’s quality is outstanding.

    3. Bold and Readable Fonts

    It’s an art to make a banner visually appealing to a broad audience. Deciding on what text should be on the banner and what fonts and styles will be used is a crucial part of the design. Try to get suggestions from an expert who can find the balance between too busy and too plain.

    4. Too Much Text Spoils the Look

    The most successful banners have short messages and simple designs. When people walk around a busy trade show, they won’t have time to go through a lengthy write-up on a banner stand. It’s essential to draft short content in larger fonts. Short messages will be remembered, while the long ones are easily passable.

    5. Keep Your Audience in Mind

    You should know the type of audience you want to attract at a trade show or conference. Choosing texts, colors, fonts, styles, and images must consider your audience’s age, background, and interests.

    6. Contact Details

    Showing your contact details is essential for the customers to contact you quickly after the trade show. Make sure to make the details visible to the audience. You can place the contact details on the top if the banner is placed on the floor. On table-top banners, you can put the information on the bottom if the bottom is unobstructed. Keep your contact details short so that it will be easier for the audience to remember them. It can include a phone number, website, or social media handle.

  • Top 6 Reasons Why You Need Banner Stands At Trade Shows

    Industry events, trade shows, and conferences are great opportunities for companies to showcase their brand, products, and services. An exhibition booth at a trade show requires you to display your brand creatively to attract a large audience. Installing banner stands is one of the best ways to showcase your business at large gatherings. Here are the top six reasons why you should use banner stands at trade shows.

    1. Portable

    Banners stands are lightweight, and you can easily transport them anywhere, even on planes. It also requires fewer people to handle them at trade display shows. You can place them in front of your booth, where they are easily noticeable. Also, retractable banners are useful for companies that regularly travel for trade shows and conferences.

    2. Budget-Friendly

    You can spend thousands of dollars to get a spot at a trade show. Plus, it can be costly to design and create an attractive booth. But banner stands are cheap and cost-effective. They can reduce the amount of money when you compare them to other display materials.

    3. Versatile

    Banner stands can be used for different promotions. For example, you can use roll-up banners for a small gathering, expandable banners as a wall for the exhibition booth, and table-top retractable banners for displaying new products and contact information. Fabric banners are washable, durable, and lightweight. They also come with several models, styles, and designs.

    4. Professional Feel

    Banner stands with excellent graphics and images can create a professional feel at trade shows. It will help to create a curiosity about your brand. People will be interested to know more about your business and contact you later.

    5. Impact

    A banner stand does not take up a lot of space, but it can significantly impact the attendees. Eye-catching graphics on a banner will draw attention from everyone in the trade show. Plus, banner stands can be illuminated to make them even more visible.

    6. Different Shapes and Sizes

    Banner stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get a small table-top banner and also a large banner for the wall. They come in different sizes, such as curved, flat, feather-shaped, wave format, and more. You can use different colors to make a banner decorative and attractive.

  • Essential Components for an Awesome Trade Show Booth Design

    Conferences and trade shows provide a great platform for showcasing your brand to a large group of people. Trade shows are a perfect opportunity to attract and engage with your target customers. With hundreds of exhibitors, it is important for your brand to be unique. Spend some time on brainstorming to find creative touches and present a memorable trade show presence to your audience. Here are two important booth design elements that can help you get ahead in the game.

    Exhibit Signage for Your Booth

    In a technology-driven age, it is difficult to attract customers and stand out in the trade show crowd. You need to include digital signage in your booth space that sets your brand apart from a sea of similar exhibits. Design a cohesive look to convey your brand message in a compelling way. Choose the right signage to make your displays more visible. They will evenstand out on a crowded show floor. The colorful and eye-catching 3-D exhibit signage, with strong branding, can attract attention and draw in new business opportunities. This is a growing trend among companies across multiple industries.

    Deliver targeted content through backlight exhibit signage that offers a new look to your trade show products. Keep the signage message short and to the point. The stunning LED light system can make the graphics glow with a minimal amount of energy. Even in a dimly lit trade show hall, these can engage, enchant, and energize your audience. Hanging overhead fabric banner signs available in round, square, pinwheel, rectangle, and triangle structures can communicate your unique message for vibrant brand marketing. These are the perfect solution to emphasize your presence, maximize visibility, and draw in customer attention from a long distance. Choose interactive digital signage that helps your visitors to touch, swipe, and interact with your business’s services for active customer engagement. These act as an effective product and branding strategy for both large and small expo marketing events.

    Social Media Display Wall

    As an event exhibitor, it is essential to create a technological environment for promoting your brand. Social media walls do more than just let attendees watch something. Engage your trade show event guests by displaying their social media content (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) onto the big screen. Simply create a hashtag and encourage your trade show attendees to talk about the brand. Since anybody can use the hashtag, this not only encourages customer participation but also lets them discuss your products. Collect all the relevant media output about your business and put it on your trade show display to create a big impact on your marketing goals. When these visitors see a feed of social media posts appearing on a large digital screen, it can help to create a high level of customer interest, drive engagement, and boost sales.

    The live wall display system helps you get new followers, expands your event’s reach, increases online networking, and boosts social sharing. As they provide a source of entertainment, people are likely to use them. They can help to keep your customers entertained and happy. Social media walls create a visual impact through customized display options. You can use them to incentivize people with more social shares through brand recognition. Display social media messages, images, and videos on a large display to bring a buzz to your live marketing event. When you honor the most active participants, it can help to attract booth traffic.

    Are You Ready for the Next Trade Show Event?

    The Adobe Summit, MozCon, Consumer Electronics Show, B2B Next, the Small Business Expo, 99U, the Startup Conference, Techweek, Microsoft Ignite, the FutureTech Expo, TechCrunch Disrupt, and the SaaS Connect are some of the top trade shows to market your business at for maximum exposure. Visit us to buy high-quality banner stands, retractable banner stands, roll-up banner stands, and stand-up banners for guaranteed brand engagement.

  • Plan Your Next Trade Show with These Tips for a Great Exhibit Design

    A successful trade show can be your biggest marketing move of the year. Trade shows are a face-to-face opportunity used to establish a customer relationship and make valuable connections with business partners. They can have a meaningful impact on your conversion rates. Even if a prospect doesn’t convert, you can use the lead to nurture the sales process. Impressive multimedia booths, games, contests, celebrity performances, private parties, interactive sessions, and video demonstrations feature a great booth experience for visitors. The energy and excitement produced from booths can help your brandattract trade show attendees. Despite all the excitement, live marketing events can help to define your goals, fine-tune your sales pitch, generate new leads, engage with existing customers, and close big deals. Make use of this incredible marketing opportunity to show off your new, exciting products and services to the right kind of people. With so many design options to consider, here are three critical ways for building a creatively designed booth space.

    Create Video Walls

    As technology continues to progress, we see a lot of changes in the trade show industry. Video wall technology has a significant impact on how your business information is conveyed in a wide range of event environments. Video walls offer an audiovisual effect for the targeted audience. The reduction in price of LED screens makes them affordable, so investing in video wall technology over traditional displays is great. You can implement an interactive element into an LED video wall, either by using an application on a mobile device or through a touchscreen that augments the content. A visual product demonstration can enhance overall event engagement.

    You can develop an interactive audio-video experience for your audience. A series of LED video walls was crafted for the lobby of the Salesforce Company in San Francisco to create a sense of wonder for everyone visiting the building. The amazing digital display transformed the entire room into a mesmerizing, virtually real, environment. You too can maximize your brand presence by being creative on your LED deployment, thereby making an impact on the show floor.

    Think Comfortably as Well as Structurally

    Design your exhibit booth space by truly understanding your customer needs. Your trade show booth should communicate your brand to the audience. The ultimate design goal is to grab the attention of the right attendees with a brief and bold message. Use clear and eye-catching graphic fonts. These act as a quick and effective medium to clearly state what your brand is all about to customers who are interested in your products. Concision is the key. A single, clearly stated message is better than long listed points that get ignored.

    Make sure that your floor plan provides sufficient space for the demonstration area, meetings, lead stations, and an inviting space for booth visitors. Build a comfortable atmosphere by stimulating the senses of your prospects. Use a combination of lights, textures, colors, and aromatic fragrance. With comfort in mind, include spaces for recharge stations, relaxation areas, and meeting rooms. Focus on displaying your main products rather than stuffing too much into a limited booth space. Doing this distracts the customers.

    Showcase Products in Your Trade Show Display

    Your trade show booth could get lost in a sea of giants. If you’re worried that your display’s exhibits won’t stand out or gain customer attention, we have solutions to showcase your products. Whether you’re in the automotive, technology, or food and packaging industry, you can use the following design tips.

    • Design a display that focuses on your industry. If your business focuses on the food industry, choose a theme related to café or farm environments. Include fresh display designs that leave a lasting impression. Provide your visitors with a full sensory experience: let them see, smell and touch the food products.
    • Use oversized display tools to catch eyes in a large gathering. Based on your budget, place a series of large format banner stands to create a wall or backdrop. Hanging graphics with eye-catching designs can guarantee a strong brand presence.

    When it comes to planning your conference booth, keep these points in mind to design an excellent space for attracting target customers. If you have any doubts regarding the purchasing of trade show retractable banner stands, be open to asking questions and dial 877-389-8645. We can help you achieve a stress-free online shopping experience

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